How to Become Moderator on Twitch?

Twitch is one of the most mesmerizing video streaming platforms for viewers adn content creators used worldwide. Users on this platform love watching online streams their favorite streamers create. Content creators try to make their streamings more attractive and engaging to keep their audience engaged with them to create an image of popularity. The more a streamer has viewers, the more its streams become popular and attractive. Getting viewers as a newbie is not so easy on the Twitch streaming platform, as so many factors are involved to achieve this goal.

Twitch allows many astonishing built-in tools to make your stream more manageable to attract more viewers and keep the decorum positive. Moderators on the Twitch streaming platform are one of the most effective ways to handle your Twitch community. Do you know how to become a moderator on Twitch? Or how Twitch moderation works? You can make one of your viewers a moderator to handle your chats to make them more engaging.

In this discussion, you will learn how to be a moderator on your Twitch channel; what is the role of a moderator on that platform? And what are the different ways you can become a Twitch moderator? So, let us explore different aspects of this matter to understand it more insightfully.

What is the Role of a Twitch Moderator?

A moderator on any Twitch streaming channel is trusted and knowledgeable about handling the audience in the Twitch chat room. Moderators get many commands that they can use to maintain the stream’s decorum, such as banning a user or time-out them to teach them a lesson for their mistakes and managing the polls and predictions on the streaming channel. In addition, a moderator can also control the traffic of the streaming chat room by using different commands such as slow, viewers-only, or followers-only. The streamers can add or remove a moderator from their chat room if they are not working or fail to give their services. If you are a Twitch streamer, then you must be wondering how you can become a moderator. To know about this matter, let us dive into the next section of our discussion.

How To Become a Moderator On Twitch?

Becoming a moderator on Twitch is a valuable role that requires trust and dedication. There are no specific terms or conditions on which a streamer could make you a mod of their streams. Your behavior and consistency are what allow you to become noticeable in the eyes of a streamer. Here are some key steps to increase your chances of becoming a moderator on the Twitch streaming platform:

Be Consistently Present on Stream:

Being consistently present in the stream is one of the most important factors in becoming a Twitch mod. Showing your commitment to the streaming channel, regularly participating in the stream, and engaging with the other viewers in the chat room allows you to get the spotlight on yourself. With the help of these moves, you can attract the attention of the streamers and can increase your chances of becoming a stream moderator on the Twitch platform.

Positively Engage In The Stream:

Create a positive impact in the chat by contributing helpfully and respectfully to the other users in the Twitch chat room. Welcome new members, respond to inquiries, and promote a friendly environment. Your positive participation will grab the streamer’s attention and showcase your commitment to building an inviting community.

Be Trustworthy For Streamer:

Earning the trust of the streamer is crucial for becoming a moderator. Show your reliability and responsibility by actively participating in the stream’s activities. Help enforce the chat rules, assist with moderating discussions, and showcase your ability to handle the power of moderation effectively. Build a solid reputation as a trustworthy viewer in the chatroom. With the help of these tactics, you can learn how to become a good moderator of a streaming channel.

Ask To Be a Mod:

Don’t be afraid to express your interest in becoming a moderator. Politely and respectfully approach the streamer and express your willingness to take on the role. However, avoid repeatedly asking or pressuring the streamer, as this can be seen as annoying. Accept the streamer’s decision and ask for feedback on improving your chances in the future.

By following the above steps and showing dedication, engagement, and trustworthiness, you can increase your chances of being chosen as a moderator on Twitch. So keep these tips in your mind while trying to find the answer to how to become a moderator on Twitch.

In the next section of our discussion, we will discuss some possible questions that a streamer asks you while choosing you as a stream moderator. So, let us start to discuss.

Questions A Streamer Could Ask From a Moderator:

Twitch streamers are very conscious of choosing a mod for their streams, so they may have some concerns before choosing one. If you are trying to find a role as a Twitch moderator, then the following are some questions that a streamer might ask you. Read them and prepare to answer them to increase your chance of being a Twitch moderator.

  • How Much Time Do You Watch Stream?
  • From How Long Are You Following the Stream?
  • Could I Trust You?
  • Why Do You Want To Become a Moderator?
  • What Expertise Do You Have As a Moderator?
  • Do You Know The Rules of the Stream?

Prepare these questions before you start your efforts of becoming a Twitch Moderator for a streamer’s stream. Here you can also know how does Twitch algorithm works. It will help you make more informed decisions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Twitch Streamers Get Paid?

A streamer gets paid an estimated sixty-four dollars per hour at the median. This is estimated by the Total Pay Estimate model and the streamers’ salaries for stream moderation.

Can Anyone Become a Moderator on Twitch?

As a streamer, you can make any viewer your moderator until he/she is trusted and knowledgeable about your stream.


Becoming a moderator on the Twitch streaming platform is one of the most amazing things a viewer can do. Getting that role is not easy; there are so many attributes that a streamer might be looking for in a mod for their stream management. In the above discussion, you can learn how to become a moderator on Twitch, what possible questions a streamer can ask from a mod, and other aspects of this matter. So, read it to prosper your knowledge to become a moderator.

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