How to Make A Green Screen for Twitch?

Are you tired of your old stream looks and want to update it? Well, if that’s the case, a green screen is the best option. Green screens are the screen or any cloth that is vibrant in colors and are typically in blue or green colors. Streamers use this during live streaming to allow the viewers to see some other background according to their content. The best thing about this screen is making your content more appealing and entertaining by using different layouts.
Hence, I am sure that you will be pleased after reading this and want to know how you can set it up. Relax! We will cover that topic shortly, but learning about green screens is essential.
Therefore, today in this article, I have covered all the significant information related to this topic. So, let’s get started!

Green Screens Vs. Backgrounds

A green screen is not an ordinary screen; there is a massive difference between the green screen and the background. For example, if you mostly set the screen, streamers are required to have extra lighting and a proper setup. So, what if you don’t have any lighting? Green screens are there to aid you. When you set a green screen, this will automatically fix the issue of brightness and will provide a clear view to the viewers.
With the green screen in your twitch account, you will set up any background with software. These layouts can be related to your content too. However, a simple white piece of cloth lacks those features, there will be lighting issues, and a lot of effort will be required during setup.
So, in all terms, green screens are the best option for entertaining stream sessions.

Types of Green Screens

There is not just a single type of screen that will aid you in having a brilliant live session. Following are the kinds of green screens that you can consider according to your software or preferences.

Backdrop Green Screen

The back-drop screens are long and are laid on the floor for full coverage for a full-body shot. You can either fix them with the ceiling or on the wall at your own convenience. Not just that, there is a loop that functions to improve the screen while streaming.

Paint Your Wallpaper

If you don’t want to spend millions on the screens, the other source is to paint the wall—most of the streamers looking at their ease paint the room green where they want to stream.

Portable Screens with Stands

Looking for something that you can easily handle and carry? Consider portable green screens as they are available fully settled that allow the streamers to stream anywhere they want to.

Game Chair Green Screens

Technology is getting advanced at looking at the ease of the streamers; now, the green screen is available that you can easily attach with your chairs. So, if you like to move the chair, it will be easier. Plus, there will be zero effect on your background quality.


Other than these options, there are several software options that allow you to display a green screen. In that term, OBS is the best option as it aids you in having a brilliant and vibrant background during live sessions.

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Set Up Green Screen for Twitch

Now that you have gathered a lot of information about the green screen and its types, it’s time for some setting. Below are the straightforward steps that you need to follow.

Set Up Green Screen

The first step is to set your green screen. While doing this, make sure that there is a distance between you and the green screen. It will display better effects during the live stream sessions.

Set Lighting

For precise and bright images, there should be white and bright beside you.

Chroma Key on Software Settings

Once you have done all the settings, it’s time to set the software settings. Chroma settings can do it. Try to use 720p-1080p for better clarity.

How to Set Up Green Screen on OBS?

OBS is a fantastic software that adds excellent graphics to your stream. Hence, below are the ways through which you can set up your green screen on OBS.

  • Download OBS and your webcam.
  • Press right on the “video source” and choose “filter.”
  • Tap on the “plus” under the filter and choose “chroma key.”
  • Enter the “name for the layer” then “tune the settings,” and you are ready to stream.

How to Set Up Green Screen XSplit?

XSplit is another software that can aid you in providing excellent graphics while streaming. Here are some steps to make a green screen on this software.

  • Press right on your “webcam” and choose the “color” tab.
  • Click on the “chroma-key” and enable it.


The content should be entertaining and full of colors for a streamer to rank. Not just that, the visuals should be clear so the streamer can have better vision during streaming sessions. Hence, the green screen said those streamers that are dedicated to this. Above are some types of green screens and software that you can use to make green screens. So, improve the features of your stream and get yourself ranked.

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