How To Show, Clear, Pop-Out & Unbanned From Twitch Chat

Twitch chat box is an important and essential part of twitch that allows you to interact with other streamers and fans. It’s the best way to build a bridge between the viewer and streamer with unlimited options. Hence, to avail of its unlimited features, it’s compulsory to maintain the settings of your chatbox.

So, are you aware of some twitch settings? If not then let me tell you that as a streamer you need to set different features in your chat box for effective communication. In this article, I have listed those features and how they can be configured easily.

Before that, let’s have a look at the procedure of chatting on twitch.

How to Chat On Twitch?

Twitch is an amazing platform for streaming but without chatting with your fans it’s impossible to rank among the other streamers. Therefore, you need to know how to chat on twitch if you are a starter. Here is what you can do to chat efficiently on twitch and build robust connections.

  • Use chatbots to moderate your chat. By using this you will be able to manage your chat like experts.
  • Chat commands are the best options that will not just make your tasks easier but also allow you to come up with twitch’s unique features.
  • Other than that, consider cheering, a term related to gifting. By using this procedure you will encounter the most traffic and organic viewers on your twitch chat box.

How to Show Chat on Twitch?

As you can see, twitch chat is very significant and vital to rank among the other streamers. Therefore, streamers desired to adopt the simplest ways by which they can show the chat box with the fans. This engages viewers and makes them more eager to watch.

Hence, I have shared some of the ways by which you can show the chat to theirs while streaming.


This is the app that allows connecting the chat box from different platforms. All you have to do is to download, login and connect the chat box with this app.

On this application, you can use different software such as streamlabs, OBS, split, etc.


It’s another app that is used to show the chat box while streaming.

So, download it and tap on the “more info” and “run away.” Once done setting up the app by hitting on “window protected your PC” and you will be ready to show the chat in twitch.

Luke Payne

Lastly, Luke Payne is the best app for old window users. It allows you to connect the twitch chat box by using hotkeys. Doing this will make a window transparent that you can place on your content window.

These are some applications that can be used to show the chat box while streaming.

How to Pop Out Twitch Chat?

So now that you know how you can show your chat box to other streamers, get to know about the notifications. Doing this will allow you to broadcast even if you are not in the chat box. Your notification will pop up and you will see the comments coming on your stream.

Do you have any knowledge about the most manageable steps to do this process? If not, see how you can do it in a few seconds.

  • Go to your account and head towards the “live channel.”
  • Once there, press on the set box and choose “pop out chat.”
  • You will see a latest window that will notify you about the latest messages.

How to Clear Chat Twitch?

Are you facing low speed while streaming? If yes then it’s time to clear some history. Therefore, you need to remove the twitch history first so that you can see other chats popping up in your chat box without any error.

So, let’s see how you can clear chat in just one go and focus on your stream again.

  • On your chat box, press the “cog” icon and open the settings to choose “mod tools.”
  • By this you will have access to many options.
  • So, in terms of clearing the chat, type “/clear” and your previous chats will be wiped off.

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How to Get Unbanned From Twitch Chat

Are you banned from twitch? If yes, then you might also desire to get unbanned so that you can continue streaming in effective ways.

So, below are some ways by which you can do this process simply.

  • You can get unbanned by changing your username and IP address.
  • Hence, to change the IP address head towards subscribing to the VPN. Sign in and connect it with your new IP address. By this address, you will be able to stream again without being banned.


Twitch is more than streaming, it requires multiple settings to function at its best. Hence, maintaining the chat box is one of them. Above I have listed the best ways by which you can know how to show, clear, pop out & unbanned from twitch chat.

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