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What are Twitch Prime Subscribers?

buy twitch prime subscribersPeople who attain Prime subscriptions on Twitch by connecting it with Amazon Prime are known as Twitch Prime subscribers. As everyone knows that what is a twitch subscription, unlike a regular subscription, you don’t have to pay for a Prime subscription. It is gained by connecting your Amazon Prime account with your Twitch account.

Everyone knows that Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon Inc. So it is obvious that Amazon will inter-link its subsidiaries so that people who have subscriptions on one site can also enjoy some benefits on others. This allows Amazon to attract more customers to its platforms.

Twitch Prime sub has the same benefits as a regular Twitch subscription and doesn’t cause any effect on the revenue of the streamer. You will get the same amount from both subscribers if you are the channel owner. Twitch prime subs can also join one channel on Twitch for free each month.

Why Are Twitch Prime Subscribers Important?

Having more Twitch Prime subs will increase your channel’s visibility and popularity. You will surely get all Twitch tier 1 sub to tier 3 sub. As you know, Twitch Prime subs are unique, as those people also have Amazon’s prime subscription and get only one free channel subscription per month.

So, if you have Twitch prime subscribers, your channel was influential enough to get them to use their only free monthly subscription. Hence, buying these subscribers will show people that your channel is exciting and popular.

Benefits of Buying Twitch Prime Subscribers

1. Enhanced Visibility and Better Outreach

2. Builds People’s Confidence in You

3. Brings more organic subscribers

4. Brings more followers and viewers

5. Increases your profits

6. Increases your Channel’s Popularity

7. Promotes Your Content

Why should you Buy Twitch Prime Subscribers?

buy permanent twitch prime subscribers Buying Twitch Prime subscribers to a higher tier will show others that your channel is important and influential. The more prime subs you have, the more chance you have to attract and acquire organic subscribers.

Your profits and popularity will increase as you buy prime subs, and they attract regular subs. So, purchasing these prime subs will kickstart your channel and allow you to get all subscription tiers quickly.

Having prime subs doesn’t affect your earnings. Although they get a free sub from Twitch each month along with the benefits of regular subs without paying the cost, you will get payment all the same.

BoostHill allows you to purchase affordable bundles of Twitch Prime Subscribers. These packages will boost your channel’s popularity and attract many organic subscribers. We are a reliable and renowned Twitch services provider. Additionally, we also offer some unique services as you can also buy twitch affiliate account from us. 

How to Buy Twitch Prime Subscribers?

You can buy Twitch subs from several Twitch service providers across the internet. However, you need to be careful because some scammers might misuse your payment information.

BoostHill is one of the renowned and reliable Twitch service providers. You can feel secure buying twitch subscribers from us because we provide effective and affordable services through secure payment channels. Our packages are divided into all budget ranges and we have kept the costs as low as possible. We are selling twitch prime subs with the most affordable price tag.

Purchasing Twitch Prime subs from us is extremely easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to buying a package from us:

01. Select the Package

First of all, you have to select the package that best suits your budget. Our packages are in an affordable range. After you have selected one, you can click on buy.

02. Fill in the Details

Then you have to fill the form with basic details about your Twitch account and channel. We don’t ask for any personal details like your password.

03. Payment Details

The next step is to fill in the payment details. We use secure payment channels for transactions, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

04. Place your Order

The last step is to place your order. You can either place it or leave it in the cart and shop for some other packages as well.

If you’re still facing any difficulty, we have added a video guide for the complete buying process. Make your purchase with more ease.

How to Get Twitch Prime Subscription for Free?

Here is a short guide on how to get Twitch Prime. It is only accessible if you have a Prime Subscription from Amazon. You simply have to link your Amazon Prime account with your Twitch account to start enjoying subscription benefits.

For that, go to page “” and add your Amazon Prime login information. Your account will be connected to Twitch. You will enjoy all the benefits of being a regular subscriber and be allowed to subscribe to one channel for free each month.

Why Choose Us?

BoostHill is one of the best verified Twitch service providers on the internet. We offer reliable and secure services that are very effective as well. The Prime subscribers you will buy from us will be permanent and won’t decrease. In any rare case, if they do, we offer a free refill.

We use secure payment channels so that the transactions are entirely safe. Once the transaction is complete, we ensure fast delivery of quality services. We aim at your satisfaction with the cheapest price tag. Moreover, we never ask for any personal details like a password. We respect your privacy.


There is no law against it. Twitch itself doesn’t have any problem with these services. Many of the most influential streamers and content creators on Twitch have been using it. Twitch has never blocked or suspended any account on purchasing any services. You just have to be careful about the service provider, most of them offer twitch prime sub bots and these bots can harm your channel. Make sure that you buy prime membership from trusted sources. We are selling twitch subs cheap without compromising the quality.

Our services are compatible with Twitch channels, and all of them are permanent. You won’t have any issues or falling from the Twitch community or your previous subs. You will gain more organic followers based on these purchased packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to any questions you may have regarding any of our tools and services. Without paying any fee, you can reach us through our live support center if you do not find the answer in this FAQ section.

Twitch Prime Sub not working. What to do?

If your Twitch prime sub isn’t working, it might be because of the reason that someone on his account is already using it. Hence, you won’t be able to link it with your Twitch account. Verification issues can also cause this problem.

Is buying Twitch Prime subs worth it?

Yes, it is. Because buying Twitch Prime subs will enhance your visibility across the platform and also increase your outreach. Hence, more people will be able to see you. Moreover, having these prime subs will influence other users and increase your organic subs.

What is the difference between Twitch Prime subscription and a regular subscription?

Twitch Prime is obtained by connecting your Twitch account with your Amazon Prime one. It is free and allows you to join one channel per month. However, you have to pay a monthly fee for a regular subscription.

What is a tier 3 sub on twitch?

Twitch subscriptions are available in three tiers. The twitch tier 1 sub is $4.99, the second tier is $9.99, and the twitch tier 3 sub is $24.99. In 2017, the second two tiers were added to the platform. Many streamers offer special perks to subscribers, which they generally write about on their Twitch channel.

How to renew a twitch prime subscription to keep enjoying subscription benefits?

Following your first Twitch Prime Subscription.

1. Navigate the channel you want to subscribe to.
2. Click the subscribe button.
3. Tap the subscribe button with the Twitch Prime crown.


Twitch service providers offer you to buy several prime subscriptions at reasonable prices to have perks of subscription benefits. BoostHill offers the most affordable packages that are very effective as well. Purchasing these packages will give a kickstart to your channels, allowing you to gain much more organic followers rapidly.