What is Clubhouse? A Starter’s Guide About Key Features

Are you wondering what all the fuss is about Clubhouse? Even celebrities like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Ashton Kutcher have taken notice of this app. Don’t feel left behind as we will explain everything about Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is an audio-based app that allows users to listen and participate in conversations. This app is similar to listening to a live radio show where you can call in to comment or ask questions about a specific topic.

Like radio stations, Clubhouse has “rooms” where users listen to other people’s conversations and can also talk to each other.

It was launched in 2021 and quickly became a big hit partly because of the COVID restrictions and the exclusive nature of the app. Once started as an invite-only app, much-like real-life clubhouse membership is now open to all.

The Clubhouse quickly gained investors and was worth $100 million, with 1500 members. The company, Alpha Exploration Co, was valued at approximately $4 billion by April 2021.

Can I Use Clubhouse On The iPad?

It was launched on iOS first. Now, it is available on Android too.

You can use it on the iPad, but display problems may occur.

Do I need an Invitation to Join Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse app was an invite-only app when it started. The beta version of the app required a Clubhouse invite code. People even were willy to pay the invite codes.

Not anymore!

You no longer need an invite code to join Clubhouse. Simply download the app from the Android or Apple store.

Does Clubhouse work on the Web?

The official website (clubhouse.com) didn’t provide complete functionality for web use. Now it offers a ‘Web Listening‘ feature so anyone can listen to the audio chat. You can currently only listen to a room, but you cannot join it to start a conversation.

Why does the App Icon Keep Changing?

Clubhouse uses an innovative app icon strategy. Though Clubhouse has an official app logo, it doesn’t use the logo on the app icon. Instead, the app icon has a black and white portrait of a person.

Clubhouse chooses its actual members who have contributed to the community. It is their way of acknowledging these users for the value they bring to the platform.

How to Register for the Clubhouse?

Install the app on your Android or iOS device after downloading it. The Clubhouse has made it easy to set up an account. You just need to give put your mobile number. After entering the confirmation code, you’re ready to complete your profile and bio.

How does the Clubhouse App work? A Step-By-Step Guide

In the Clubhouse app, you will find many “Rooms” and “Clubs” discussing topics ranging from tech to sports to mental health. You will likely follow people with similar interests when you join these rooms.

At first, the Clubhouse conversation rooms weren’t permanent. The Clubhouse now offers the capability to record a conversation and save it in the creator’s profile with the Replay feature. Anyone who missed the live session can download and listen to them later.

After downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, you are ready to get started. Here is a guide on using the Clubhouse app:

Set up Your Profile

Like other social networking apps, you need to create a profile by adding your photo and bio.

Here is how you can add a bio to your Clubhouse profile:

On the Clubhouse home screen, tap your profile picture in the top-right corner of the screen.

  1. Tap “Add a bio.
  2. Tap the white box above the “Done” button.
  3. Type your desired bio and then tap “Done.”

Bio is essential in attracting a more targeted audience. You can find many clubhouse bio examples online to assist you in optimizing your Clubhouse bio.

As you set up your profile, you will add your interests and topics. It will enable Clubhouse to suggest clubs, rooms, or events based on your interests.

Also, Clubhouse allows users to connect to your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Follow Other Users

Social apps are all about making connections, and the Clubhouse app is no different. You can find more people by searching for them. After following users based on your interest, you will be notified whenever they are holding a conversation.

DM the Users

You can interact with other Clubhouse users by sending a private direct message. With the Backchannel feature, you can message anyone on the app. The message won’t appear in a user’s inbox if you aren’t following them. Instead, they will receive a message request.

Start or Join Clubs

Clubs are like Facebook groups: based on a specific topic, interest, or feature. Clubs have multiple discussion rooms. For example, in a “Sports” Club, people will discuss different sports categories in separate rooms. Users may find club guidelines included in the description of the Club.

The Clubhouse allows you to create Clubs, but you must have a verified email address and be active on the site. Only one Club may be created at a time.

As soon as a room becomes available or scheduled, a Club member will be notified. It will appear in their feeds. Admins or founders of a Club will be able to open rooms.

Explore the “Hallway”

The Hallway serves as your Clubhouse feed. This is where you will find upcoming Rooms, updates from your followers, and replays you may find of interest.

Join Clubhouse or Start Room

In addition to the rooms listed in the feed, you can find more rooms in the search bar. To join a discussion, just tap a room, and you’re in.

Tap the “Leave Quietly” button at the top if you don’t wish to participate in a particular discussion.

On the Clubhouse app, anyone can create a Room. The privacy settings can be customized according to your preferences.
A room can have a title, topics, chat, and replays. Room titles and topics are searchable, so adding them will improve your room’s visibility.

Schedule an Event or Join one

In the Clubhouse app, you’ll find a calendar icon. Here, you’ll find the upcoming events for Clubs or users you follow.

You can also schedule an event by choosing the “Start a Room” button at the bottom of your Clubhouse feed and selecting “Schedule an Event.”

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Clubhouse Rooms: Members’ Roles


Upon joining the Clubhouse room, you will be assigned the role of listener. It is the default setting. You will be able to listen to the discussion as speakers continue to explore the topic.

However, you can’t take participation in the discussion unless you are allowed. You can raise your hand by tapping on the small hand at the bottom-right corner. When you tap this hand, the speaker will know that you wish to speak and add inputs.


On entering a room, the top of the room shows the room owner, moderators, and speakers. It’s the stage. Participants across the stage can speak in turn.

After the admin or moderator can call you on stage, a mic icon will appear. Only the speaker can mute or unmute the microphone. It is a norm to mute the microphone while someone else is speaking for smooth communication.


As the name implies, moderators help run the Clubhouse room. You can become a moderator if you start your own room or if another room’s moderator promotes you from speaker to moderator.

Various options are available to moderators, such as:

  • Enable or disable the raise hands feature for the audience
  • Invite members on the stage to speak
  • Mute speakers
  • Promote other speakers to the moderator role
  • Send back other speakers to the audience

In terms of responsibilities, a moderator has to handle the following:

  • Set the mood and facilitate conversation in the room
  • Have to remain active as long as the room is open
  • Keep the conversation alive and kicking
  • Bring order to the room

Types of Membership within Clubhouse Club

There are four types of memberships within a Clubhouse club:

  1. Founder: A founder is a Club owner who can set up the rules, change the Club’s description, and invite members to join the Club.
  2. Admin: Assigned by either the founder or another admin, a Club admin can approve or remove members and open rooms within the Club.
  3. Members: Club members are approved participants.
  4. Followers: Unofficial member of the Club. They can follow the activities within the Club but can’t create rooms.

Can I Make Money on Clubhouse App?

‘Clubhouse’ app recently launched a monetization scheme in partnership with Stripe, a payment processing company. However, It does not generate revenue via advertisements. Instead, creators can receive money from the listeners with a minor Stripe processing fee.

Clubhouse encourages creators to keep generating high-quality content, resulting in increased traffic. From equipment to promotion to special guests, they provide creators with the “Creator First Accelerator Program.

You can earn money as a Clubhouse roomer owner in several ways: from promoting products to becoming panelists.

Who to Follow on Clubhouse?

Celebrities and tech giants flooded into the Clubhouse as it first launched. You can follow Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Drake, Chris Rock, Nait Jones, Josh Constine, and more. You might hear these folks if you follow them on Clubhouse.
Alternatives to Clubhouse App
Several big tech giants are competing with the Clubhouse app. Here are some of the apps that provide the same features:

  1. Twitter’s Space
  2. Telegram
  3. Instagram Live Rooms
  4. Reddit Talk
  5. Spotify’s Greenroom
  6. Slack’s Huddles
  7. Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms
  8. Fireside

How to Delete Clubhouse Account?

Previously, deactivating your Clubhouse account was not easy. You had to send an email to “support@alphaexplorationco.com.” Now, you can delete your account by going to Settings > Account > Deactivate Account.

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