The Best Clubhouse Rooms for You Today

With so many rooms in Clubhouse, it isn’t easy to pick the right one. This guide will explore the best Clubhouse rooms that you should look out for.

The Clubhouse is a social audio app that offers the possibility of genuinely connecting with others. With millions of rooms and hosting fascinating and insightful conversations, it has filled a gap in our social interactions.

It has become the platform to share jokes, political views, music, philosophy, games, and other forms of human emotions that need a “voice.” As mentioned in one of Clubhouse’s blog posts, and we quote:

“The thing we love most is how voice can bring people together. No matter where you live in the world or what networks you have access to, in Clubhouse, you can be in the room—often with people whose lived experience has been very different from your own. In one of the most turbulent and troubled years many of us have experienced, people on Clubhouse have come together for important and nuanced conversations on topics of social justice reform, BLM, and anti-racism. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, room after room filled the hallways with people discussing constitutional law, sharing stories about RBG’s childhood, and praying in silence together. Each week, parents of children with genetic diseases gather in Clubhouse to discuss medical developments with doctors, researchers, and other parents—talking, debating, and learning.”

So, what about you? Have you found the rooms that intrigued your interests and encouraged you to express yourself? If not, see which rooms can help you discover your talents.

Best Clubhouse Rooms You Should Check Out

As individuals, we aren’t all interested in the same things. So, some of the Clubhouse rooms that we recommend may not be your cup of tea. Furthermore, these social apps bring people together on various topics worldwide, which naturally results in some disagreements. Considering all these factors when selecting a clubhouse room is important. Let’s have a look at which Clubhouse rooms will suit you better?

Musical Rooms

Clubhouse app offers a lot to musicians, from virtual music conferences, marketplaces, and jam sessions to late-night hangouts. It has helped them to be more creative and express themselves in a better way. Some of these rooms seem like a real-life jazz club that allows you to experience quality music in your living rooms. These Clubhouse musical rooms will enable you to enjoy different music genres without barriers.

Startup Club

If you want inspiration to start a business and are interested in entrepreneurship, this room is just what you need. You can listen to people that have led successful startups. From their experiences, you can learn a lot and make your business work. Further discussions and events in these startup rooms can bring together better business ideas, strategies, and teams. It has a massive following of around 852k members.

Tech Talks

This tech room has a massive following of 602k from different tech industries. It is one of the popular tech-related Clubhouse rooms. Listening to these tech-savvy people can keep you updated about technologies. Attending these sessions can enhance your career development.

Marketing Club

If sold properly, your product can generate great profits, but how do you find the best marketing strategy? This clubhouse room is devoted solely to marketing and has become a community for marketing professionals. You become more knowledgeable by participating in discussions with the others.

The Mindful Creative

Are you feeling low? Don’t seem to be at your best? You’ll find comfort in this clubhouse room. Designed to cultivate peace and reduce inner stress, this room offers a brief but mindful moment within the creative community.

Comedy Rooms

These Comedy rooms have given a stage to struggling and established comedians alike. It attracts thousands of followers in a quick span. The Clubhouse has recently introduced integrated spatial audio. Now, we can recreate how we hear sound in real life using spatial audio technology. It is especially a good thing for comedians; hearing people laughing at your jokes can bring encouragement like in real life.

Bitcoin on Clubhouse

Looking for some professional advice on bitcoin? You are in luck since some of the biggest names in the crypto industry, like TyDanielSmith, Alon Goren, and Anthony Pompliano, have already joined the Clubhouse. This room is one of many famous crypto-related Clubhouse rooms where you can have friendly discussions on the bitcoin technology— from markets to ecosystems. Sessions are held every week about everything related to bitcoin.

Talk Nerdy to Me

This room hosts talks related to AI and science. With over 282K members, this room is full of tech geeks sharing their opinions and ideas in the most friendly way possible. You can get into the discussions and ask for feedback on the science project you are working on or the code that you have written.

English Language

This is one of the top-rated clubhouse rooms where the English Language is celebrated and practiced worldwide. If English is not your first language and you want to hone your speaking or writing skills, this room offers the perfect place to practice English 24/7 without any fear or shame. Since this is an English-learning room, you won’t be discouraged by your mistakes.

Plant-Based Food + Wellness

This is one of the largest Clubhouse rooms promoting veganism and plant-based food. This community encourages healthy ways to bring more plants into the dietary routine. Also, it supports wellness through an active lifestyle and physical activities like yoga.

Too Broke For Therapy

Loneliness is the biggest problem that we are facing these days. There has been a massive increase in suicide rates, and a lack of support mostly causes it. This therapeutic Clubhouse room advocates mental wellness in the community. You will find a place to share and express whatever is bothering you in this room. Since this group has therapists, psychiatrists, life coaches, and social workers, you will get professional advice on how to handle the situation.

Future of Work

This Clubhouse room focuses on entrepreneurship, economy, freelancing, startups, venture capital, business, tech, AI, etc. Business experts share tips on startups in weekly sessions.

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How Do Clubhouse Rooms Work?

Similar to podcasts, clubhouse rooms can host debates, discussions, and Q&A sessions. The platform gives you the opportunity to converse with a variety of people, from celebrities to industry giants like Elon Musk.
The rooms are hosted by “clubs” that cover every topic you can think of. From Cryptocurrency to meditation to learning English— you can find clubs on everything.

The key difference lies in the ability of members to host private rooms within a club, while followers can only attend the rooms and get notifications.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, there are no paid ads on the Clubhouse. However, you can still use strategies to promote your business. Here is how you can do it:
Engage with your community
Get creative
Stay up to date with your industry with the Clubhouse
Organize events and launches in the Clubhouse

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