Why Can’t I Comment On Facebook?

You are using Facebook, and you see a beautiful picture of your old classmate. It reminded you so much of your past. You started writing a beautiful comment on it. But when you posted it, it did not post. Does this happen to you, too? It’s annoying. I can feel you. I have been through this experience. I did a lot of research to find out why this happened and how I could fix it. In this informational blog, I will tell you the different reasons why you can’t comment on Facebook. Also, I will share some techniques you can use to fix this problem.

Different Reasons Why You Can’t Comment On Facebook

1. Temporary Restriction By Facebook

The most common reason we can’t comment on Facebook is the temporary restriction applied to our account by Facebook. Sometimes, when we violate the Facebook community guidelines, it limits our ability to comment on posts. Posting or commenting on something hateful or harassing is against the Facebook community guidelines. As a result, Facebook restricts our activities.

2. Privacy Settings

The person whose post you are commenting on may have restrictions on who can comment on it. If you are not a friend of the poster, you may be unable to comment on his post due to restricted privacy.

3. Technical Issues

Not always, but sometimes people can’t comment on Facebook posts due to technical issues. This issue usually happens due to certain types of glitches in the app.

4. Reports On Comments

You might not be able to comment on Facebook posts if someone has reported on your comments or posts on Facebook. When we comment on something against Facebook community guidelines, some people may report our comments. As a result, Facebook temporarily restricts our ability to comment on anything. Facebook takes time to review the reports and then make a final decision.

How Can You Fix The No-Comment Issue On Facebook?

1. Restart Your App

If you cannot comment on Facebook, the first thing you need to do is restart your Facebook app or website. Restraining your app will help to clear temporary glitches that may be causing the problem.

2. Clear Browser Caches

Secondly, clear your browser cache and cookies. When we don’t clear Facebook caches for a long time, it affects Facebook app activities, and as a result, you might not be able to comment on Facebook.

3. Update Your App

Go to the Play Store and search for Facebook. Tap on Facebook. If you see an update option in front of Facebook, tap it to update your app. Using an old version might be the cause of this problem.

4. Log Out And Log In

Log out of your Facebook account and then log in again. It will help refresh your Facebook connection and clear up any temporary issues. This might solve your problem.

5. Contact Facebook Support Center

Contact the Facebook customer support center if none of the above solutions work. You should explain your problem to them and then wait for their response. They usually respond within 7 to 14 days.


Can I comment on a post if the comments are disabled?

No, it is not possible to comment on a post if the comments on the post are disabled.

Can I comment on the page post if they have restricted the comments?

No, you can’t comment on a page post if they set a limit on who can comment on their post.

Why can’t I comment on a Facebook live?

If you cannot comment on Facebook Live, it may be because the broadcaster limits who can comment on Facebook Live. Or it may be because your comments are against Facebook community rules.


Commenting on Facebook posts is a great way to keep in touch with your folks and family. It allows users to explain their points of view in different posts. But sometimes, due to different reasons, we can’t comment on Facebook. Above, I have explained possible reasons why we sometimes can’t comment on Facebook and how to fix it.

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