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You might wonder what are the YouTube handles and why people are talking about this thing so much. Recently on the 10th of October, YouTube launches its new feature named Handles. With the use of it, you can make your presence distinct. It is a tool that you can use to look different and to be identified quickly. There are many content creators on YouTube for which, YouTube is just a place to comment and watch videos. On the other hand, there are many content creators for which YouTube is just like their home. They spent most of their time on it to create content for their viewers and subscribers. For those that are wondering about the uniqueness, YouTube recently launched its new and magnificent feature called handle. With the help of this feature, content creators or users can create their own unique name with @ sign.

Where The YouTube Handles Appeared Will Appear?

As we all have a name for our YouTube channel to be identified by the others on the platform. There are possibilities that the name that you are using might have been used by the other creators. At that time, you can find yourself a little bit confused. The reason for that is your followers might have a problem finding you or your clon-named creator will appear instead of you. As we can understand, there are a lot of complexities that can occur without a distinguishing feature. Here comes the YouTube Handle to give you a handy approach!

It will allow you to make a unique name for your YouTube channel which will be your identity on YouTube. Whether your subscribers want to mention you in comments or want to search your content. This feature allows them to do all such things by just hitting up your handle name by adding @ in the beginning.

On the other hand, when come to discuss the appearance of these handles, they will appear on your channel and also on the Shorts so that everyone can easily find you. Moreover, their use will allow your subscribers to mention you or commenting you with ease. So, make sure to use them instead of a complex and long username on YouTube.

What are the Benefits of using Handles on YouTube?

As we have mentioned above, your followers and subscribers can easily find you in the search bar. Moreover, they can also use your handles to mention you in any comment or tag you to get your opinion on any matter. This liberty makes your subscribers more relatable to you and enables them to engage with you perpetually.
On the other hand, a long and complex username can be the reason to be frustrated at the time when they have to mention you somewhere or search for you. Youtube handle also allows your users to identify you easily as it happens sometimes other Youtubers have a similar username as yours. This approach allows you to reach out to more viewers and enables them to be your subscribers easily. So, choose your handle on YouTube wisely so that everyone can find you easily.

When You Can Choose YouTube Handles?

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms for multiple purposes. The policies of YouTube are too user-friendly. As they announced their handle feature on the 10th of October, in that announcement they mentioned that they will start to send emails to YouTube users about the handling feature. Moreover, they also narrate that users will be able to choose their YouTube handles by the next month with ease. In addition, for those who have already personal URLs for their channel, their URL will automatically turn into their handle. On the other hand, if they want to change their URLs, they will be able to change them as they receive an email from the YouTube Studio. The reason to make changes is that the YouTube handle will be unique and will allow only one user to YouTube. So, make sure to choose your handles according to your channel type.

YouTube Handles- Content Creator’s View

As a content creator on YouTube, it is a common thing to get those people that are using your username as theirs. At that time, content creators need a unique key so that no one can copy them. In addition, when they solace their URLs on some other platforms, they also get lost. At that time, handles comes with a handy approach as they allow them to be unique and identified by the users easily. With the help of handle-based URLs, they will get the exact results. In addition, a handle-based content creator’s URL will look like so that content creators can easily direct users to their content on YouTube. There are also many questions that people are asking nowadays. The following are frequently asked questions related to handles.

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In this section, we will find out the most asked questions related to the YouTube handle, so, let us start to make them easy to understand.

Will I lose my YouTube verification badge by using handles?

The verification badge can only be lost if you change your YouTube username. So, if you change your handle, there is no harm to your YouTube verification badge.

Where will the YouTube handle will appear?

At starting, YouTube announced that the handle will appear on the content creator’s channel. In addition, users will also be able to see it in the Shorts player, search results, and within the comments and mentions.


At the end of our talk, we can conclude that YouTube handles are the easiest approach to looking unique. Make sure to use them according to your type of channel. In addition, there are also many benefits of using such tools on YouTube. On the other hand, users will get easy to find you on YouTube. So, think about it and decide which handle name will be yours that will depict your channel’s thoughts!

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