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Since 2006, twitch has launched another feature that allows the viewers to cheer up their favorite streamers. Basically, it’s a way to get multiple advantages through both streamers and viewers. Hence, supporting “bits” are used by the viewers. They can either customize them or send the ore set bits to their streamers.

Therefore, availing of this opportunity can be beneficial for you. With this, you will have a chance to get ranked among the top 3 or 10 cheerers. Not just that, you will also have access to unlimited features. So, do you know how to get free bits on twitch? If not, relax; I’ve got you covered.

In today’s article, I have shared detailed information about bits and how you can enable them on twitch. But first, let’s have a look at the basics.

What Are Bits?

Bits are the virtual goods that a viewer can buy to support favorite streamers. These bits are also used for gaining attention in chat by customizing them according to the liking. Moreover, these various popping elements can lock different features for streaming.

How Do They Work?

When you support the streamers by giving those bits, the streamers will receive money in return from the twitch. All the twitch affiliates and partners will get $0.01 for a single bit that you cheer in the channel.

So, Overall when you purchase 100 bits, $0.40 will be moved to the twitch partner. Similarly, $1 will be given to the creators. Let me tell you one more thing that this value differs for every subscription; it also depends on the partners and affiliate contract. According to the desired setup, they will receive a specific amount of money. So, now you know how much you will cost and how much they will be paid while cheering bits. Decide how many bits you want to support, and motivate your favorite streamers to enjoy appealing content.

How to Buy Bits on Twitch?

Now that you know bits and how they work, it’s time for some purchase. I have seen many streamers that find it very problematic, too, but bits from amazon or twitch. Depending on that situation, they gave up on the idea of cheering up.

Therefore, today in this section, I have listed some most accessible ways to get bits without difficulty. Here is what you have to do:

  • You can search by bits by clicking on the “diamond-shaped” icon in the hatbox. For that, you have to pay money in real form.
  • There will be a pop option “get bits.” press on that button, and you will have bits under different ranges.
  • Get bits by watching advertisements on twitch by pressing on “watch the ad.”
  • Sometimes twitch asks the viewers and streamers to complete a survey; after that survey, twitch offers multiple bits to them.

How to Activate Bits on Twitch?

So now that you have got bits from several sources, let’s see how to enable bits on twitch. Knowing this process is essential because I have seen many streamers who don’t know how to set up bits on twitch and get their bits wasted. Ultimately, they will lack all the opportunities they were supposed to offer.

Hence, I have shared all the details to protect you from this mishap. This catalog will aid you in activating the bits under a few taps hassle-free.

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So, let’s see what steps you need to follow.

  • “Login” to your twitch app and tap on the “profile” icon.
  • Choose “creators dashboard” and tap on “affiliate/ partner settings,” depending on your status.
  • Tap on “bits and cheering” and then on “enable cheering bits.”
  • You are done here.


Bits-a source through which you can cheer up your favorite streamers to support them. When you appreciate them, they will be able to make appealing content for you. So, follow the most manageable strands discussed above and get the best bits for your streamers.

Opt for dependable options and enjoy unlimited features as a supporter.

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