What Does BHM YouTube Mean?

YouTube is one of the largest platforms used worldwide by millions of users. It has tremendous content in almost every category, allowing people to learn, watch, and upload their content. Whether we discuss education advancement or any other genre, YouTube has an amazing amount of content for all. In addition, its simplicity of use and ease of understanding makes it the most popular platform worldwide. We have seen Google change its colors or logo to support any event so people can learn about it easily.
Similarly, YouTube also takes such sort of approach to support occasions or communities, or other events. Did you know ‘what does BHM YouTube mean?’ Like the others, this is also an occasion on which YouTube changes its logo to support it.
There is so much that you should know about BHM YouTube. What is it? Why was ‘BHM YouTube’ made? Who created its design? What is the purpose of celebrating BHM on YouTube? If you are curious to learn more about this matter, you are on the right platform. This blog will discuss each aspect related to the YouTube BHM matter. So, let us start to uncover the hidden facts of this matter and make them understandable.

What does YouTube BHM Mean?

youtube bhmWhen we discuss “what does BHM YouTube mean,” things get appreciated. As we mentioned, YouTube is a worldwide application used by millions of users. The BHM stands for Black Month History. It is an event celebrated to support the black community’s contributions to American history. That is why YouTube changed its logo this month. You must be wondering when this event is celebrated.

When Does YouTube Celebrate BHM?

This event is held across the US and Canada from the 1st of February to the 1st of March. The time of this event may vary according to the region. For example, this event is held annually in European countries in October. Other than the US, Canada, and Europe, users may not see the changed YouTube logo as the BHM event doesn’t hold in other regions except the above. Celebrating Black History Month is one of the greatest initiatives that YouTube took back in 2017. Starting from that till now, YouTube continuously celebrates this event annually between February and March.

Why is Black History Month Celebrated in February?

black history monthThe main reason to celebrate the BHM in February has its roots in history. The two most famous personalities loom vividly in black history. The first is the great Abraham Lincoln, born on February 12, 1809, and the other is Frederick Douglass, born on February 14, 1818. History remembers that Abraham Lincoln was the person who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and Douglass was called the breaker of African American abolishment. Both celebrities died in 1885 and 1890, respectively. The Africans celebrate the achievements of African American liberation and civil rights on that day. The celebration of Black History Month meets back to these two great personalities whose contributions also inspired both communities.

Who Created The YouTube BHM Logo?

youtube bhm logoAfter getting an idea of what does YouTube BHM Mean?, you might be thinking, who created the logo for this event for YouTube? The one and only renowned creative artist Leandro Assis from Rio, Brazil. Assis is known for his creative art, especially for the black community. His created images depict the black culture vividly. Assis offers many other services that make him one of the most famous creative artists around the world.

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From the above discussion on “what does YouTube BHM mean,” we can conclude that history never forgets its heroes that contribute to making mankind superior. YouTube’s BHM program is also a branch of this narrative because it also celebrates this event so that others can remember the achievements of their heroes. Indeed Abraham Lincoln and Douglass were from different regions and races. Instead of following the wrong, they decided to stand out and make a revolutionary change that the world remembers yet. Then how could YouTube neglect such kinds of events to celebrate?

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