How to Get Verified on YouTube

Whether you are a content creator or a YouTube account manager, once you get popular on YouTube, the next step is to know how to get verified on YouTube. Verification of a YouTube channel allows you a lot of perks. A verified badge allows your viewers and followers a trust that they are watching your actual content, not the copied one. In other words, verification owes you a badge that tells users that they are watching your official content. Moreover, with a verified YouTube account, multiple features unlock, allowing you to market your channel with an enhanced approach.
On the other hand, when we discuss how to get verified on YouTube, a couple of requirements need to be met. But first, you need some essential things about the verification badge. What is getting verified on YouTube? What are the benefits of getting verified on YouTube? Who can get verified on YouTube? There are so many questions that may occur in your mind regarding the above matter. This blog will help you to find and fulfill those requirements that can make you verified easily. So, let us discuss things and make them easy to implement.

What is YouTube Verification Means?

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As you can understand from the name, YouTube verification means that YouTube has checked your account and verified that you are actually who you are pretending to be on the channel. After the verification, YouTube provides you with a verified badge that tells your followers and viewers that they are actually watching your content. With this approach, you can grow your channel exceptionally and get success out of it. On the whole, your users get the authentication that your account is real, not copied, which increases your legitimacy on the platform.

The Advantages of Being Verified on YouTube:

When it comes to knowing how to get verified on YouTube, there are also a bunch of benefits that come along with it. With verification, a badge appears on your channel that becomes the authenticity of your channel. People get a sign that they are watching content from a legit source. There are many other benefits of getting verification on YouTube that you should know as a content creator or a YouTube channel manager. Here are some of the other benefits details mentioned below. Let’s roll on them and increase their understanding.

Get a Perk of Longer Uploading On YouTube:

YouTube platform allows any content creator to upload a video up to fifteen minutes long. But the verification on YouTube allows you to upload more than fifteen-minute videos on your YouTube channel.

Start a Live Streaming To Increase Visibility:

One of the best benefits of getting verified on YouTube is that you can start a live-streaming session which increases your visibility on the platform. In addition, to stream live on YouTube, you must have a clear record that you didn’t violate the live streaming policies.

You Can Add a Customized Thumbnail to Your Videos:

Once you get verified on YouTube, you can upload customized YouTube thumbnails for your videos. If you are not verified, you have to choose from the list that YouTube provides you according to your videos.

You Can Get ID Claims:

Many people face scenarios in which they find out that other users are using their content on the platform. You can claim through your ID claim and resolve the issue if you are verified on YouTube.

Who Can be Verified on YouTube?

Before we start our discussion on how to get verified on YouTube, you must know who can be verified on it. To get verified on YouTube, you need to fulfill three checks. Here are these three!

  1. You Must Have A Complete Profile so YouTube can easily verify you. To get verified on YouTube, you need to have a complete YouTube profile with a proper YouTube banner, description, and a vivid profile picture. All these things will help you to get verified easily.
  2. An authentic Profile that tells only and only truth is the only way to get verified on YouTube. Profiles that involved tempering the age, brand, and content can not get verified on YouTube.
  3. The most important thing that restricts you from getting verified on YouTube is not having one hundred Thousand subscribers. Once you get a chunk of one hundred thousand subscribers, you can get verified on YouTube easily.

How to get Verified on YouTube?

When it comes to getting verified on YouTube, two streams come out. The first one is account verification, and the second is channel verification. We will discuss both of them in this section of our blog. So, let us know what to do to get verified.

Account Verification Process:

Verification of a YouTube account is a piece-of-cake scenario that is too simple to process. You just need to go to and enter your mobile number. After that, you need to follow a couple steps, and YouTube will send a verification number to your movie phone. When you are done entering the number in it, you can become verified.

Channel Verification Process:

YouTube channel verification is a bit tricky, but it can be managed. Here are the easy steps to learn how to get verified on YouTube.

  1. You must fulfill all the requirements to get verified on YouTube, as mentioned above in the “who can get verified on YouTube” section.
  2. Once you have one hundred Thousand subscribers on your channel, you can fill out the verification form to get verified. If you don’t meet that requirement, you can not verify your channel until having it.submit verification application
  3. You need to put your name and YouTube ID number in the verification application form. At the bottom of the verification application form, you can find out your verification details
  4. Once you are done with the above verification steps, click on the submit option and just so. Now, you have to wait for YouTube to review your channel and grant you a verification badge that will increase the credibility of your channel and will appear with every video you upload on your channel.

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With the above guide, any content creator learns how to get verified on YouTube and what the requirements are to get verified on it. You can also know the benefits of being verified with the above blog’s discussion.

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