How To Merge Instagram Accounts?

I had two different Facebook accounts, and I wanted to grow them separately. However, using both accounts eventually became tedious for me. It was challenging to manage both accounts at the same time. But then I learned about merging both accounts. And it significantly eased my workload.

Like Facebook, some people may have two different accounts on Instagram and may be looking for ways to merge these accounts. But can we merge two different accounts on Instagram? I have explained everything related to merging Instagram accounts here. Be focused and keep reading.

Can We Merge Instagram Accounts?

Are you curious about how to merge your Instagram account? Keep patience; I am explaining everything. To answer the above question, unfortunately, Instagram currently has no settings allowing you to merge two accounts. However, there are a few workarounds that you can use to achieve similar results.

1. Request Instagram Support Center

As there is no official setting on Instagram that allows us to merge two accounts, we have minimal alternatives to achieve the same result.

The first option to merge your Instagram accounts is to contact the Instagram support center. You need to explain to them why you want to merge your Instagram account. However, it is only possible if the same person owns both accounts. They might ask you a few additional questions to verify the ownership of the accounts. Then, wait for their response and see what is there in your fate.

2. Create A New Instagram Account

The second option to merge your Instagram accounts is to create a new one. Once you create a new account, You have to download data from both accounts you want to merge and re-upload the data to the new account.

3. Seek Help From Your Followers

The third option you have is to seek help from your followers. For this, you need to share the link to your one account on your other account and tell your followers to follow your account. Also, explain to them that you are the owner of both accounts and want to merge both accounts for better communication and user experience.

What Is The Benefit Of Merging Instagram Accounts?

Maintaining two Instagram accounts simultaneously is too difficult, especially if you have a large fan following. Merging accounts will help you maintain your accounts efficiently. In addition, it will save you a lot of time and allow you to work on your account with ease.

Can we merge our Instagram account with our Facebook account?

Though Meta owns both Facebook and Instagram, you still cannot merge your Instagram account with your Facebook account. However, you can link your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This will help you share content on both platforms at the same time. But you can’t merge your Facebook account followers or friends with your Instagram account.


What happens to my followers when I merge my Instagram accounts?

When you manually transfer your content to a new account, your followers will not be automatically transferred. You have to ask your followers to follow your new account and tell them about it.

What are some of the risks associated with merging Instagram accounts?

There are no official settings on Instagram that allow you to merge your accounts. So, when you merge your accounts using the above methods, you risk losing your followers.

Can I merge my Instagram account with a banned or shadowbanned account?

No, it is impossible to merge your Instagram account with a shadowbanned or restricted account. If you try to merge your Instagram account with another account that is shadowbanned, it can result in your account being banned.


There is currently no official method for merging Instagram accounts. However, users can use several alternative methods to get similar results. The most effective approach is to make a new account and add content and followers from the other accounts. Merging Instagram accounts helps you manage your work much more effectively and saves time.

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