How Much Data Does Twitch Use

How much data does watching twitch use? Many streamers frequently ask about it because they have faced internet issues many times while streaming. When I asked many of the streamers if it was true that Twitch is consuming more data there, the response was positive. So is it true that Twitch consumes a lot of data while streaming and other activities? If yes, then how can you save your data?

But wait, according to Twitch, the data used while streaming is either 9GB, 4GB, or less than this. It depends on the streamers’ activity. So, looking at this sentence on Twitch, I know that you might get baffled that where are you all data going?

Hence, to know how much data does Twitch use and how you can save your data for other activities, you need to have a look at this handy piece of advice. As I have mentioned every detail about data in this article. Therefore, let’s put an end to this confusion!

How Much Data Does Twitch Streaming Use

There are many chances that you might be consuming more data on streaming than usual; there can be many reasons for that. One can be that you have attached streaming gadgets with your PC. Hence, in this section, I will show you how much data is actually consumed while streaming so that you can save it according to your preference.

ResolutionBitrate kb/sUpload Mb/minUpload Gb/hour

Twitch Streaming Data Used per Hour

As you have got the idea of overall data used while streaming, let’s see how much data is utilized per hour. By knowing this, you will be able to adjust your streaming time so that you can save yourself from recharging again and again.

ResolutionBitrate (kb/s)Data Per HourMin Time to 1 GBMin Time to 5GB
240p5000.225GB4hr, 25min22hr, 5min
360p600-8000.27-0.36GB3hr, 42min18hr, 30min
480p900-12000.405-0.54GB2hr, 27min12hr, 15min
720p1800-25000.81-1.125GB1hr, 13min6hr, 5min
1080p3000-35001.35-1.57GB44min3hr, 40min

How Much Data is Used While Watching on Twitch?

Are you spending hours watching other streams? Did you know that doing this consumes a lot of data? If not, let me guide you on how much data you are using while watching streams. Once you know about that, you will be able to make a schedule of watching streams.

ResolutionData Per HourTime to 1 GBTime to 5 GB
240p-320p0.3GB3hr, 20min16hr, 40min
480p0.7GB1hr, 25min7hr, 5min
720p0.9GB1hr, 6min5hr, 30min
1080p1.5GB40min3hr, 20min
2K3GB20min1hr, 40min

How Much is Mobile Data used on Twitch?

Have you connected your streaming tools with your phone? What is the current mobile data consumption rate? As I have seen, many streamers who have connected their devices with mobile phones end up recharging twice or thrice in a year. It’s a benefit for the internet service provider but surely a drawback for your pocket.

Hence, it’s time to know how much data is used from your mobile hotspot and get a better cure for it immediately.

ResolutionData Per MinuteData Per Hour
1080p26 MB1.5 GB
720p15 MB900 MB
480p11.7 MB700 MB
360p5 MB300 MB
160p1.9 MB115 MB

Data Usage on PC

Other than mobile networks, if you are streaming on your PC and facing internet issues, you need to see how much data you consume on your desktops.

ResolutionData Per MinuteData Per Hour
1080p42 MB2.5 GB
720p25 MB1.5 GB
480p20 MB1.2 GB
360p12 MB720 MB
160p6 MB360 MB

Data Used by Twitch Audio

According to many experts, streamers with an audio system are another source that consumes a lot of data. So, what type of audio are you using while streaming? Do you have any estimate of data being used? If not then, have a look at data used by the twitch audio system.

QualityData Per MinuteData Per Hour
Audio Only1.85 MB111 MB

What Factors Affect The Data Usage on Twitch?

As you have seen how much data you are using on streaming through different resources. So do you know some of the factors affecting your data? You might not be aware of those bones of contentions but let me tell you that two main strands are affecting your data badly.

Let’s see what those are and how they badly influence your data and budget.


Bitrate is a rate that aids in improving the speed and qaulity of the streaming. It’s the main factor that consumes a lot of data while streaming. 1 byte is equal to 8 bits. It means that if you are watching or streaming a video of 1 megabyte, then 8 bites per second will be used. To maintain this rate, a lot of data will be used.


Resolutions refer to the video size. The higher the resolution, the greater the data consumption and bit rate. Hence, it is another crucial factor that negatively affects streamers’ data.

Significant Ways to Reduce Data Consumption on Twitch

As you have seen some of the main threads affecting your data, how can you protect yourself from getting out of the budget? Would it be possible to lower Twitch’s data usage? Relax, there is a way to get around any problem. Therefore, I have shared some of the solutions by which you can preserve your data for a longer duration.

Following are those ways to reduce the data consumption.

Use Data Cap

You might be wondering what this pool is. Let me tell you that it’s not a tool; it’s a feature that you can use while using the internet. This tool helps you pay fewer bills during the period of extensive data usage.

Consider Public Wi-Fi

Opting for public Wi-Fi is beneficial; why? It’s because there are unlimited offers on public internet devices, and no matter how much data you use, you have to pay a fixed amount. Hence, using the best quality internet service provider and the latest router is possible.

Changing Video Quality Settings

Video quality matters a lot for streamers, but on the other hand, it can be a cause of massive data consumption. Therefore, when you are watching videos, it’s better to alter the video quality. Consider low resolution so that you save your data for extra activities.

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Compress Your Data

Compressing the data means limiting the data transfer rate to other devices. Insufficient data will be wasted when you do this, and you will face better browsing.

Final Words

Data packages are rising daily in price because of their unlimited bundles and billions of users. It’s an advantage for the service provider but a significant pitfall for streamers. It’s because streamers use unlimited data while streaming and watching the video. Hence, they need to know how much data is consumed on Twitch. You can measure this data consumption by employing any method described above. After grabbing the valuable knowledge, save your data by knowing the root cause factors.

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