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The addition of the right type of music can add a lot of other benefits to your channel and also can increase the value of your video. If you are a professional video maker for YouTube, then you must know how impactful it is to add music to your video during the editing. On the other hand, when we come to talk about how to add music to YouTube video, there are so many scenarios that you must know before that. For example, there are some restrictions on YouTube that you can not use copyrighted music in your video. On the other hand, editing is a process when you make big changes to your new YouTube video content. Adding music to your video is one of the most important things that make it more attractive and entertaining.
There are different scenarios by which you can add music to your YouTube video for the best outcomes. Whether we talk about adding music of yours or discuss the addition of music from the YouTube platform. In this article, we will make a deep discussion on this matter so that things get easy for us to understand. So, let us find out how to add music to your YouTube videos with different approaches.

How to add Music to YouTube Video Easily in 2022?

Here in this section, we will discuss two ways to add music to your YouTube video. One is with the use of a YouTube video manager and the second one is using a YouTube music library. So let us get into this and make everything feasible for us.

1st Approach- With YouTube Video Manager

From different genres and moods on YouTube, you can choose one of your favorite music for free. After choosing, here is how to add music to YouTube video easily by video manager.

First Thing Comes First- Sign in to Your YouTube Account

One of the initial things, signing in to your YouTube account comes at the top of the list to add music to your videos. To do so, you just need to go to the official website of YouTube, and there, you will find an option on the right side of your dashboard to sign in. By clicking on that option, you will ask for adding your Google account ID and password. Hit the sign-in button after adding the essential information, and you are done with signing in to your YouTube channel. On the right side of your screen, you will find your profile icon, click on it. There, you will find out an option Creator Studio, click on it.

The 2nd Step- Select Your Video:

From the left menu, select the videos and you will find the uploaded video of yours. Click on the edit option that will appear on the last of your video thumbnail. From there, select the Audio option. This way will lead you to the video editing dashboard on YouTube.

The 3rd Step- Select the Music That You Want to Add

After the above step, you will find out the video editing dashboard. From there, select the option of audio editing. This action will lead you to the music library of YouTube where you can select your favorite one.

The 4th Step- Select the Right Music That Fits Your Video

The next thing that you have to do in the process of how to add music to YouTube video is select the right one. You have to make sure that your music length must match the length of your video. To make it happen, click on the option Top Tracks and there, you will find out different types of music.

The 5th Step- Add the Selected Music to Your Video

At this step, you just need to adjust the music according to your video and after that, save it. After saving the changes, you can save that video separately and also, can overwrite the previous video.
From the above simple steps, you can easily find out how to “add music to YouTube video” in 2022. Now, let us find out how to add music to your video with the music library. Let us start to discuss it.

2nd Approach to Add Music to YouTube Videos:

In this section, we will find out how to add music to YouTube videos with the use of a music library. Here are the simple steps to follow.

  • Click on the YouTube Audio Library

At this time, you have to click on the option of Create instead of video manager. From there, select the option of Audio Library.

  • Download the Desired Music From the Library

After the above step, you will find a list of songs or music that you can add to your video. You just need to download them. On the right side of the music, you will find the download icon. Click on the download icon so that you can add that music to your YouTube video.

  • Edit the Downloaded Music and Publish it!

Last but not the least, edit the music that you downloaded from the YouTube library so that you can add music to YouTube videos. In addition, make sure that you are adding music or sound effects according to the video type. After that, save the changes and publish them.

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From the above discussion, it is concluded that sound in a video increases its level of entertainment. In addition, we can also say that adding music to a YouTube video is an easy thing to do. Anybody that can read, can add music to the YouTube videos from the above guide. So many people are interested in adding music to their videos so that they can make their content more entertaining. For them, it is the best guide with easy-to-follow steps. So, make sure to add sound effects to your videos so that you can make your subscribers’ experience better and allow them to enjoy your content.

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