how to calculate data usage on twitch

How to Calculate Data Usage on Twitch


Have you ever wondered that how much does data Twitch streaming service provider is using? Twitch is one of the famous streaming providers. Many people are using it over Wi-Fi and data packages. In this article, I am sharing that how much data does twitch streaming use?

In general, the amount of data while watching any video on Twitch depends on the resolution of the video and the device you are using.

Calculating Data Usage on Twitch

Some many factors and parameters can be used to calculate the data usage of Twitch. In this guide, I am discussing some of them.


Bitrate is one of the best twitch data usage calculators. It will calculate all bits transfer from one location to another. So, the faster the data transfer, the more data consumed vice versa.

Quality of Video or Resolution

The better the quality of the video, the more extensive data will be consumed.

Device Usage

Many Twitch users may experience that when you use Twitch, it went smoothly. But when you switch the Twitch on the laptop, it will show a warning that you have been consuming too much data. Do you ever wonder why? The answer is simple laptops, and PC screens are more extensive, and they render the display more than a smartphone. So, this is the reason Twitch uses more data on Laptops and PC.

Basic Table of Data Consumed on Twitch as per Watching Experience

Below I am also sharing a basic table that will show you that how much data Twitch will consume.
Video QualityResolutionBitrate (kb/s)Data Consumed
Low Quality240-320p500-600 kb/s300MB (0.3GB/hour)
Average Quality480p900-1200 kb/s700MB (0.7GB/hour)
High Quality720p1800-2500 kb/s900MB (0.9GB/hour)
High Definition1080p3000-3500 kb/s1.5GB per hour
Sharper better HD4K35-45 mb/s to 68 mb/s7.2 GB per hour

Wrap up!

Hence it is proved that Twitch consumes more as much data as high-quality video you watch. In this guide, I showed some of the exact figures that how data consumed on Twitch can be calculated. It is a pro tip to watch Twitch streaming on the smartphone rather than on laptops. You can also use a data-saving guard that is here to protect you from using more data.
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