How to Stream on Trovo Live: A Beginner’s Guide

Check out this article if you’re curious about Trovo, a new streaming platform.

Trovo streaming is a new platform for gamers and other creators to showcase their talent. It adds to already popular streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can easily stream from your desktop and your android/iOS devices. Keep reading to know how you can start your own live stream on Trovo.

What is Trovo?

Trovo is a live streaming platform that was launched in mid-2020, and since then it has convinced many content creators to join this platform. Content creators are able to live-stream their content on Trovo in real-time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician, artist, or just want to share your life with the world. Trovo has something for everyone!

The Trovo live streaming platform garnered 29.6 million visits in June 2022. Moreover, Russians make up the majority of the audience on this platform.

By analyzing audience composition, one can determine a site’s current market share. There are 78.58 % of males and 21.42% of females in Trovo live’s audience. Most visitors are between the ages of 25 and 34. Further, this platform attracts a large number of users interested in video games.

In a similar fashion to Twitch, Trovo offers viewers the opportunity to support their favorite streamer by purchasing a currency called Elixers. Additionally, subscribers gain access to exclusive rewards by subscribing to your channel.

Trovo Live: How to Get started

If you are new to this platform, you have to sign up first.

The steps for signing up are pretty similar on desktop and app.

Sign Up and Log in

  1. Visit or download the app.visit trovo homepage
  2. Click on the login/Sign Up in the top-right corner.
  3. Fill up the relevant details in the pop-up window.signup trovo
  4. You will receive a code in your email or on your mobile.
  5. After inserting the required code, you are all good to go.trovo account created

Now, you can select the games according to your interests and Trovo will provide you with relevant streams. Read the following section for information on starting your own stream on Trovo.

Streaming from Desktop

For live streaming on Trovo, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the profile icon located in the top-right cornertrovo desktop app
  2. Find and select Creator Studio.trovo creator studio
  3. It will take you to Stream setup.trovo stream setup
  4. Under the ‘Today’s Section’, enter the following information: Title of your stream, Category- what you are going to stream, Language, and Audience- who you are going to target.trovo stream setup
  5. After filling out the relevant information, you are all set to live stream on Trovo from your PC.

Streaming From iOS Devices

  1. Sign in to your Trovo account. Sign up for Trovo if you haven’t already.trovo ios app
  2. Go to the account settings by tapping on the profile icon.trovo home page
  3. Tap on the Go Live option in the setting menu.go live trovo
  4. In the pop-up window, you will be given multiple options to choose from.trovo stream setup
    • Select the appropriate stream game category
    • Fill out the title field.
    • Use trending viral tags to target the audience.trovo stream tag
  5. When you click on the Go Live option, a window will appear where you are asked to accept the terms and agreement.agree terms and conditions
  6. Finally, you must select camera and microphone settings to go live on Trovo.go live trovo

Stream from Android Devices

Here are a few quick steps for streaming on Android devices:

  1. Download the Trovo app from the play store.
  2. Open the app after installing it.
  3. Go to the setting by clicking on the profile icon.go to trovo setttings
  4. Find the Go Live.go live android trovo
  5. Fill in the information on the ‘Stream Setup’ page.
  6. Streaming quality can also be adjusted in Advanced Settings, as well as adapting the Orientation, Host URL, and Host URL.
  7. Before going live, you have to enable the camera, microphone, and float window.allow access
  8. After putting all the details, you can now go on live.add infogo live

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Which stream resolution should I use on Trovo?

Full HD is the standard resolution for most streams. That’s 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can, however, change this resolution to HD if your Internet connection is not fast enough to transmit this resolution. For such a situation 1280 x 720 works best.

What is the best bitrate for Trovo streams?

The video quality of your stream will be better with a higher bit rate. Your internet speed is what determines how fast your bitrate can be. Although most creators use a bitrate of 6000 on Trovo and other streaming portals, it might be preferable to lower the bitrate in some cases. You will lose a little bit of video quality, but your stream will run much smoother, making it more enjoyable for your viewers.

How do I set the audio sample rate for Trovo streams to work best?

For a stream on Trovo, both video and audio quality are extremely important. The right hardware is not enough, you also need to ensure that it can be used effectively.
Both the microphone and in-game sound quality can be affected by setting the audio sample rate. A 48 kHz sample rate is ideal – it approximates the quality of a high-end CD.


Trovo is primarily video games streaming website just like Twitch. You will find lots of features common between these two platforms- from website design to partner program’s requirements.

In comparison with competitor platforms like YouTube or Twitch, Trovo only attracts a fraction of the audience.

For people who fear losing their place among the millions of streamers on Twitch, it can provide an interesting alternative once you have made a name for yourself in Trovo.

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