7 Ways to Make Money on Twitch

Twitch is one of the top leading streaming service providers. One can easily earn insane amounts by giving quality content to the viewers. Everybody wants to make money from Twitch, but they are not aware of making money. This guide will share seven ways to make money on Twitch.

Seven Ways to Make Money on Twitch

Here are the seven ways proved and tested by top streamers to earn an insane amount of money.

Ad Streaming to Your Twitch Account

We all know the value of ads on the website and many other social media platforms. Same, if you enable ad streaming on your Twitch channel, it will provide a good amount of money. Although enabling ads on your channel won’t make you a millionaire throughout the night, it can provide a good amount of money compared to the channel that is not enabled with ad streaming.

Many of you are wondering how to enable ad streaming on your Twitch channel. To get ad streaming enabled, you will have first to become a twitch affiliate which requires at least 50 followers. It would help if you increased those followers organically by:

  • Find other twitch streamers to follow.
  • Start collaborating with other gamers
  • Engage with your twitch audience.
  • Finding a twitch niche
  • Make sure to create a dedicated Twitch streaming schedule to generate more followers to your Twitch channel.

Create Merchandise

This suggestion of creating merchandise does not apply to the new streamers. The merchandise tip is for the big streamers. Traditional merchandise includes hats, hoodies, t-shirts, and other options. If they want their channels to boost gaming streaming, they can merchandise gaming controllers to the followers. It is a pro tip to always merchandise in a conservative amount.

Research Sponsored Opportunities for Streaming

This tip is helpful for game developers. The game developers have two options. The first one is to develop the best game on the market. The second option is to give their game to some famous people who can make it recognizable globally.

One of the most valuable options to avail is to offer sponsorship to live video streamers. You can quickly get sponsored by experienced gamers that will provide expert advice for the video game developers.

Twitch Partner

If you have been using Twitch for a long time, you know that becoming a partner of Twitch is the ultimate goal. Twitch partners are making an insane amount of money with their affiliate program and giving opportunities to other users. Affiliate programs attract more followers than anyone else on the platform. To become Twitch Partner, specific criteria is required that includes:

  • On-time Streaming
  • Unique streaming sessions
  • No. of followers

Donations by Followers

If a streamer wants to keep their channel alive, donation by followers also plays an important role. Many different partners programs are available to add a donation button to your Twitch account. Most of the programs allow you to add an option to donate to your account via Paypal.

Don’t Forget About Twitch Bits

Twitch bits play an essential role in getting an insane amount of money from Twitch. Streaming advertisements will help you generate more followers that will automatically help you generate money and Twitch bits. A twitch user can use the twitch bit in a chat room during live Streaming.

Every time a bit is used, the person who is following will get one cent. So, if multiple users use bits when you’re earning potential will make a change. You can quickly turn Twitch bits to USD.

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Add Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is the big market through which bloggers make six figures per month. Twitch users can also do the same. There are many affiliate partners available for Twitch users. They are also available for video game products, technology, video game-related merchandise, and products. Adding affiliate links to the Twitch channel will help you generate more money.

Wrap up!

Making money with the Twitch channel is not a big deal. In this article, I shared seven ways to convert your Twitch bits to USD. One can easily follow seven ways and earn an insane amount of money. The most crucial point is to be consistent and develop quality content. It will attract more followers. More followers mean more income.

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