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Have you ever wondered that you have a massive followers list and you are not watching any of their streams? If that’s the situation, then there is no point in having a vast followers list. It’s better to clear them up. Why is it necessary? This will not only allow you to watch your favorite and authentic streamers but also clean your dashboard.

So, in this article, I have shared the best ways through which you can unfollow the channel on twitch. Many streamers find it daunting sometimes and never remove the unnecessary streamers from their following list. Eventually, their list gets baffled, and they didn’t locate the streamer they wanted to watch.

So, let’s see how you can unfollow someone on twitch easily.

How To Mass Unfollow All Channels On Twitch?

Unfollowing someone on the twitch is pretty simple. You just have to:

  • Head to the “channels” and tap on the “heart” icon.
  • Clicking there will allow you to Unfollow the streamers.

Why do streamers have difficulties when it’s so much easier? There can be multiple reasons, but a few of them could be that they are using various devices for streaming such as laptop, pc, mobile and tablets etc, so the procedure is also different for each gadget.

But this won’t be a problem anymore as I am sharing the easiest steps to unfollow them.

Unfollow On PC/ Desktop

PC is the most used source by many streamers. So, if you are also using this device for streaming, see how to Unfollow the unnecessary streamers.

  • On your account, tap on the “following” option from the upper side of the screen.

Unfollow On PC

  • Choose the “channels.”

mass unfollow on twitch

  • Tap on the “green heart” icon.

how to mass unfollow on twitch

  • You will see a configuration message; hit the “yes Unfollow” option.

how to mass unfollow on twitch


  • Refresh the page, and the streamer will be removed from your following list.

Unfollow On Mobile

Streamers use mobile when they want to stream whenever they want to. Similarly, they seek the most accessible ways where they can complete tasks in a few seconds, so there is a different process to unfollow. Let’s explore this.

  • Go to the twitch app and head towards the “following” option to select the “channels.”
  • Click on the “heart” and hit the “Unfollow” option.

Mass Unfollow option on twitch mobile

Will Streamer Know When You Unfollow Them?

It’s a frequently asked question because many users don’t want to demotivate or hurt anyone’s feelings. Fortunately, when you unfollow someone, twitch does not send them any notification which is great.

However, if they have used a third-party app, then there are chances that they will get to know about that.

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Unfollowing someone is a common process on twitch. It’s the procedure where you can remove someone from your following list if they are not active on their channel. Above are the most manageable ways where you can Unfollow any streamer without letting them know.

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