How Does Clubhouse Make Money?

We are living in a world where every aspect of our lives is influenced by social life. Whether you belong to a group of businessmen or are average, the social footprint is recognizing your personality that makes you distinct from others. Many social networking platforms are now influencing the ways of consuming digital content. Whether we talk about Instagram or Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking platform, millions of people interact with each other on these platforms daily. Similarly, the Clubhouse is one of the latest and fastly growing social networking iOS platforms that allows users to interact with each other through audio. Like other social networking platforms, the clubhouse also provides earning opportunities for its users. Do you know how does clubhouse make money or how you can earn money from that platform?

If you are wondering how to earn on the Clubhouse social networking platform, this blog will guide you about every aspect related to that matter. First, you need to understand the business model of this platform so that you can start the earning journey on that platform. In this explicit guide, you will learn about the clubhouse business model, revenue streams, monetization model, and other aspects. So let us explore these areas of matter so things get easy to understand.

What is Clubhouse Business Model?

When it comes to understanding the business model of Clubhouse, things get tricky. Former Google engineers made the platform. Many distinct features make it more impactful to use. The first feature that distinguishes it from other social networking platforms is its invite-only feature. Unlike other social platforms, you need invitations to join a club in a clubhouse, making it a unique platform among others. In addition, there are several ways in which the platform generates revenue. A detailed overview of the clubhouse’s social networking platform business model follows.

Exclusive Membership

As mentioned, the clubhouse has many unique features that increase people’s curiosity about using that platform. The clubhouse is an invite-only platform, which creates an aura of exclusivity around the platform. This exclusivity helps Clubhouse generate hype and interest around the platform as people try to get invited to join. The platform also has a referral system where users can invite others to join the platform, which helps to maintain the exclusivity of the platform.

Monetization through Clubhouse Coins

Clubhouse has introduced a virtual currency called “Clubhouse Coins.” You can purchase Clubhouse Coins to appreciate the content creators as a tip or access exclusive events. Content creators receive a portion of the tips as a form of monetization for their efforts on the platform. Clubhouse also takes a percentage of each transaction as a fee. From that fee deduction, it generates a large revenue every year.

Brand Partnerships

Partnership with brands is also a way of earning for this platform. Clubhouse offers brands to create rooms on the platform. These rooms allow brands to engage with their targeted users and promote their products or services. For example, a music streaming service might create a room where users can discuss their favorite songs or artists. These partnerships provide Clubhouse with a new source of revenue while giving brands a unique way to connect with their audience. In the whole scenario, the platform charges brands to create rooms on the platform, and in return, brand owners get potential customers.

Subscription Model

Clubhouse has introduced a subscription model called “Clubhouse Pro.” For a monthly fee, users can access additional features and benefits. These features include creating and scheduling events, customizing their profile, and receiving analytics on their audience. Clubhouse Pro provides a new source of revenue for the platform while giving users additional tools to help them build their audience and create engaging content. In addition, with such sort of information, users can also craft their marketing strategies which add more revenue to their business.

How Can I Make Money With Clubhouse?

Like other social media platforms, Clubhouse provides opportunities to earn money as a content creator or user. Several ways can help you generate a handsome amount of monthly revenue. In this section of our blog, we will discuss these possible ways in detail. So, let’s explore them.

Sell the Portion Of Your Premium Room

The clubhouse is one of the most exclusive platforms on which users need invitations to join a room. As a content creator on this platform, you can sell access to your premium room content and can generate a handsome amount of revenue. For example, if you are creating content in educational lessons, you can provide a chunk of your content for free to build the curiosity and interest of users. After that, you can sell the premium room access to those users who finds your content worthy. That’s how you can earn money by providing a portion of your premium room content for free.

Promote Other’s Brand in Room

The second answer to the question of how you can earn money with the clubhouse is that you can collaborate with brand owners and promote their products or services in your rooms with your community. In return, you will get the chance to generate revenue. With the help of organizing your clubhouse rooms and promoting brands, you can also increase your community as people with similar interests will join your room. To promote brands in your clubhouse room, you must ensure two most important things. The first one is that the product or service you are promoting must be relevant to your room’s user’s interest. And the second thing is that the brand must fulfill the requirements of your community on the clubhouse platform.

Monetize Your Content

Clubhouse has many opportunities for content creators as a considerable number of users are interested in business, technology, and entrepreneurship topics. If you create content on these topics or make a presentation on these subjects, you can distribute that content on Clubhouse Premium to start monetization, which enables you to earn money.


At the end of our discussion on “how does clubhouses make money,” there are many streams from which the platform generates revenue. In addition, the clubhouse networking platform also provides plenty of opportunities for content creators to earn from the platform.

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