How to Install Wow Add-ons With Twitch

Addons are also known as UIs or mods that include bundles of code. These codes are made by fans that are able to extend the WoW’s interface in many ways. To add your features to the gamer’s blizzard, use an API when it was built.
So, if you love to play World of Warcraft and want to customize the features of the game, then opt for WoW addons. It is the best source to aid you in overhauling to selling junk items or automatically managing other tasks.
However, let me tell you that so many addons have their function, all of which are best. Therefore, when you search for WoW addons, it’s sure that you will baffle. To make it less complicated for you, I have covered all about WoW addons and the top-ranking addons you can choose.
So, let’s see all about WoW addons and level up your game.

How to Install Addons Manually

It’s simple,

  • Download the desired addons
  • Take it out from the ZIP file.
  • Drop it to another folder of Warcraft/ retail.

Installing Addons through Twitch

Installing addons on twitch is straightforward; this gives you all features to automatically customize the components in your game while streaming. This is how you can install the WoW addons.

  • Open the twitch account add and “login.”
  • Go to the “mods section” and press on “world of Warcraft,” and a list of WoW addons will appear.
  • Download the desired one and “add” to Warcraft.

Best Addons

Now that you have some information about addons installed with one click. Let’s help you out in choosing the ideal add-on for you.

Bartender 4

Sometimes streamers do not get the option of customization as they are pretty small. But now, with Bartender 4, you will get a maximum number of options, including position, transparency, and size. This addon lets you set the keybindings and position them for optimal setup while streaming. If you are new to Warcraft, this is the first addon you will need to perform best.

Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly boss mods are another best addon that allows you to simplify complex tasks by adding real-time alerts. The alerts and comers effect will aid you by warning about the dangerous attacks. Not just that, they will give you different instructions to handle those.

Another best thing about this addon is its auto responding feature. This tool replies in in-game messages. Also, whisper with another stream with an automatic response feature and show complete dedication to your game.


Storing all the features in your Warcraft can make a gaming mess. Therefore, the Bagnon comes with massive storage bags that preserve every tool or feature for a longer duration to make it less hectic.

Moreover, different colored icons will let you differentiate among the features in the trash by separating them into categories.

Weakauras 2

The most complex add-on on the list is weakauras 2 that lets you add graphics to the game. Along with that, there will be the massive option of customization from sounds to visual cues.

Similarly, If you have no time to use your custom features, you can consider importing the templates of the other gamers.


When it comes to adjusting the UIs and controlling action bars, no other addon can work efficiently other than the MoveAnything addon. Not just that, if you are into designing your own WoW’s UIs, then this is an excellent option to consider.


To get a modern and readable interface, ELvUI is the best addon. This add-on will provide you with a fantasy-based theme that will give an appealing look to your games.
Other than that, the in-game setup will aid you in tailoring the UI according to your preferences, so it is advised to install this addon before considering other addons for getting more tools. It’s because it will make UIs more soothing and work best before another add-on is added in Warcraft.

Are Wow Addons Free?

Depending on its extensive usage, the Wow addons are now offered free of cost to the streamers. Not just that, with all its unique features, these addons are super easy to install and use.

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Usually, streamers think that downloading WoW addons is enough, but they overlook that there can be many bugs and malware while installing legit add-ons. Below are some safety measures you need to take while using the add ons.

  • Do not click on anything in the addons
  • No need to install any exe 
  • Addons can be installed manually
  • Download them from reputable websites
  • Make sure that they are a reasonable amount and safe to use.
  • Never rely on google sites when you search for the best addons.
  • Never pay to addons.


Gaming and streaming could be more fun and entertaining when you are allowed to customize them according to your preference. Therefore, several WoW addons can add you to this. Above are some best addons that will allow you to add different features and in-game tools. Consider the one that meets your desire and level up your game.

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