How to Cheer On Twitch

Twitch is an amazing streaming platform that started in 2011. Till now, the streamers are not just making the best content but are getting ranked day by day. Do you know what is the cause behind it? The motivation that comes from the fans. Yes, it’s the reason that streamers make appealing and entertaining content and take the twitch to a new height every day.

So, looking at this process many of the dedicated streamers seek ways by which they can appreciate their streamers. Hence, cheering is the foremost and easiest step for the fans to support the best streamers. If you are among those and seek the simplest ways to support your streamers, you are at the right place. In this article, I have discussed every way by which you can boost the confidence of your favorite streamer.

So. Let’s look at them in-depth then.

What are cheers on twitch?

A cheer is a message that is delivered in the chat box. This message contains bits; a currency used by twitch to pay streamers. Other than donations cheering is the best way to show love and appreciation to the best streamers.

Cost of Bits

As you have seen that cheers contain bits therefore, you need to have the basics of the bits. By having the knowledge of the cost you will easily see how much you have to cheer on the twitch. Therefore, I have listed some of the values of bits. From the table given below, you can choose the bits you want to cheer for.

BitsCost (USD)


How to Cheer On Twitch?

Have you chosen the best bitrate for cheering? If yes, then let’s have a look at the most accessible steps to cheer your most wanted streamers on twitch. Before that, let me tell you that there are many streamers that follow complex routes and end up getting their bits wasted. Hence, to make this procedure easiest follow the threads given below:

  • On the chat box, type “cheer” and choose the number of bits you need to cheer.
  • After that, send the message, and the streamer will receive bits.

How to Cheer Via Android?

Many of the fans see the streaming while laying snugly on the bed. Instead of moving to their pc, they desire to cheer the streamers while lying there. Therefore, to assist you there I have listed the most comprehensive strands that you can use to cheer the streamers.

  • Go to the twitch app and login.
  • Once there, hit on the diamond diamond-shaped and “get bits.”
  • Once you buy the bits type “cheer” and choose the bits you want to cheer for.
  • “Enter” and a message will be delivered.

Who Can Accept The Bits?

As you have grabbed the detailed idea about the cheering, here is the most significant thing that you need to know. Who can accept the bits? But why is it compulsory to know? It’s because many beginner streamers cheer their finest streamer and see their bits wasted. But why? Because the streamers being cheering didn’t meet the conditions to accept the bits.

If you are among those streamers then see who can share bits and who can accept them.

  • Twitch affiliates can accept the bits.
  • The streamer has at least 59 followers.
  • They have streamed for eight hours in one month.
  • They have 3 viewers in a stream.
  • They have streamed weekly.

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Streamers need continuous motivation from their fans. Therefore, the viewers can support them by cheering on the twitch. It’s the best and the most used way by many of the fans. To make this process a piece of cake follow the details shared above.

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