How to Get the Spotify Student Discount?

If you are enjoying your student life, that pleasure is not complete if you don’t experience the Spotify Student plan for listening to a vast range of music and an exceptional amount of podcasts. Spotify is the most famous streaming app for listening to music worldwide. With over eighty million soundtracks and millions of podcasts makes, it is the best option to get a subscription. Think of any kind of artist from anywhere, and you can easily find their musical content on Spotify. Wherever your mood is to listen to music, Spotify has it with multiple other options.

That is why getting a student plan on Spotify will give you a great experience for listening to a versatile range of music. This blog will go through all the related aspects of the student package on Spotify. For example, we will discuss how much it costs, who is eligible for the Spotify Student plan, how to get it in the UK or US, and all the other related things that matter in this guide. So, let’s start to explore.

Eligibility Criteria for Spotify Student Plan

Spotify is a secure music streaming platform and takes into account the privacy of each user. That is why the platform authorities state that no one can get a subscription to the Student premium plan on Spotify except for students who have recognition of higher education institutions. That means you cannot get that offer if you are not a student of an authorized higher education institution. In addition, you could also not be eligible for that offer if you have tried to get that offer before or you are a non-premium subscriber. So, only new subscribers can get the discounted package of Spotify and enjoy its immense amount of tracks and podcasts.

What is Spotify Student Discount Package?

In the United States, students can get a subscription to Spotify music streaming platform with a half-off discount on the actual price. When we talk about how much this plan costs, it will cost you $4.99 monthly. The original price of the Spotify Student plan is $9.99, double the discounted price. This is not just because, with the subscription to that plan, you will also get two more free services. The first is a free Hulu, and the second is a Showtime subscription worth $5.99 and $10.99, respectively.

On the other hand, students in the United Kingdom are not much fortunate in the discount scenarios. They need to pay 5.99 pounds compared to the original price of £9.99. In both countries, the discounted prices last up to forty-eight months or until they are students, which is also a 48-month tenure. Now, let us start to explore how you can claim discounted prices in different countries, such as the U.K. and the U.S.

How to Get Spotify Student Premium Plan?

If you live in the U.S., you must visit the Spotify website to start the Spotify Student Premium plan subscription process. There, you need to follow the instructions to perform that action. Once you have added the initial information, you will ask to add your student status using a SheerID. That is a third-party platform that the students mostly use to verify that they belong to an authorized educational institution. If you don’t have any SheerID, you can create one using your University email address. After providing your SheerID, you can subscribe to the Student Premium plan on Spotify. The good news is that you don’t have to pay for your first month as it is free for one month. In addition, if you live in the U.K., you must follow the above process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Spotify Student Premium Plan Cost?

If you are in the U.K., you will need to pay £5.99 per month, and if you are from the U.S., you will be charged $4.99 per month.

Why Can’t Spotify Verify that You Are a Student?

Spotify uses a third-party platform to verify that you are a student. If you are facing issues with verification, then use incognito mode in your browser, as auto-filled information may cause the rejection of your verification on SheerID.

How Long Does Spotify Student Premium Plan Last?

After completing the subscription process, you can enjoy your Student plan on Spotify for up to 48 months or for three years of your University tenure.

How Can I Get Free Spotify Premium With My Student ID?

If you are a student of a recognized university and your age is more than 18, then you can get it for up to four years by verifying yourself from a third-party service called SheerID.


The above discussion shows how you can get Spotify Student Premium plan easily. In addition, numerous aspects are related to subscribing to Spotify’s premium Student plan, also discussed in the above debate. Read out and make yourself more knowledgeable.

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