How to Change Twitter handle?

Are you feeling your Twitter handle is getting old and losing its patheticness? Or you are a brand owner, and now you want to rebrand? Well, that is the time to take some productive steps and transformations to get what you desire. At the start of Twitter, there was no such importance or guidance about making a handle. But now, your handle is your recognition across the platform, and your followers remember you from it; it becomes the most important thing to have an attractive and relevant handle on Twitter. But did you know how to change Twitter handle quickly? If you are wondering what a handle is on Twitter and how to change it from PC, iPad, or Android mobile, keep reading this blog as we will have a concise debate. Let’s begin exploring.

Are Handle and Username Same?

The username on Twitter and the handle are similar as they start with the symbol of @, and it is a unique thing to your account that indicates your brand or username. Your handle is required to log in to your Twitter account, and it is shown when you send or receive a direct message on the platform. In addition, a username can also use to find you out across the platform for others.

Note: Your displayed name is not your username and is separated by the handler. You can modify it and can make it as you please, and it is fun to make it attractive and unique.

How Long Can Handle Or Username Be?

Twitter is a standardized social media. a platform that follows some rules to make everything harmonized. There are some restrictions that you should keep in your mind while writing a handle or Twitter username. Here are these guidelines.

  • The Twitter handle should be more than four and less than 15 characters.
  • The Twitter handle can only contain letters, symbols, numbers, and underscores. It can not have spaces.
  • The Twitter name or display name can last up to 50 characters.

How To Change Twitter Handle From PC?

There can be many reasons for changing your Twitter handle. Whether it is due to old-fashioned or rebranding, whatever the reasons, the good thing is that you can change it at any time from your desktop or PC. The following are simple steps to chase to perform this action.

  • Go to your browser, type, and log into your account using your credentials.log into twitter
  • On the left side of your screen, you will see multiple options. Click on More and then proceed.Click on More
  • Now, select the option Settings and Privacy from the appeared menu. Settings and Privacy
  • A new window will appear under the Settings thread. Click on the option Your Account and then choose Account Information.Account Information
  • Twitter will show you a pop-up window where you can change the handle easily.
  • Twitter will give you suggestions while changing the handler and will prompt when it’s already taken by someone else on the platform.Change the twitter handle

How To Change Twitter Handle From Mobile (Android or iOS)?

There is a massive amount of users that use Twitter from their mobile due to easiness. That is why you should also know how you can change your Twitter handle from your mobile. Here are simple steps that allow you to change whether you use Android or iOS.

  • Open the Twitter application on your mobile and log into your account. Now, tap on your profile to open the drop-down menu.
  • Now, tap on settings and privacy. Then tap on Your Account and then the Account Information option.
  • Tap on the Username to change the old handle and place a new one.

That is how you can change the handle from your mobile. If the handle you replace is taken, Twitter will prompt you and turn the username red. You can also choose from suggestions given by the platform and make one of them your new handle on Twitter.

What To Do If Your Handle is Taken Already?

If you have already created an account and after that, you desire to change your handle on Twitter, then search for its availability. If the username you want to pick is available, immediately update it. And if the username that you want to replace with is not available and is taken by someone else on the Twitter platform, then you have a few options.

With the help of placing numbers at the end of your desired username or the start of it, you can make it available. Keep trying different variations, and upgrade it immediately when Twitter makes it green.

Sometimes, the username of your brand is also someone else’s handle. If so, you can report to the Twitter platform by clicking the Report option on that person’s profile. To make it more strong narrative, you can attach screenshots of that person’s profile with your reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions, check out the following section to clarify them.

How Long Will It Take To Change My Handle on Twitter?

There is no such restriction on Twitter that you must change your handle after a specific time. You can perform that action whenever you would like.

Can I Lose My Twitter Account Verification by Changing My Handle?

Yes, you need to verify your Twitter account verification again if you are changing yours @. The best way is to inform your followers already so they can message, mention, or reply to you with your new handle.

Why Would Anyone Change Their Twitter Handle?

There can be several reasons to change your Twitter handle, from rebranding to misalignment, an embarrassment to old-fashioned, less aesthetic, and non-integral with other social media accounts.


At the end of our discussion on how to change your Twitter handle, we can say that it is easy to perform with PC and mobile by following a few simple steps. With the help of the above content, you can also learn what to do when someone already took your desired handle and how you can report to Twitter about an imposter. Make sure to read all the information given in this blog to make everything clear about changing usernames on Twitter.

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