How To Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify?

Shuffling on Spotify is a feature that allows users to play music in random order. The shuffling feature is only available in Spotify’s premium version. Shuffling on Spotify has many benefits, especially when you are confused about what to listen next. This feature can help you discover new songs or listen to your music collection differently. But sometimes shuffling can disrupt your mood, especially when you are listening to sad songs, and suddenly, Bang Bang starts playing on your speaker. Shuffle can be enabled or disabled for individual playlists or your entire music library. Everything is explained in much detail below.

Why should you turn off the shuffle on Spotify?

Turning off shuffling on Spotify can have many reasons. Some of them are given below:

  1. Some playlists on Spotify are arranged in a specific order. To understand the meaning, you have to listen to it in that order. An intended listening experience may be disrupted by shuffling them. To avoid it, users prefer to turn off shuffling on Spotify.
  2. Some users prefer shuffling on Spotify to avoid hearing songs they don’t like. Shuffling can sometimes play songs that you have skipped or disliked in the past, which can be frustrating.
  3. Similarly, sometimes you want to focus on a specific song’s album, and turning on Shuffle can help you stay focused.

How to turn off shuffle on spotify using a Computer?

To turn off the shuffle on Spotify using a computer, you first need to open the Spotify app. Go to the songs or playlists you want to play. Select the shuffle icon (arrows intertwined) located in the playback bar at the bottom of the screen. The shuffle icon will change to white. That means that the shuffle is disabled. When you turn off the shuffle, the songs will play as they were placed.

How to turn off Shuffle on a Mobile Phone?

Turning off shuffle on Spotify using a mobile phone is almost similar to the process explained above for a computer.

  1. On your mobile device, launch the Spotify app.
  2. Select the playlists or songs that you wish to hear.
  3. Tap on the minimized song window to bring it to full screen.
  4. Tap the two arrows that are intertwined in the lower left corner of the display.
  5. The shuffle icon will turn gray.
  6. When the souffle turns gray, it means that shuffling is off.

How To Turn on Shuffle on Spotify?

Tuning to Shuffling on Spotify is an easy process. You can do it in just a few steps:

Open the Spotify app on your device and play the songs. Tap on the minimized song window to bring it to full screen. Tap the two intertwined arrows in the display’s lower left corner. It will turn black, which means that the shuffling is now on.

Why should you turn on shuffling on Spotify?

Activating Shuffling on Spotify can be a wise decision when uncertain about what to listen to. Spotify’s shuffling feature can enhance the diversity of your musical experience by playing the songs from your playlist or album in an arbitrary order. This feature is handy if you have an extensive music collection and want to discover new songs or avoid listening to the same songs repeatedly. Additionally, shuffling can assist you in avoiding distractions while studying or working and allowing you to concentrate on the music.


Why is Shuffled enabled on Spotify by default?

To give users a more dynamic and unpredictable experience, Spotify’s shuffled feature is always on by default. This can help explore new music.

Can we shuffle songs on both the free and premium versions?

No, the shuffling feature is only available on Spotify Premium.

Is there any method to automate the disabling of shuffle for playlists?

Currently, there is no built-in feature on Spotify to disable shuffle for specific playlists.

Final Thoughts

While shuffles can introduce new musical discoveries and unexpected transitions, turning off shuffles offers listeners great control over their musical journey. Both turning on and turning off shuffles have their advantages and disadvantages. Whether you should turn on or off the shuffle is your personal decision and depends on how you want to listen to music.

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