Youtube vs Twitch – A Brief Comparison

Gaming or streaming is fun yet passion for gamers and content creators. Hence, the streamers opt for various platforms to make their dreams come true. All the sources provide excellent features and tools to them. But for many years, twitch has been the preference of many streamers because of its vast features and gaming tools.

Similarly, youtube is now in this race too. It’s true to say that the latest features and tools are the bone of contention between youtube and twitch. Why is it so? Well, it’s because looking at twitch’s popularity, youtube has also updated its features and now offers many tools and unlimited offers to gamers and streamers.

So, which one is best then, twitch or youtube? To decide this and come to an end, we have to compare these two sources one by one. Because we cannot just rank anyone of the platform as both are now preferred as foremost gaming platforms.

Hence, let’s solve this battle and see which one is best, twitch or youtube?

Youtube Or Twitch?

Well, in the past few years, twitch has been used by streamers; it is a source where you can broadcast any type of content “live.” There are many significant features of that; you will get funds, subscriptions, and followers while streaming in a live session. In terms of sponsoring any product, you can persuade the audience with your communication skills right there. It will help you in getting massive revenue.

However, in terms of youtube, there is no option like live streaming or gaming. You just have to make a video to put an ad for the company or talk about them while recording. Viewers will see and like your pre recorded videos. Through them, you will get money according to your likes, comments, and subscribers.

Hence, in my opinion, and many experts, twitch is the best platform here because you can contact live with your fans. Sponsoring any brand is more accessible, and you will possibly get more subscriptions and views through this. But, it’s not the final decision; there are some other factors through which you can decide which source you should opt for.

Source of Income – Monetization

Other than streaming, the next question arises: what is the best source of income? Well, to conclude this, look at the youtube and twitch ways to make cash in ease.

Monetization of Youtube

Following are the ways through which you can earn revenue from youtube. Although these platforms are easy to follow, they have their pros and cons.

  • Direct advertising in videos
  • Super chats and super stickers
  • Partnership programs
  • Google Adsense contextual advertising
  • Streams and donations
  • Selling your goods or services.


1- Your reputation will be safe when you are sponsoring: There are many cases where people claim the product is wrong or say bad words against your video in comment sections, but they can be removed immediately.

2- You will be offered affordable partnership programs: Usually, they share only 50% of the income in many partnership programs. It is sometimes not even half of the content creator’s effort. But on youtube, you will get the maximum number of partnership offers from different levels with 20% or 30% of sharing revenues.


1- You won’t directly contact your viewers: Many fans love the producer and want to interact with them in the live session, but it’s not possible on Youtube. There the followers are required just to comment, like, and subscribe to your pre recorded videos.

Other than that, while advertisements you won’t persuade them to buy a particular product.

Monetization of Twitch

Here are some easiest yet slightly tricker ways through which you can earn money by leaps and bounds by using twitch.

  • Sponsored advertising
  • Donations Built-in ads 
  • Paid subscriptions 
  • Affiliate programs
  • Sale of goods
  • Recording of broadcasts

Now that every streamer knows these sources let’s see their best and weak points.


1- Directly contact your viewers: You can share your opinions and through with your viewers and direct contact with your fans.

2- Get creative ideas: There are some fans that want their favorite streamers to rank. Hence, they share their thoughts with them so that they come up with appealing content.

3- Build connections online: You can build your small online community to build relations with popular labels and ask them for sponsorship.

4- Get selected as a twitch affiliate member: When you hit millions of subscribers, you will get paid promotions and sponsorship; depending on your popularity, you will be selected as a twitch affiliate member.


1- Get 50% of revenue: Well, it’s not such a big problem, but still, many streamers believe that getting 650 payments in partnership programs is not enough for them.

Rules and Regulation

Being kind to the consumer matters a lot; people may consider that platform more often if you have this trait. Similarly, in terms of twitch, it is said that it’s a rock heart source where there are no warnings given when any streamer breaks a single rule. They automatically ban their account and suspend them. Moreover, the contracts made are also affected.

However, youtube has a three-strike system where content creators get warning when they break any rule. After these strikes, their accounts are removed automatically. So, it’s clear that in this case, youtube is the kinder source than twitch.

Who Pays More?

Looking at consumers’ needs is vital; the more easily you will pay them, they will utilize your massive range of sources. Hence, when you look at the amount of money, twitch is undoubtedly the one who gives more. There are many ways streamers earn cash, like ad promotions, subscriptions, number of viewers, partnerships, affiliate programs, etc.

However, on Youtube, there are not so many options available. Either you get paid through partnerships or by subscribers. Hence, it’s final that twitch is the one who pays more despite string rules and regulations.

Who Has More Viewers?

Fans are the source that helps any platform in shining like a start in any market. The greater the number of users, the vast your fame is. Therefore, in terms of followers and viewers, twitch is winning this game by having 3 million people stream monthly with 15 million viewers. However, youtube has only 700k live streamers every month.

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Which One Is the Best? – Let’s Conclude

Either twitch or youtube both are vital and famous platforms in 2022. They are the choices of many gamers and content creators. Hence, many of them choose them depending upon their feasibility. But if you are still confused and looking for a decision, then let me help.

If you are looking for a source to get the latest tools and in-game features with unlimited offers, then twitch is best. As there are many free trials and affordable features that you can efficiently utilize. Moreover, you will earn a heavy amount by adopting twitch.

However, if you want a platform to save your time and have fewer rules and regulations to follow, Youtube is the ideal choice. Because like twitch, there is no option that you have to stream regularly if you are a new streamer.

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