How Long Are Facebook Stories?

The data for 2021 shows that almost 500 million Facebook users use Facebook stories daily. People use Facebook stories to share their day-to-day lives with their followers and friends on Facebook. Business owners use Facebook Story features to increase their sales because 50% of Facebook Story users have claimed they visit business profile stories to buy products. One question that always creates curiosity in users is how long are Facebook stories. This post will look at the maximum length of Facebook Stories for photos and videos and discuss how long Stories stay visible.

How long do Facebook stories stay visible?

Like WhatsApp status, which stays for 24 hours unless you delete it, Facebook stories remain visible to people for 24 hours. However, if you want to increase the visible time of your Facebook stories, you can save them to the Story Archive, where they are stored indefinitely.

How long are stories on Facebook?

Facebook has different story lengths depending on whether you upload a video or a photo. For a photo, the Facebook story length is only 5 seconds. It means that when you upload your photo to a Facebook story, it will be visible to the viewers for 5 seconds. If you upload a video to a Facebook story, it will be visible to viewers for 20 seconds. If your video length exceeds 20 seconds, Facebook algorithms will automatically trim the video to the first 20 seconds of the video’s content.

Can I manually increase the Facebook story length?

Sadly, there is currently no way to extend the Facebook story length manually. Facebook has no features that allow users to increase the length of a Facebook story manually. As discussed earlier, Facebook has set a limit of 5 seconds for photos and 20 seconds for videos.

What are the benefits of uploading Facebook stories?

Uploading Facebook stories has many benefits. Some of them are given below:

1. Boost Reach and Engagement

Facebook stories help boost the account’s reach and engagement. Facebook stories are visible at the top of the feed; as a result, they are more likely to be seen by your followers.

2. Promote Your Product

Facebook stories can also help you promote your brand and products. Business profiles and pages upload their new arrival articles to their stories. Their followers then buy these articles by watching them in the story feed.

3. Share Your Daily Activities

In addition, you can update your followers on your daily activities by uploading content to your Facebook story. Many people want to keep in touch with their followers. Therefore, they use the Facebook story features to keep in touch with their fans.

Can I add music to my Facebook stories?

Yes, Facebook allows users to add music to their Facebook stories. For this, first tap on “Create Story,” select photos or videos you want to upload to your story, and then tap on “Music.” Select the music and then tap “Done.”


Who can see my Facebook story if I have a public profile?

Uploading a story to a public Facebook profile is visible to everyone, whether they are your friends or not.

Can I limit viewers on my Facebook story?

Yes, you can control who can see your Facebook story by changing your Facebook story privacy settings. Go to your story and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Now tap “Privacy Settings” and select the audience you want to share your story with.

Can I tag my friends in a Facebook story?

Yes, you can tag your friends in a Facebook story. While creating your story, tap on “Tag People” stickers. Search for the person you want to tag. In addition, you can also tag multiple people in a single story.

Can people save my Facebook stories?

No, people cannot save your Facebook stories using the Facebook app. However, users can use some third-party apps to save the stories.


In a nutshell, currently, the length of the Facebook story is 20 seconds for videos and 5 seconds for photos. Meta has not given any information about extending the Facebook story length yet. If you want to upload a longer story than 20 seconds, cut your story into parts of 20 seconds and then upload it one by one.

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