Why Are Comments Disabled On Youtube Shorts?

YouTube content creators love to interact with their fans and followers through comments. However, most YouTube content creators may have experienced the frustration of having their comments disabled. It sucks. We can’t take feedback from your followers.

Are you also facing this problem? I can feel you. But don’t worry. Below, in this blog, I have explained the possible reasons why comments are disabled on YouTube shorts. Also, I have discussed different solutions for solving this problem. Keep reading; there is so much for you in this blog.

Different Reasons Why Comments Are Disabled On YouTube Shorts

1. Community Guidelines Violation

YouTube community guidelines are rules and regulations that all content creators must follow. These guidelines are designed to keep the platforms safe, secure, and joyful. If any video, whether YouTube shorts or lengthy videos, goes against these guidelines, YouTube moderators take action against it. And most of the time, the comments on the video are disabled. Any YouTube shorts that consist of hate speech, bullying, violence, and child endangerment is considered against the YouTube community guidelines.

2. Spam Or Inappropriate Comments

Sometimes, YouTube disables comments on YouTube shorts that receive many spam or inappropriate comments. To detect spam and inappropriate comments, YouTube uses a variety of tools. However, it is not always possible to catch all of them. If the spam comments exceed a specific limit, YouTube generally disables comments for that video.

3. Privacy Limitations

In addition to the above two reasons, YouTube disables comments on all private or unlisted videos. Private or unlisted videos are only for specific users.

4. Reports Against The Videos

When videos receive too many reports from other users due to violation of community guidelines, YouTube may disable comments on such YouTube shorts. The YouTube review team will analyze the video and make a final decision.

5. False Information

Videos that share false or misleading information breach YouTube community guidelines. If you have uploaded a YouTube short video that is misleading or shares false information, YouTube will disable comments on such kinds of YouTube shorts.

How To Prevent YouTube Short Comments Disabled?

Now, you know different reasons why YouTube short comments are disabled. Now, we will discuss different solutions to help you prevent your YouTube short comments from being disabled.

1. Don’t Breach YouTube Community Guidelines

As discussed earlier, YouTube strictly follows its community guidelines rules and regulations. If you want to be on the safe side, you must comply with it. Your YouTube shorts should not go against the YouTube community guidelines. Otherwise, YouTube may disable comments on your YouTube shorts.

2. Don’t Make CopyRight Content

Don’t ever try to upload copyrighted content to your YouTube shorts. It will not only disable comments on it, but it may lead to the termination of your YouTube channel.

3. Don’t Upload Misleading Content

Uploading misleading content on YouTube is also one of the reasons YouTube disables comments. To avoid it, you need to upload original and correct content on Your YouTube shorts.

4. Don’t Make Your Videos Private Or Unlisted

As discussed earlier, comments are disabled on YouTube short videos that are private or unlisted. So, if you don’t want comments to be disabled on your videos, you should make all your YouTube shorts public.


What can I do If my YouTube shorts comments are disabled?

If you understand that you have not violated any of the YouTube guidelines and still your YouTube shorts comments are disabled, you should contact YouTube customer support for help.

Is there any disadvantage when your comments on YouTube Shorts are disabled?

Yes, obviously, there are disadvantages when your comments on YouTube are disabled. You can’t reply to your followers’ comments or do any conversation with them in the comments section.


Though comment disabling on YouTube shorts is frustrating, understanding the why behind it can be empowering—different reasons why comments are disabled on YouTube are explained above. To save yourself from violating YouTube community guidelines, you should follow the guidelines explained above.

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