How to Connect Twitch to Discord

Did you know that discord is the instant messaging and digital distribution platform that allows the user to communicate efficiently? It’s the best and reliable source that users use to interact via video calls, messages, media, files, and texts hindrance-free. I have seen many users get frustrated when they face slight issues in the interaction using another platform.

Therefore, using discord is the finest way suggested by the top-ranking streamers in the streaming world. Hence, let see how to connect discord to twitch so that you can have error-free interaction. When you will have this opportunity it’s sure that you will be able to build robust connections with your fans and other streamers.

So, let’s see the benefits of using this source first.

Connecting Twitch to Discord – Advantages

Many beginner streamers are afraid of using new sources for streaming as they are concerned about the twitch terms and policies and their personal details. But let me tell you that discord is the best way to rank your streaming in twitch. If you want to ensure that it’s a dependable way for streaming, have a glance at some of its significance.

  • When you connect the discord to twitch you will get access to the list of subscribers that you have on your channel.
  • By this, you can have a complete check of the subscribers that you have on your channel.
  • Not just that, you will be able to flaunt the steamer’s emotes in the discord chats.
  • This source will also allow you to set up various servers for your subscribers. This will aid you in watching the streams together.

How to Connect Twitch to Discord via PC

Looking at how effective this source is, many streamers desire to connect the discord with their twitch account so that they can have excellent communication with their fans. But sometimes they lose this opportunity as they opt for the complex routes to connect the discord.

Thus to help you out in having effective communication and building strong relations with the streamers I have listed some most straightforward strands. This will allow you to connect the discord to twitch in just a few clicks.

Here is what you have to follow:

Integrating Account

  • Head to the discord and log in to the account.
  • From the bottom choose the “user settings.”
  • Below the user setting tap on ‘connections.”
  • From the row click on the “twitch” icon.

Choosing and Syncing the Server

  • Go to the “discord settings” and search for the “server settings.”
  • You will see a “twitch integration option,” choose it and sync.

How to Connect Twitch to a Discord through Mac

Using Mac is now preferred by a lot of passionate streamers. There can be multiple reasons for that. Many find it easy to use, while others find it a dependable source. No matter what the reason is, attaching the discord to the twitch is the finest way to level up your streaming.

Therefore, if you look for the easiest threads to connect discord, here you go:

Integration of the Account

  • First, launch the discord and hit the “setting” icon.
  • On the next page, tap on the “connections”
  • After that, click on the “twitch” icon and sync the account.

Sync the Server

  • On the discord head to the “server settings.”
  • Choose “twitch integration”
  • After that, set the server and sync it.
  • Adjust the permission settings by tapping on the “roles” below the “server settings.”
  • You are done here.

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How to Connect Twitch to Discord by Android

Androids or iphones are preferred by the streamers when they want to stream anywhere they want to. It doesn’t matter where you want to watch the stream, all you need to have the discord attached to your twitch account.

Hence, to connect it in just a few seconds see what you have to go through.

  • First sync the accounts and head to the “user settings” in discord.
  • Choose “connections.”
  • Pick the “twitch” from the row given on the next page.
  • Once you do that, log in to your twitch account.
  • Pick the steam and the server you want to.


Discords allow the streamers to have the fastest and reliable communication using many sources such as texts, media, files, audio, or video calls. Therefore, every streamer no matter the expert or beginners should opt for this handy source so that they can make a rigid interacting bridge with their fans. Doing this will aid them to rule the twitch world. Above are the most manageable strands that will help act as a ladder to help you in rising.

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