How to Make a Snapchat Filter for an Event?

Today, Snapchat is not only popular among Gen Z, but it has the same popularity among millennials. One of the significant features of Snapchat is that pictures and messages automatically disappear forever. Snapchat is also famous for its augmented reality filters, called lenses, which users can use to add special effects to their snaps. Snapchat filters for an event are a great way to add excitement and some fun to your next gathering. Snapchat filters can promote events and create a sense of community.

What are the Benefits of Using Snapchat Filters for an Event?

Using Snapchat filters for an event can have many benefits. Some of them are shared below:

1. Increase Engagement

Users can customize Snapchat filters to fit the theme of their event. It makes the event more interactive for users.

2. Increase Attendance

Snapchat event filters can attract new guests, primarily if the user uses unique and fun filters.

3. Increase Event Reach

Snapchat filters also help increase event reach. By using Snapchat filters, it can easily be shared on social media platforms.

What are the different types of filters on Snapchat?

There are four different types of filters available on Snapchat. They are given below:

1. Community Geofilter

Any user on Snapchat can access the Community Geofilter. As the name suggests, these filters are location-based. Users who are near the event location can apply. They are typically used to promote local businesses, events, etc. These geofilters can be created by anyone, but Snapchat must approve them before they can be used.

2. Community Moment Filter

These are free and fun filters that anyone in the world can use. Most of the time, these filters are used to celebrate a holiday, event, or occasion. The good thing about moment filters is that anyone can create them, and do not need to be approved by Snapchat.

3. On-Demand Geofilters

Individuals or businesses create on-demand geofilters that can be purchased for a specific time and location.

4. Sponsored Filters

The most premium filters on Snapchat are sponsored filters. Big brands and businesses largely use them.

How to Make Filters on Snapchats?

To make filters on Snapchat, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your search engine browser and search for
  2. Now, ‘Click filters and lenses.”
  3. Next, tap the “Get Started” button in the middle of your screen.
  4. After this, click “Filters” to navigate to Snapchat’s filter creation.
  5. Click the “Upload Button.” Upload the filter if you have already designed it. If not, you can create a custom filter using the filter creator.
  6. For custom filters, click on the blank template.
  7. Make your own Snapchat filter by dragging and dropping the “COLOR,” “TEXT,” and “ELEMENTS” tabs from the page’s right sidebar. Click “Next” to continue.
  8. Next, you will see a calendar; utilize the controls to select the dates you want your filter to be active. Choose “REPEATING EVENT” and enter the dates if you create a filter for an event that happens more than once. Click the “Next” button to continue.
  9. Create a geofence for your custom filter on the following page. To generate a fenced area, select the “Draw Fence” button located to the right of the address search bar or enter a specific location code.
  10. Once you have done it, the price of your filter will be shown on the right-top of your screen.
  11. Click “ Checkout” to pay.
  12. Pay the payment. Then, read the privacy policy before the final submission and tick the agree box.

How To Create Community Snapchat filter?

Here is how you can create a community Snapchat filter:

  1. First of all, you need to create a filter template whose dimensions are 1080 x 2340 pixels using third-party apps or sites.
  2. Next, go to
  3. Scroll down and go to the creative tool section.
  4. Click on the “ Community Filter” option.
  5. Select either geofilter or moment filter.

How To Create a Community Geofilter?

To create a community geofilter, follow the above steps and tap on community geofilter. Click the “Upload” button to upload your filter, then click “Continue.” Draw a border around the area where you want your filter to be available, then click the “Continue” button. Skip this step if you’re creating a moment filter. Enter your email address, name, and filter description in the form provided. Click the “Submit” button to finalize your Snapchat community geofilter.

How To Create Community Moment Filters?

To create community moment filters, tap on the moment filter after following the abovementioned steps. Enter your email address, name, and a description of the filter you want to create. Click on the ‘Submit’ button for finalization.

How to Create Amazing Snapchat Filters?

While creating a Snapchat filter, take care of the following things:

  1. Don’t add too many hashtags on the screen or in writing.
  2. Don’t cover the screen by adding too much art.
  3. Make sure that your design is original and unique.
  4. Adding interactive lenses and cultural references to your filter can make it more engaging.


For a unique experience, creating your own professional Snapchat filters for an event can be a great option. There are many different types of filters you can create on Snapchat. Make a custom Snapchat filter using Lens Studio that fits the theme of your event in no time at all by following the instructions in the post. Additionally, promoting your filter on your social media platforms and encouraging guests to use it can help increase engagement and create lasting memories from your event.

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