How Do I Find My Twitch Channel URL

Twitch, a reputable platform for streaming and gaming, provides millions of features and built-in game features to its users. From launch, till now it has offered solutions to every single problem. That is the reason this site is taking control over billions of hearts.
So, are you pleased with the twitch functionality and want a way through which you can be a fantastic twitch manufacturer. Well, you can do this process by simply sharing their channel among your friends and spouse. But how can you share it? Is there any source through which you can let others know about this excellent platform?

Relax, yes, there is a way to do this process and thank the honorable builders of twitch. You can share your twitch account URL so that other people visit your site and come to know about streaming. Once they gain interest in streaming and gaming, it’s sure that they will love to be a new member of the twitch family. It will increase the number of Twitch users, and ultimately, it will be your way of thanking the company.

But the problem is that you have zero ideas about the URL and how you can share it? Therefore, I have covered every aspect of the URL in this article.

So, let’s grab the idea of this new term then.

What Is My Twitch URL?

URL is commonly known as a uniform source locator that allows others to access the source by pasting or clicking on URL-a link. The same is your twitch URL; it’s a link that will direct other streamers or viewers to have access to your broadcast and channels.

You can share this link with other steamers to get multiple features offered by a twitch or get the number of viewers.

How to Get My Twitch Link?

So now that you have got the idea about URL, you might be thinking about sharing it, but how? Well, this is not daunting at all. You need to follow some threads to get your URL first. You can share your URL with others after you receive it.

Learn how you can set up your Twitch URL.

  • Go to the “twitch homepage” and press the “account” button.
  • After that, tap on the “channel.”
  • Once there, simply select the link on the browser and copy it.
  • You will receive your Twitch URL.

How to Copy and Share Twitch Profile Link?

Have you received your URL? Now share it with your colleagues with the threads discussed below:


Sharing twitch links with others is a way to let others know about your channel. With this, you will have several subscribers and other benefits. Not just that, by sharing your URL, a twitch will also have increased its number of users once they find it interesting.

Hence, here is how you can share your twitch URL.

  • Navigate to your “Twitch account” and highlight the stream you wish to share.
  • Press on that stream and press on “share.”
  • After that, choose the domain where you want to share the URL.


Copying a link is also easier, just like sharing the URL. It is also another way to get viewers and subscriptions on your stream.

So, below are the ways through which you can easily copy your URL and let others know about twitch and your abilities.

  • Go to your “twitch account” and locate the stream you want to share.
  • Press on that stream and press on the link from the browser.
  • With the help of the cursor, copy the link.
  • After that, choose the domain where you want to share the URL and paste it.

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What Are The Sources To Share A Link?

So now you have grabbed a detailed idea about the twitch URL and how you can get and share it with others. It’s time for you to know about those fantastic sources that will aid you in having multiple viewers. The fascinating aspect about these sites is that they are the most common social media networks every individual uses.

Therefore, you can adopt these sites to share your URL.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Snap chat


URL is a link that represents your channel and your account. You can share this link so that other people get to know about your activities and abilities. Therefore, sharing your twitch URL is the best thing as it will let you have several fans and viewers on your stream. Not just that, twitch itself will have many users.

Hence, above the strands that you have to follow to get and share your twitch URL.

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