How to Setup Twitch Alerts

Streamers opt for the advanced features and settings when they progress or rank in the twitch. There will be multiple features that the streamers want to set up but let me tell you that twitch alerts are the first option. This feature allows you to have knowledge about the latest notifications related to twitch and streaming.

So, have you any idea about this feature “twitch alerts”. If not, then this article is there to assist you. As I have discussed everything here, about this innovative and significant tool for twitch.

So, let’s see what this is.

What Are Twitch Alerts?

As its name shows the twitch alert is the special notifications that are popped up in the streaming account or on the twitch official website. By these alerts, the streamers get to know about the notifications coming in the chat box during the streaming. Not just that, the alerts also notify you about the latest features, new subscribers, and new viewers on your twitch account.

There is nothing better than being able to design your alerts exactly how you want them. By this, it’s sure that you will be able to attract many viewers to your account.

Types of Twitch Alerts

As you see how beneficial these alerts are for streamers. So, are you aware of the alerts you will receive after logging in to your account? If not, then grab the basics of the twitch alerts kinds.

New Follower Alerts

In this alert, you will get to know about the new followers that will join your account. Tap on the name and profile of the user to see details. You will see the user’s name and profile on your screen once you are logged in.

Raid Alerts

Raid is the feature by which you can share the viewers with the other streamers. Thus, when some streamer will use this feature you will get a notification of the raid.

When this happens you will see the username of the streamer that raids on your account. Hence, by clicking on “start raid” you will have the shared viewers on your stream.

Latest Subscribers’ Alerts

Subscribers are of different types, it can be old, gifted, premium or re-subscribers. When you will set the alerts about the subscription you will receive a notification according to the subscriber category.

Host Alerts

The host is the best way for having ideal streaming. Therefore, when you make someone a host you will get alerts about that.

Donations and Bits Alerts

Bits are the currency that twitch use to pay the streamers and donations are the gifts that fans share with the streamers. Therefore, when you receive any donations or bits on your account the twitch will notify you via twitch alerts.

Are Twitch Alerts Important?

This is the frequently asked question from many streamers and the answer is pretty simple. Are you among those streamers who desire to have a large community and traffic on their twitch account? If yes, then the experts suggest having twitch alerts on your account.

It’s the best way to have an idea about these useful features of twitch. Simply by this, you will have an ear on all the latest updates.

So, when you know everything related to your accounts then how come that you cannot rank among the best streamers.

How To Add Twitch Alerts?

Twitch alerts work best with software such as OBS, streamlabs, tipeeestream, and many more. Thus, I have shared some ways by which you can have twitch alerts on different and most popular software.


To have twitch alerts on streamlabs:

  • Download the software, make an account, and connect it with your twitch account.
  • Once done, tap on the menu to choose “widgets” and “alert box.”
  • On the next page tick the alerts you want to use and customize if you want to.
  • You are done, still more the changes you have made.


It’s another most famous software, especially among European and American streamers. To have twitch alerts on this software:

  • Install it, and link with your twitch account.
  • After that, hit the “alert box” from the dashboard and pick the alerts you want in your account.
  • Save the setting and then press on “ON” to activate the alerts.


The best software till now is OBS that helps the streamers to have the finest streaming in their career. Hence, you can set twitch alerts on this amazing software just by:

  • Open the OBS and choose the “alert box” and tap on the desired alerts.
  • Once done with this, “save” the setting and copy the URL for further settings.

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Not just beginners, every streamer can perform best during the broadcast when they get notifications about every detail. Therefore, I have shared a detailed idea about the twitch alerts, the most amazing feature of twitch. By this catalog, you will get to know about all the notifications that twitch will have.

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