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Welcome to BoostHills Affiliate Program. The BoostHill Associates Program helps content creators, publishers, and bloggers earn handsome amounts of money in the form of commissions, MLM referrals, and bonuses. Affiliates can embed referral links or promotional banners to direct their audience to the services they recommend and earn from qualifying purchases. They can also earn if someone joins the affiliate program from their MLM referral. Not only that, but they will also get a portion of the commission from them. After achieving certain levels, associates also get bonus rewards.


Join our affiliate program and take maximum possible advantage of your influence on the internet.


Share our services with your audience. We have many customization options available to help you per your ease.


Earn up to 30% commission from qualified purchases, referrals, and bonuses. Our competitive rate will help you make more.

Actually, BoostHill has kept this entire program in the favor of affiliates. They have equal opportunities to earn from every single activity. Whenever someone clicks on the referral link, our system automatically installs a cookie on that browser and it stays there for seven days to track the purchase. It means that you are eligible to earn for 3 days but in case that person clicks on some other referral link during this period of time, our algorithm will reassign the cookie to that link for the next seven days.

Affiliates can move that earned amount to their wallet when it reaches a minimum of $3. Later they can make purchases from BoostHill or they can withdraw the amount using PayPal (Recommended) or Stripe.

BoostHill also offers some special commissions for specific services. You can earn an extra amount of commissions from qualifying purchases of these services.

Affiliate Program

Let’s discuss the affiliate program briefly.

We have divided the affiliates into three different ranks named basic pro and super.

Basic Rank


Signup Ref. Commission: $0.01

MLM Lv1 Commission: 3%

MLM Lv2 Commission: 2%

MLM Lv3 Commission: 1%

Pro Rank


Signup Ref. Commission: $0.04

MLM Lv1 Commission: 4%

MLM Lv2 Commission: 3%

MLM Lv3 Commission: 2%

Super Rank


Signup Ref. Commission: $0.07

MLM Lv1 Commission: 5%

MLM Lv2 Commission: 4%

MLM Lv3 Commission: 3%

Affiliates are automatically assigned a basic rank when they join. In basic, they earn a 3% commission on the total sale price of that specific service. And they also earn $0.01 from each signup referral as well. Affiliates having a basic rank will have to earn at least $300 with at least 25 referrals to achieve pro rank.

In pro rank, you will start getting a commission of 4% and they also earn $0.04 from each signup referral as well. Affiliates having a Pro rank will have to earn at least $1,000 with at least 75 referrals to achieve Super rank.

It pays that actually matters.

Our program has the highest potential to earn a handsome amount of commissions. In a narrow estimation, if you manage to secure 500 people who actually keep buying through your link during a year and purchase for as minimum as $500 and you earn an average commission of 5% on every qualified purchase, you will easily manage to secure


Just because they used your link!

Signup referrals, MLM commissions, and bonuses are not included in this estimation. These sources also generate a lot of income for you. In fact, we offer some special services that help you earn up to 20% commission on each qualified purchase. 

How does BoostHill’s Affiliate Program Work?

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BoostHill Affiliate

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

Let’s discuss MLM referral commissions and the bonuses on each level.

MLM Referral is actually a binary plan having a 3×3 matrix. So there are three ranks and each rank contains 3 levels.

mlm tree

1- Basic Rank

Let’s discuss the basic rank first.

At level 1 of basic rank, you will get 3% of that commission earned by the person you referred. 

It actually works like a chain. At level 2 of basic rank, you will get 2% from the amount earned by the second person who was referred by the first person. 

At level 3 of basic rank, you will get 1% from the amount earned by the third person who was actually referred by the second person.

2- Pro Rank

Let’s discuss the Pro Rank.

Initially, you get a $100 bonus when your rank upgrades from basic to pro. And at level 1 of Pro rank, you will get 4% of that commission earned by the person you referred.  

At level 2 of Pro rank, you will get 3% and at level 3 you will get 2%.

3- Super Rank

Now let’s come to the super rank.

Initially, you get a $300 bonus when your rank upgrades from pro to super. And at level 1 of Super rank, you will get 5% of that commission earned by the person you referred.  

At level 2 of Super rank, you will get 4% and at level 3 you will get 3%.

Maybe you are thinking about which amount we take as a base for Referral calculation? So the answer is the Biggest Amount. If there are multiple Amounts set for the same action like Ranks & Offers or multiple Offers decide then the biggest amount will be taken into consideration.

Become a BoostHill partner

Up to 20% commission

You can earn up to 20% commissions with our market-leading affiliate program. It allows you a 3-day cookie window to drive more conversions.

One time effort, endless earnings

When you place your affiliate link in some forum or relevant blog, it stays there forever and you keep earning for an endless period of time.

Audience Loves us

We have a number of repeating customers and tons of positive Trustpilot reviews that actually make us proud of what we are delivering.

Robust campaign reporting

Analyze how different activities perform by segmenting referred traffic using tracking links. Track clicks, conversions, products, and more for any given period of time.

Reliable payments and tracking

Our partner program is powered by industry-leading technology and a reliable payment processing platform, so you will always receive credit for each referral.

Earn at each step of the way

BoostHill Affiliate Platform has been designed in order to provide maximum possible earning opportunities. Non of your efforts go in vain.

What Other Affiliate Partners Say

Our Services = Your Success

Joanna Robinson


BoostHill has the best affiliate program out there. In addition to being the best in the market, the service sells itself, so promoting it is totally hassle-free!



Great customer service to help affiliates anytime. A problem I encountered while embedding some graphics to my blog was quickly resolved by their detailed explanation. And I also love their feature to create custom URLs.

John Wiebe


It’s easy to get started, and I’m satisfied with my earnings each month. Working hard to spread the excellent services provided by BoostHill. Keep doing the great work.

Frequently Asked Questions

BoostHill has made it easy for every influencer to join and earn from this program. Signup is quick and simple.

Click here to get started:
Watch the signup video here:

There are three ways to earn money with BoostHill’s Affiliate program.
  1. You earn direct commissions from every qualified purchase.
  2. Earn by referring others to join our Affiliate program.
  3. Earn from MLM commissions and bonuses.

There are several ways to bring quality traffic or leads from your affiliate link:

1. You can create a social media services website having all the services BoostHill is offering and place a buy now button in the content. This button will be containing your own affiliate link. So, whenever a user will click and buy a service, you will get your commissions accordingly.

  1. You can create a blog or review website in which you can recommend our services using your own affiliate link and earn commissions.
  2. You can recommend our services on forums where people are actually looking for this kind of service. You can get started with Quora and Reddit.
  3. You can place your affiliate link on different social media platforms where it’s most needed.

Placing affiliate links at suitable places is a one-time job and later you will keep enjoying benefits for the lifetime.

Just after someone clicks your affiliate link, the cookie saves for 3 days or 72 hours. However, keep in mind that if someone clicks any other affiliate link during this three-day period, then your cookie will be removed and the system will start considering that new referral for the next three days.
Currently, we have two payout methods, PayPal and Stripe. In general, we recommend PayPal to our affiliates for withdrawals.
To help you promote our services, we make sure you have everything you need. Our pre-built graphics are ready for embedding, so you can start earning immediately. We also offer a custom affiliate URL option to make you more comfortable with your audience. Furthermore, we provide live technical support 24/7 to resolve any issues you might face.

Have Further Questions?

We are always available to answer your questions about the affiliate program, give you general support, or give you tips on how to succeed:
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Recommend Services. Earn Commissions.

Recommend Services.
Earn Commissions.