How to Add Commands on Twitch

Twitch commands are the set of commands used by the streamer and the moderators to perform multiple tasks automatically. These commands allow you to simply type in the chat box and let the command work the desired tasks. Many streamers are aware of the excellent feature of the twitch, but you might not be aware of all the twitch commands.

Therefore, along with the detailed twitch commands, I have discussed how to add commands on twitch simply. It’s essential to know because beginner streamers are unaware that they have to type to give the command.

So, if you want to know all about commands, you are at the right place. Let’s have an in-depth knowledge of this innovative feature.

List of Commands

Before I tell you what commands do and how you can use them on the twitch chat box, here is the collection of all twitch commands.

Add command

This command allows the mod to add a command from the chat box directly.

Edit command

With this command, the mod can edit a command directly.

Remove command

Allows a mod to remove a command


By this, a mod can enable or disable a command.

Other than these commands, there are different commands for quotes, giveaways, queue, link permission, media share, loyalty, heist, etc.

How to Use Commands

As you know, there are many commands on twitch that can perform multiple functions. Therefore, streamers need to know how exactly they must type to get the command. Hence, the strands will let you know what and how you have to write.

  • To give the command, go to your chat box and type “/ (command) (username)
  • Let’s suppose you want to make a mod, so type” /mod (username)
  • After that, hit the “enter” button to send the message.
  • After a few times, the command will be activated.

How to Add Commands on Twitch

Once you know how you can use the various commands on twitch, let’s see how you can add desired commands on the twitch account. Do you know why many streamers go for these steps? It’s because commands let the users perform tasks automatically. So many streamers desire those commands that can make their stream a piece of cake, and they seek other commands. So, if you have chosen the commands you want to add, see how you can do this in a few seconds.
  • On your account, tap on the “chat commands” from your control panel.
  • “Add” the desired command by choosing the command name, templates and entering the name of the command.
  • For having “advanced settings,” locate the window of new settings.
  • Once you add and edit, click on the “active command button.”

How to Add Custom Commands On Twitch

Do you want to customize the commands? Is there any easiest method that can aid you in this? Yes, this process is pretty simple that many streamers are unaware of. Therefore, in this section, I have introduced you to an opportunity where you can customize your commands.
  • Go to your account and tap on the “chat commands,” and find the “custom commands” from your control panel.
  • “Add” the command you want by choosing the command name, templates and entering the name of the command.
  • Hit on “advanced settings” to get premium options and locate the new settings window.
  • Once done with adding and editing, click on the “active command button.”

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How to Add Commands on Twitch Streamlabs

If you are a streamlabs user, you are indeed rocking on twitch because this offers unlimited features to its users. But it can be a bit hectic when it comes to adding the command on streamlabs. Thus, to make it easier, I have shared some steps by which you can add commands in just a few taps and scrolling.
  • “Sing in” to streamlabs and right below the “features” and tap on “cloudbot.”
  • Check the cloudbot and activate it, ensuring it’s green.
  • On the next page, click on the “command” option and “add commands.”
  • A box will be visible on the next page, add the commands, fill the settings of commands, and “confirm.”
  • You are finished here and ready to give command via streamlabs.

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Commands are the best way to perform many tasks in a limited duration. The streamers should be aware of the best commands on twitch. Despite all that above are different ways where you can customize, add and give commands to the users in just a few taps.

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