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buy ios app installsApp developers are always looking for ways to increase their app downloads and reach more users. Since the introduction of iOS apps, the competition in the app marketplace has significantly increased. Therefore, it is essential to have a considerable number of app installs to make an app visible on the app store. There are multiple ways to increase the visibility of an app, but one common method that has been proven to be effective is to buy iOS app installs.

Getting iOS app installs increases your visibility in the app store and helps to boost your App’s search ranking. The more people who download your app, more highly it will appear in search results, which makes it more apparent to potential consumers. Increased visibility can result in more downloads, allowing you to reach your target audience more efficiently.

Buying iOS app installs is a smart choice for businesses looking to promote their App and establish their presence on mobile platforms. It helps boost rankings, saves time and effort, increases user trust and credibility, attracts organic downloads, and is a cost-effective method.

Users tend to download apps with high downloads and ratings. Without acquiring iOS app installs, your App’s Popularity may decrease, so it becomes critical to keep it relevant. iOS app installs can help maintain your App’s relevance. When your App has many downloads, users will perceive it as credible, and the App will remain relevant in the market.

Buying iOS app installs is a crucial step in growing and developing a successful mobile app. It puts your App in the first place and in front of more users, driving more engagement and revenue to your business. A top-ranked app has a positive reputation and can improve your brand’s visibility, attracting more users. Build your survival kit by purchasing iOS app installs and creating a mobile app that will make your business thrive.

What is meant by iOS, and why do people need App Installs?

With the increasing use of smartphones, mobile applications have become a vital part of our lives. Whether it’s ordering food, booking a cab, or playing games, we rely on mobile apps for most of our daily activities. iOS is one such mobile operating system developed by Apple, which powers devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

iOS is the mobile operating system created and developed by Apple that powers Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The first version of iOS, previously known as iPhone OS, was launched in 2007. After that time, the operating system that runs it has received multiple updates, the most recent being iOS 14. The platform includes numerous features that enhance the user experience by making it more smooth, interactive, and secure. iOS is known for its slick design, speed, and excellent user interface.

With millions of apps accessible on the App Store, it’s critical that your target audience is aware of the existence of your app. This is where app installs come in, which is a metric that measures how many times your App has been downloaded by users. It’s essential to track the number of app installs to determine the success of your marketing campaigns and app store optimization strategies. The more installs your App gets, the higher it ranks on the app store, making it more visible to potential users, which leads to an increase in downloads.

Why do people purchase more App installs for iOS?

App stores are crowded places, and getting an app to stand out among millions of existing mobile apps is no easy feat. Promoting an app and making it visible to potential customers can be an overwhelming task, especially for small business owners and independent developers. That’s why buying app installs for iOS emphasizes an essential strategy to enable an app to reach the vast audience it deserves.

Increased visibility is one of the most important reasons to consider purchasing actual app installs. When a mobile app receives a vast number of downloads, it moves up the App Store charts and increases its visibility. The more noticeable your App is, the more people will download it. This not only boosts your App’s credibility but also helps it reach out to more potential customers.

When an app has a high number of installations, it is more likely to be featured in the app store. App Store editors are always on the lookout for the best and most popular apps to offer to their users. Purchasing iOS app installs tells the editors that your App is popular and has been downloaded many times, which increases your chances of getting featured.

Buying app installs also allows you to target specific audiences, thus increasing your chances of getting organic downloads. By targeting relevant users, you can get downloads from people who are more likely to use your App and derive value from it. This will ultimately lead to higher engagement levels, better ratings and reviews, and more positive word-of-mouth, all of which will help increase your App’s visibility.

Benefits of buying iOS App Installs from BoostHill

Maximum Visibility

When you buy iOS app installs, your App will automatically gain maximum visibility on the app store. Since the app store’s algorithms favor apps with a higher number of installs, your App will rank higher than apps with fewer installs. A higher ranking translates to more downloads and increased visibility on the app store and can make your App more discoverable to users.

Immediate Results

When you buy iOS app installs, you will see immediate results. Once your App has been installed on users’ devices, you will see a spike in app installs, giving you a head start on your competitors. The immediate results that come with purchasing app installs can boost your App’s visibility and credibility on the app store, leading to even more downloads.


One of the major benefits of purchasing iOS app installs is that it is a cost-effective strategy for increasing app downloads. Traditional marketing methods, such as social media and email marketing, can be costly. However, with the option to buy iOS app installs, you can save on marketing costs while achieving the same results. Furthermore, premium install campaigns allow you to target people who are more likely to be interested in your App, further optimising your installation expenses.

Boost Your App’s Credibility

People sometimes rely on the number of downloads an app has to determine whether it is worth downloading. When you buy iOS app installs, you can boost your App’s credibility. A high number of installs demonstrate that your App is popular among users and is, therefore, worth downloading. Consequently, this can give users the confidence to download your app and rate, review, and recommend it to others.

The Potential for Higher Revenue

When your App has more downloads, it means it has a broader reach. Having many users can lead to increased ad revenue, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. Buying iOS App installs can provide an excellent return on investment by making it easier for you to monetize your App.

How to buy App Installs from Us?

Select a Package

The first step is to go to our website and select a package that best suits your needs. We deliver iOS app installs in different packages- 100, 500, 1000, and 5000. These packages are at cheap prices and can be bought according to your requirements.

Provide us with the URL

After selecting a package, the next step is to provide the URL of your iOS app in the App Store. This URL will make it easier for our experts to locate your App and start the installs. The URL is also important because it enables the App’s visibility in the search engine ranking.

Confirm your Payment Method

Finally, choose your payment method. You can pay with secure online payment systems or with a credit card. Once you make the payment, the team will start working on your order and deliver the iOS installs within the agreed timeframe.

Our Post-Purchase Service

Our service doesn’t end with a one-time delivery of iOS installs. To guarantee that consumers are delighted with their purchases, BoostHill provides great after services. You can track the progress of the installs through the “My Order” tab on the website. We provide 24/7 customer care to attend to your needs and handle any concerns related to your transaction.

Various Categories which need to show more iOS App Installs

  • App Developersbuy non-drop ios app installs
  • Innovators and Inventors
  • Technology Enthusiasts
  • Health and Fitness Professionals
  • Game Developers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Musicians and Artists
  • Content Creators
  • Event Organizers
  • Educational Institutions

Helps to Attract More Organic Downloads

Having a high number of app installs can attract more organic downloads. When users see the number of downloads and good ratings on your App, they are more likely to download it, especially if it is relevant to their needs and interests. This is because people tend to rely heavily on other people’s opinions and recommendations when deciding on which App to download.

Why should I get App Installs for iOS?

Getting a mobile app for your business is growing increasingly vital in a world where technology is continuously evolving. It can be challenging to ensure that your app stands out among the over 2.2 million apps available in the Apple App Store. Purchasing iOS app installations is one technique to boost the visibility of your software.

If you want to increase the visibility and credibility of your mobile App quickly and cost-effectively, buying iOS app installs is a great option. Not only does it help to improve your App’s ranking and credibility, but it can also result in increased revenue and ROI for your business. Always go with a trusted provider and personalize your purchase according to your marketing strategy.

If you’re just starting out as an app developer, it can be extremely hard to get your App noticed. It can take weeks or even months to gain traction and build an audience. Buy from real iOS devices as it can speed up this process tremendously, making it easier for your App to get off the ground and reach a wider audience more quickly. BoostHill provides authentic and legit App Install Users.

Other Ways to Boost IOS App Installations

There are several ways to increase the number of app installs on the App Store. The first and most crucial step is to optimize your App’s title, description, and app store screenshots. Users will be able to comprehend what your App is about and what they can expect from it as a result of this. You may also encourage customers to download your App by providing discounts and promotional incentives. Social media advertising, affiliate marketing, and guest posting on relevant blogs are other effective ways to promote your App.

Don’t forget to market your App on your social media channels in order to reach your current audience. Share interesting blogs, videos, and anecdotes about the benefits of your App. To target certain demographics, use platforms such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or Google Ads. Customize your ad content to appeal to the interests and demands of your target audience.

Partner with complementary apps for cross-promotion. Promote each other’s apps to expand your reach to new user bases.

Remember, a combination of these strategies, tailored to your App’s target audience and unique value proposition, can help you effectively boost iOS app installations. Analyze your results on a regular basis and alter your approach as needed to maximize your efforts.

Our Market – Leading Services for iOS App Installs

Apple’s iOS ecosystem has a large number of apps, making it increasingly difficult to get your App noticed. That’s where our market-leading services for providing iOS app installs come into play. Our services are different from others, and we ensure high-quality App installs for your iOS app.

Advanced Tracking and Optimization

Our years of experience have enabled us to understand the importance of tracking and optimization. Our advanced tracking provides real-time data insights about app installs, user behavior, and engagement. Our optimization strategies enable us to make data-informed decisions on how to make your App perform better in terms of installs and engagement.

Non-Incentivized Installs

One common mistake many app owners make is buying incentivized installs, where users are rewarded for downloading the App. These installs may increase the app download numbers, but they do not convert to long-term users. Our non-incentivized downloads ensure that people that download your App are truly interested in using it, resulting in increased user engagement and retention rates.

Low Pricing and Delivery Time

We understand that every app owner has a budget, and we have flexible pricing packages that match your budgetary requirements. We strive to deliver the best in terms of quality but also in terms of speed. We make sure that your app installs are delivered in a timely fashion, ensuring a seamless app launch and download experience.

Excellent Customer Support

Our services do not stop at app installs; our team provides exceptional customer support to ensure any issues or queries are handled promptly. From pre-installation to post-installation queries, we are here to assure you of a smooth experience with our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider buying iOS app installs?

It can give your App a boost in visibility and credibility. It helps increase your App’s rankings in the App Store, making it more discoverable to potential users.

Is it safe to buy iOS app installs?

Yes, it can be safe if you choose a reputable and reliable service provider like us. We offer to real users and adhere to Apple’s guidelines to ensure the safety of your App and account.

Will purchased App installs lead to genuine engagement?

While purchased installs can improve your App’s initial visibility, ensuring genuine engagement depends on the quality of your App and its user experience. A great app will naturally attract engaged users.

Can buying installs positively impact my App’s ranking?

Yes, more app installs can help your app rank higher in the App Store’s search results. As your App becomes more prominent, this can lead to more organic downloads.

How soon will I see results if I buy App installs?

Results can vary, but you may notice an increase in your App’s rankings and visibility shortly after purchasing installs. Continued engagement efforts can help sustain and improve these results.


In conclusion, buy iOS app installs as it is a proven method to increase app installs and visibility on the app store. It is a cost-effective strategy that can help you reach more users and boost your App’s credibility.

By boosting your App’s installations, you’ll rapidly gain a foothold in the App Store, move up the rankings, and ultimately attract more traffic and downloads. So, if you’re looking to promote and grow your App, consider buying iOS app installs and reap the many benefits that come with it.

We recommend you get iOS app installs for a quick boost. However, it’s essential to remember to combine it with top-level app optimization with a purchase App Installs strategy. By following these steps, you can increase your App’s visibility and downloads, leading to higher revenue and success in the app marketplace.