How to Find Trending Sounds on TikTok?

TikTok has many amazing features that allow its users to create short-form video content. Whether we talk about different kinds of filters or a wide range of kinds of music to use it in the background of a video, there are numerous features that help content creators to create stunning TkTok videos. In addition, different kinds of sounds allow you to make your video more productive and attractive and help you to grab the attention of viewers. Finding sound on TikTok can be difficult for newcomers. For those who want to know how to find trending sounds on TikTok, we are here to help. Trending sounds on TikTok aids you in flowing with the trend and make it easy to grab a chunk of the audience.

We will go through all the possible ways in which you can find trending sounds on the TikTok platform and use them o create your videos more appealing. So, let us start to explore them and make it easy for us to understand.

Ways To Find Trending Sounds On TikTok

When it comes to locating trending music on TikTok, there is a variety of options come to the plate. In this section, we will go through these ways and find out how it is simple to find a trending song or music on TikTok.

Through For You Page

The For You page on TikTok is one of the most significant features that the platform allows its users. It shows the videos of other content creators that you like or may not like accounting for your watch history and liking behavior. On this page, you will find all the trending videos with soundtracks that help to find out which music type is trending. You can feel it will not take too much effort but will give you the required results. Make sure to find out any trending sound on For You page and keep yourself up-to-date as the trends get change.

Using TikTok Search Bar

One of the easiest ways to find out the trending sounds on TikTok is using the search bar given by the platform. Many people want to get straight what they want to know. This method will help them and let them know what is trending nowadays on the platform. To do so, there are a couple of steps required,, and you need to follow them exactly. Here is the detail:

  • Open the TikTok application and log into it.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you will see the icon of a magnifying glass. Tap on it and you will see a search bar open.
  • Top on the search bar you will see at the top of your bar
  • Type your keywords such as Treding sounds or viral sounds.
  • There will be a list of sounds that will appear at the bottom of your search bar.
  • Choose the sound that you require to add to your video according to the video’s context.

Through TikTok’s Sound Library

As we speak, TikTok is one of the most versatile social media platforms that allow its users many features. In accordance, with the help of the sound library given by the TikTok platform, you can also find trending videos and their sounds on the go. At the bottom of your mobile application of TikTok, you will see a sign of +. Tap on that sign and you will find out a list of different sounds and the sounds that the platform recommends you use. After scrolling a bit, you will see the soundtracks will be managed according to their type. From there, you can find trending music for your videos and can use them to make your videos more productive and appealing.

With the Creative Center of TikTok

To access the TikTok creative center, there is a requirement and that is you must have a business account on the TikTok platform. If you are not eligible to create a TikTok account with a business type, then you can not find this method will help you anyway. On the other hand, those who are eligible will find it the easiest way to find out the trending sounds. It shows the trending music with their specific region details. You will find it easy for locating which sound is trending and where it is trending the most.

Use of Spotify

Spotify platform

One of the most amazing ways to find out trending sounds is by using the Spotify platform. To do so, you need to open Spotify on your mobile phone, and in the search bar, you need to type Trending on TikTok there, you will find a vast range of viral songs that you can use to create different TikTok videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I browse Viral Songs on TikTok?

There are several ways to locate trending sounds on TikTok, such as from For You page, TikTok Library, Spotify, and many more.

How Can I Download Trending Sound on TikTok?

It is an easy process. You need to copy the link to the trending video’s sound. Open online TikTok audio downloader. Lastly, you need to paste the link and download it.

Why Should I Use Trending Sounds on TikTok?

Numerous reasons are there to use trending sounds on TikTok as it enlarges the viewers, attracts more followers, and helps you to compete with others.


At the end of our discussion on how to find trending sounds on TikTok, we can say that this blog is a general guide that covers every aspect of doing so. Whether we talk about using For You Page, creative center, or Spotify, there are many ways that can lead you to find out what is trending on the TikTok platform. Ensure to keep yourself up-to-date so you can make yourself more viewed.

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