10 Ways You Can Make Money on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a social audio app that has attracted millions of users since its launch in 2021. In this article, you will learn more about how to make money on Clubhouse and how to use the app.

Recently, social apps have been the center of business and promotions. Clubhouse is no different: there are a variety of ways you can use this app to earn money.

You can make business partnerships, pitch the ideas to make entrepreneurs invest in your project, charge your presentation, and more. There is no shortage of opportunities at Clubhouse to earn money.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it!

Clubhouse – How Does it Work?

Former Google engineers developed this unique social networking app. Offers users the opportunity to communicate in a more direct manner using voice.

Usually, a panel of speakers engages in audio conversation while the audience listens without interruption. Also, moderators decide who gets the chance to speak from among the listeners.

Clubhouse has rooms and clubs.

The main activity happens in these rooms. You can change privacy levels in these Clubhouse rooms.

Clubs, on the other hand, are collective groups of different users with shared interests. You can create multiple rooms within a Club.

Once subscribers have logged in, they can select their interests to view a list of upcoming or ongoing discussion rooms. They can choose a room based on their interests and leave the discussion as they see fit.

Famous people like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, MC Hammer, etc., have hosted talks on Clubhouse, attracting many people from different backgrounds. With a diverse fan following, this app offers many options to make money.

How to Make on the Clubhouse App?

As soon as the app gained popularity, people began thinking of ways to make money from it. Below we have enlisted some plausible options with which you can make money on this audio chat app.

B2B Partnerships

Members of Clubhouse can network with other entrepreneurs to establish brand partnerships. It’s as simple as stating your business proposal and looking for entrepreneurs to partner up with directly.


You can find many rooms moderated by entrepreneurs, influencers, investors, and celebrities. These rooms are like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den series, encouraging the audience to share their business ideas on stage with entrepreneurs. It increases the possibility of getting investments from potential clients.

Further, you can get professional advice on expanding, marketing, and promoting your business.

In these rooms, the best ideas are filtered out after the rigorous vetting process. Sometimes, the audience isn’t that kind and will critique your business plan harshly.


Social networking apps are a great way to promote products. Instagram is full of influencers and celebrities who market products under the guise of household favorites.

If you have a big audience, you might qualify for sponsorships. By including the name of the brand in your discussion, you can charge these brands.

In such a contract, key performance indicators would be included, such as:

  • Total audience.
  • Listenership per capita.
  • Engagement metrics such as cross-questioning and hand-raising.

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

If you have expertise in any topic or subject, you can start a room and charge people for their queries related to that subject. People will pay normal fees to gain direct access to you because of the value you provide.

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Membership Fees

Each Clubhouse room and the club have people sharing a common interest for, say, start-ups, media, or sports— similar to Facebook groups.

Clubhouse is considering charging a membership fee to join a club or room. The cost would be based on the popularity and value of the club.

So if you own a room or club in the Clubhouse app, you can charge the audience for your advice or suggestion.


In essence, social apps are built to connect and bring people from different walks of life together. These social network apps have great potential for entrepreneurs and business owners; hence, they use these platforms to network and promote their brands.

Clubhouse hosts a variety of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and tech gurus who may approach you in the rooms they created.

Also, you can send them DMs to ask for advice and tips or learn about job openings.

Become a Panelist

It works when you are popular and have a large following. Inviting Elon Musk to my club or room as a panelist, for instance, will increase its popularity exponentially. In such a case, you can charge the room owner for speaking.

Talk about your Product or Service

You may have watched YouTube videos that persuade viewers to buy certain products or services at a discount price. The same thing is happening in the Clubhouse app, where people are implementing different strategies for lead generation and increasing conversion rates.

Helen Pritchard, for instance, has sold her program via Clubhouse. She promotes various products, and then people approach her for purchases.


Clubhouse has now allowed users to support their favorite speaker by sending money. The social app tends to assist creators in making money instead of advertisements. The more value the speaker provides, the more tips he will collect from the audience.


Clubhouse is also working on a monetization model where it will encourage content creators by offering grants. It’s not the first time that these apps and search engines have aided start-ups with funds. Google rewards people through its Adsense program. TikTok has also set aside $200 million to promote high-quality content through its Creator Fund.

Beware of Scams

It’s hard to avoid trolls or scammers on any social network, including Clubhouse. You will encounter people who will try to deceive you and steal your hard-earned money. It is better for you to do research and use authentic payment methods.


The Clubhouse audio chatting app is yet another great addition to the social networking world. It offers a platform for people to share their business plans, start-up ideas, job openings, product promotions, and more. Like other social networking apps, you can make money on Clubhouse in a variety of ways.

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