How To Become A Twitch Affiliate Partner – An Ultimate Guide

As an affiliate, Twitch certainly offers many benefits, but getting started can be challenging for those who are not familiar with the process of how to become a partner on twitch. Before discovering how to become an affiliate with Twitch, you need to know the following terms.

What Is A Twitch Affiliate?

Streamers who meet certain criteria can sign up for the Twitch Affiliate Program as an Affiliate. Affiliates on Twitch can earn money immediately and work towards a full-time career as a Twitch streamer. Streamers with a small-to-medium-sized audience may be eligible for the Twitch Affiliate program, which facilitates enhanced monetization features.

Twitch is able to offer affiliates a range of income options in the form of subscriptions, bits, and commissions on sales of games, which can help the broadcaster earn money.

Twitch Affiliate Program Requirements

It is time for you to learn how to become a Twitch Affiliate in order to earn cash through playing video games. In order to be considered a qualified and committed streamer, Twitch prescribes the following guidelines:

  • A minimum of 50 followers is required.
  • There have been a minimum of 500 broadcast minutes in the last 30 days.
  • Broadcast 7 days and each broadcast day have its own unique characteristics.
  • Three or more three concurrent viewers are watching your video.
If you are a newbie, these targets can be challenging to achieve.

How To Apply For Twitch Affiliate

A proper procedure needs to be followed when it comes to how to set up a twitch affiliate account. If you follow the “Get Started” button on your Creator Dashboard after receiving your invitation, you can start monetizing your channel through Bits on the Preferences tab.

Step 1: Registration will require some basic information.
Step 2: Agree to the terms of the Twitch Affiliate Agreement.
Step 3: Complete and submit both the Royalty and Service Tax Interviews
Step 4: Input your payment information in the Tipalti application.

Right after completing the above-mentioned steps, you’ll become a Twitch Affiliate. Channel Points will be automatically awarded to your viewers once you enroll as an affiliate.

The Benefits Of Becoming A Twitch Affiliate

A few of the benefits of signing up for Twitch Affiliate include receiving Twitch bits, custom emotes, channel points and people subscribing to your channel. Twitch Affiliates make money from their subscribers by allowing them to subscribe. They may subscribe to Twitch Prime for free or choose one of three subscription options: $4.99, $9.99, $24.99. Subscribers get different benefits based on their tier, including ad-free viewing, exclusive stickers, badges, and more.

Furthermore, Bits also offer the possibility of earning money. While you are streaming, these Bits can be used to encourage your viewers to cheer you on. The notion of a bit is that it is like a virtual item that can be purchased and used in streaming. Each time a follower uses them, you’ll get a share of the money. Last but not least, game sales can generate income for you.

Cons Of Being a Twitch Affiliate

The Twitch affiliate has some cons as well. Following are the disadvantages of being an affiliate.

  • Become an affiliate of Twitch and you will not be able to multi-stream, which will leave you with less reach as a creator.
  • Utilize a smaller number of emotes slots compared to partners.
  • VODs (video on demand) will be archived for 14 days and then deleted.
  • You might not be able to transcode your content.
  • As compared to partners, you receive a little share in terms of revenue.

What Is A Twitch Partner

The road to becoming a Twitch Partner starts with becoming a Twitch Affiliate, a milestone for many aspiring streamers. As Twitch Partners, you can earn money just like affiliates do, but you can also receive many additional bonus gifts along with the money. The additional bonuses can enhance the quality of your content or your audience’s engagement with it. Advertising revenue, Twitch’s custom emotes and direct support are among the primary benefits.

Furthermore, partners have access to Twitch advertising revenue. There are around 30,000 partners worldwide at the present time, which is more difficult to achieve than affiliate status.

What Is A Twitch Affiliate Partnership

Twitch Affiliates assists qualified streamers in building their audiences and advancing towards becoming Twitch Partners in addition to monetizing their channels. It is required to meet certain criteria to get Twitch affiliate partnerships.

Twitch Partner Requirements

You can apply for the Partner Program after you meet all of the following requirements.

  • In a 30-day period, more than 25 hours of airtime should be available.
  • There are 12 different streams every day.
  • In a 30-day period, a minimum of 75 viewers concurrently.

You will be enrolled in the Partner program if you meet the above requirements, but it does not guarantee you will be granted Partner status.

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How To Apply For Twitch Partnership

The following steps will be taken to get a Twitch partnership:

  • To achieve Partner Achievements, you must demonstrate an engaged following on other services or complete your Path to Partner Achievements.
  • When a streamer completes the Path to Partner achievements, the Partnership application button will appear in your Achievements Dashboard.

Achievements are a set of minimum requirements in potential partners, but completion of these does not guarantee Partnership. If you think you have any achievements which are relevant to your Partnership application, be sure to tell them about your channel and community. Feel free to include your social media accounts for evaluation as well.

Benefits of becoming a Twitch Partner

As a dedicated and hard-working streamer on Twitch, you have many opportunities to earn money. Partner channels can fully monetize their content by enabling the use of ads on their streams and receiving a percentage of the revenues generated. Depending upon the terms of a partner’s agreement, it is possible for Twitch Partners to generate additional revenue from subscriptions to their channels.

Whenever there is a gaming event, Twitch partners have the opportunity to play closed betas in order to make their content more visible to their audiences.

Cons of Being a Twitch Partner

Although Twitch Partner enjoys premium features, it has some cons as well. Let’s have a look at them!

  • It is not easy to achieve partner achievements.
  • Although you may meet the requirement, Twitch still has the final say on whether you are accepted or not.
  • Your contract with your partner prevents you from multi-streaming to other websites.

When Do Twitch Affiliates Get Paid

Revenue earned during the month is distributed 15 days following the end of the month. Suppose you earn $100 on the 5th of May, and you receive your payout 15 days after the 30th of May, which is on the 15th of June. Payments may settle in your bank in a few days after the payout is started, depending on how the payout is processed. Payment processing can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days but is generally within 3 business days. In some cases, you may have to wait longer for your payout to arrive on weekends and public holidays. There may be a delay in receiving your payout on the weekends and public holidays.

How Much Does A Twitch Partner Make

Earning largely depends on the number of news and the frequency of streaming. Partners earn on every channel subscription. The high-profile partners may generate 70% of the subscription income. According to this, the broadcasters are going to earn $3.50 for every $5 subscription instead of the affiliates making $2.50.

It is common for professional streamers to make around $3,000 to $5,000 each month while streaming for around 40 hours each week. Ads are another option to make money as a Twitch partner. The way the partner displays the ads affects the earnings largely and the streamers are paid accordingly. The popular streamer Disguised Toast once revealed he typically makes $4000 through advertisements before streaming.

How Much Does A Twitch Affiliate Make

There are multiple ways for affiliates to make money such as bits, subscriptions and other charitable features. Those with referral bonuses will also receive $2 if they have one, which will be divided 50/50 just like usual.

Earning revenue on affiliate channels is easy with Bits. In the same way that Partners receive 1 cent per Bit spent in their channel, they will also receive 1 cent per Bit spent on Cheer. Apart from custom cheermotes, the affiliates enjoy all features and cheer settings. The Revenue tab of the Affiliate Dashboard will allow affiliates to track Bit revenue.

What Are Twitch Partners’ Earnings Per Viewer?

Streamers generally receive between 1 and $1 per viewer from sponsored streams. A publisher could charge between $100 and $10,000 for ten thousand viewers. Steamers also enjoy other perks like free chairs, keyboards,s and headsets by the companies to promote their products.

Can Twitch Affiliates Run Ads

Advertisers on affiliate channels have the opportunity to run ads during live broadcasts and generate revenue from playing video ads. Additionally, they can run advertisements during natural breaks in their streaming to make money. Once Affiliates reach a payout threshold of $100 USD, revenue earned through advertising will be included in their payouts.

What Is the Difference Between a Twitch Affiliate and a Twitch Partner?

The Twitch streamer can choose to monetize their channels in one of two ways: affiliate marketing or partnering with Twitch. Content creators must meet certain requirements in order to qualify for both statuses. A streamer can obtain affiliate status more quickly and effortlessly than a partner, although a partner enjoys more perks and benefits.

By becoming an Affiliate, you can earn money through Twitch subscriptions, advertising, and Twitch Bits. Within a 30-day period, users must stream at least three simultaneous streams over a period of 500 minutes across seven unique broadcasts. Further, there must be a minimum of 50 subscribers on that channel. A channel must have all of the following requirements in order to be monetized.

As an Affiliate, if you complete the streaming of 25 hours over 12 distinctive streams with a daily average of 75 viewers, you are eligible to become a Twitch partner.

Your Creator Dashboard contains a section called “Insights” where you can view a summary of all your progress in order to be an affiliate. Your efforts to become a Partner can be tracked on the same page.

What Are Twitch Bits?

Streamers can receive Twitch Bits that serve as a source of currency. These Bits allow the followers to back the streamers. Moreover, animated emoticons help you to be prominent in the chatroom. Each bit used in a streamer’s chatroom is worth one cent on Twitch. During the first three months of Bits, more than $2 million was spent by fans.


Earning revenue while streaming is possible through Twitch’s affiliate program. Along with covering standard video game streaming, the platform covers the competitive eSports industry, a rapidly growing industry. Twitch Affiliates can earn from the sale of games and their in-game items as long as they stream a lot on a regular basis. Streamers can become highly sought-after ‘Twitch Partners’ if they build up their affiliate audience and subscribers successfully. This ultimate guide helps you how to get partnered with Twitch.

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