How To Make Money on Trovo

Check out this article if you are curious about earning money on Trovo Live.

  • With Trovo 500 Program, you can earn up to $5,000.
  • Trovo Live offers a subscription program that is currently set at $3.99 per month.
  • You can also earn through Elixir Spells and the Trovo referral program.

Trovo Live is a new addition to the streaming platforms. A direct competitor to Twitch and YouTube, it was launched by Chinese tech giant Tencent.

Trovo has an almost identical design to Twitch’s, from its carousel of streamers on the front page to its chat window on the right side. The platform supports live streaming through third-party apps for both mobile and desktop.

Trovo is trying to lure creators with its Creator Partnership Program, which aims to pay $30 million to creators over the next few years.

Read on to know more about how you can make money on Trovo live.

What is Trovo and its Features?

Tencent owns Trovo along with PUBG, Riot Games, Epic Games, and Ubisoft, and works with Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Epic Games, among others.

On Trovo, the user interface looks very similar to that of Twitch: there is a homepage showing the most popular streamers, a list of recommended channels, and a menu for exploring and discovering different streaming categories.

Additionally, streamers can access the creator panel, which helps them to customize several options related to streaming.

Trovo Live Coins, Spells, and Gems

Trovo’s monetization system relies on virtual currencies, which are discussed below.

Two types of spells are available to Trovo viewers – Mana and Elixir – which they may exchange during streaming as emoting or other effects.

  • Mana is awarded to users every time they watch a stream. A five-minute stream will reward you with 20 Manas.
  • Elixirs are available at a price of $0.99 USD, $4.99 USD, $9.99 USD, etc.

Users receive a certain amount of spells when they create a Trovo account. As they reach higher levels, they are able to add custom spells to their collection.

As for the virtual currency, Trovo Live uses gems. It is possible to acquire gems through the use of spells, subscriptions, or by completing Trovo tasks. However, these spells and free subscriptions can’t earn you new gems. In general, 100 gems are worth a dollar.

Trovo Live Levels: Requirements and Benefits.

As you know, you can only earn on any streaming platform after fulfilling certain requirements. On Twitch, you have to join an affiliate program to be able to monetize your streams.

Unlike affiliates and partners, Trovo works on a level system. Benefits increase as you rise in levels.

In order to earn on Trovo, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Level 1 is achieved.
  • 5 hours of streaming

Trovo 500 Program

In the following section, we’ll discuss Trovo 500 and how to earn money with Trovo Live. A partnership program called Trovo 500 has been developed as part of Trovo’s launch strategy and to attract new streamers.

Streamers are rewarded for creating content with Trovo 500 program and are encouraged to create more. As part of its growth strategy, streamers are expected to play a key role in promoting the platform.

Five levels of rewards are available: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. Grand Master and Bronze are two new levels. Every month, 500 streamers are invited to join Trovo 500.

On Trovo, there are definitely streamers who earn more than 5000 dollars a month. They are, however, among Trovo’s elite

To meet the requirements of the groups, you can add more streaming hours, increase the average viewership, and so on.

The criteria for selection will depend on the audience, broadcast quality, content relevance, and your desire to contribute to the Trovo community.

If you have at least 50 followers and have streamed at least once on Trovo, you may qualify for silver or higher status.

Currently, this program can also be used by streamers on other platforms.

As members perform well in their groups, Trovo 500 rewards them with gems – the higher the group, the bigger the payment.

Streamers who rank highest and grow the fastest— the top 20% of streamers in each group— are also rewarded with bonuses.

Every month, Trovo 500 updates its requirements and incentives. You can visit the Trovo 500 section of your Trovo channel if you want to know the most recent updates and details about the programs.

The Trovo 500 program requires high-quality images. Your audience will appreciate high-quality streaming if you use good peripherals and accessories.

Other Methods to Earn Money on Trovo

Along with Trovo’s partnership program, you can also earn money by:

Paid subscriptions: A subscription program is also available on Trovo. A single monthly subscription option is available for $3.99.
Advertising on your channel: You can make partnerships with brands and advertising companies to help them reach the audience through your channel.
Elixirs Spell: Once you receive these spells, you can redeem them for gems to get money.
Referral program: Upon reaching level 1, this relatively new feature becomes available. As part of this program, streamers with existing Trovo profiles can recommend the platform to their friends as new streamers. Once the streamer you introduced to Trovo levels up within 180 days, you and the streamer will receive gems. You can find a unique code on the Trovo growth page that you will have to share with your friends to get them to join.

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The Trovo community is growing rapidly. As a means of establishing itself on the market, Trovo is offering a wide range of monetization options that have attracted a good number of aspiring creators.

Streaming newcomers in particular can take advantage of the manageable size and the relatively low level of competition.

Your presence on Trovo, combined with regular content and a growing audience, makes you an established personality, which is certainly not a disadvantage.

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