How to See Followers on Twitch?

When it comes to live streaming, Twitch takes the battle. It is the best streaming platform for gamers or musicians. I have been using Twitch for about two years now, and I loved its diversity when it comes to content. You can find stream your live battle in a game, take part in an online-concert, and even teach others. The only thing that I don’t appreciate much about Twitch is its tricky menu and options. It can lead to confusion and distraction to newcomers to this site.

As on any social media platform, popularity is based on how much followers you get. But, unlike other sites that give a hands-on experience to see followers or your friends (in the case of Facebook), Twitch has a somewhat vague menu, and you may not get to see who follows you right away. I am writing this article particularly for people who cannot view their followers on Twitch, and for those who can view their followers, I have added some new features that you might not be able to discover and many new tricks. 

How To See Your Twitch Followers On Android & IPhone Devices:

The app Twitch is very handy and allows you to stream right from the camera of mobile devices. The app was released to use in 2016, five years after the site’s official release (Twitch was launched on June 6, 2011). Primarily app allowed you to view your favorite content on mobile screens, but then developers put in the option to record. Now, you can view as well as display content via the twitch app. The website offers more features than a mobile app but viewing your followers is common on both streaming platforms. Here is the Step by Step Guide to Guide.

  1. Launch the Twitch App Launch the twitch app by clicking on the icon
    twitch followers view on mobile
  2. Tap On Your Profile Picture Click on your profile on the top left corner.
    tap on your profile picture
  3. Click On Your Profile Pic For The Second Time You will view several options listed below, and above these options will be your profile picture.
    click on twitch profile
  4. Get Access To Your Followers List By clicking on your profile, you will view your picture, and below your picture will be your number of followers listed.

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How To See Your Twitch Followers On Windows, Mac, or Chromebook PC?

Twitch also offers a desktop app now to allow you an enhanced experience. The website and app interface are almost the same, but for Chromebook PC, there is no app. Like other web-oriented apps, the app will redirect your default browser to your profile and almost offers the same experience as using the site. Now, to check your twitch followers on the desktop app or website; you have to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Navigate To Click on the desktop icon of the twitch app or go to from your browser. twitch view followers desktop
  2. Login To Your Account In most cases, you will be at your home page of the Twitch app, but if you have not to log in to your twitch account, then a registration page might open. Enter your account credentials and press enter to reach the homepage.
    Twitch Login Screen
  3. Tap On Your Profile Picture You will see your profile picture at the top right corner. Click on that photo of yours.
    Click Twitch Desktop Profile Pic
  4. Navigate To Twitch’s Dashboard A list will open with different options to change your account in different ways. Click on the “Creators dashboard.”
    Twitch Desktop Sidebar
  5. Access The Community Section You will reach the creator’s dashboard menu that will have different options. Click on community.
    Creator's Dashboard
  6. Choose The Followers Option A drop-down list will appear on the screen. Select the followers’ list option from these options.
  7. View Your Followers This will display a list of users that are following you on Twitch.
    The website will allow you to see the users’ list with their details, whereas the mobile app only allows you to see the number. So, it is obvious that the website offers more features and details.

Why is it important to view your number of followers on Twitch?

If you are a celebrity on Twitch with thousands of followers, then you may not know who personally follows you. For these celebrities, the number of followers is important in taking note of many followers to win the popularity battles. Ninja is a channel that solely takes off the battle with 16.1 Million followers on Twitch. There is a close fight between the count of followers on Twitch; so, you must know how many people follow you!

But on the other hand, if you are an individual who just started a channel on Twitch. Then, you must treat your limited followers to attain more. So, content creators on Twitch must know the number of followers and the faces of followers who follow him and then treat them with care to attain more. 

As a starter, you cannot afford to just use the mobile app as a website that gives so many extra features that can be used to attain more interest and grow your circle on Twitch. So, I will always recommend anyone who wants to grow more followers on Twitch to use the website version. Sometimes, viewing your followers gives you information about which person stopped following you, and this can help you note down your audience and grow it in this regard. 

Followers type

Followers are usually classified into two categories, named “Organic” and “Paid.” Organic followers are usually hard to get and increase slowly based on your content and videos. Usually, if you want to show off or have a company, gaining Paid Followers is beneficial. 

One method to gain inorganic followers is by using bots. This method is usually discouraged in general and may not give you the type of audience you want. In most cases, Twitch itself will recognize the paid followers and may block your account for some time. So, making quality content is the only resort to attain followers. 

Many sites offer you to buy real followers, and this method is legitimate as it just increases your stream. This method includes displaying your ads and may help you in this regard. So, gaining real followers by paying is good but not better than making content that attracts more followers. 

How to increase your audience on Twitch

This is an era of selfishness, and everyone is busy in their own life. No one will ever give time to time-wasting things. So, getting more followers and making them stick to your channel can only be possible if you make quality content. As thousands of streamers are available on Twitch, to shine in so many names can only be possible with professionally made videos. Your videos must have better editing and should be shot with precision. If you are just streaming the games online, then your audio quality is the main thing of concern. You must use a high-quality mic that offers a high-end experience. 

Sharing is the key to the number of followers. You must have to increase your viewership on Twitch to get your follower’s bar to rise. Firstly, make your content shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Ask your friends to share your videos. People may visit your profile on Twitch by viewing your videos on other platforms. Then, YouTube is another platform in this regard; if you have a good following on YouTube, you can share your video on YouTube and ask your followers to follow you on Twitch. In my experience of using this app, I have noted that every content gets the audience it deserves. If you are making good quality videos, then you will get the fruit of your hard work.

How to make money with Twitch

Twitch pays its streamers who help other people to stick to their website. This is done based on your followers. Shroud is a channel on Twitch that earns about $10000 just for their followers. If you have a viewership of 10000 people daily, then you can easily earn $1000 per month on Twitch.

The first thing in the process of earning is the monetization of your channel. After 50 followers, your account will be affiliated with Twitch, and you can start earning. Other ways of earning are sponsorship of products. Many brands pay channels to display the ads of their channel. Then, you can also start your affiliation with some stores online. And finally, there are different tournaments held between gamers on Twitch, and they pay a great deal to the winners. These are some common methods that can help you make money with Twitch. And believe me, some people do this like a business and have become rich just by using Twitch.

Making money also introduces the barrier you have to cross, which is officially 50 followers but having about 1000 followers will start making some minute amount. About 30k followers will serve you to make a handsome amount with Twitch. Still, there is no barrier to the number of followers, and you must always strive to increase your streaming audience and increase your income. 

Should you follow your followers?

It is not necessary nor forbidden. If your followers are also making quality stuff that you feel interested in, you may follow them. You must make your Twitch streaming relevant to you and follow those you feel attracted to personally. This will increase your interest in the app and may help you in achieving great pursuits. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Followers on Twitch?

You can gain followers by engaging more frequently and making quality stuff for your audience. But as a starter, you just need to buy a limited number of followers, and when people see some number of followers on a channel, they feel that channel is authorized and start following it. So, it is wise for a sales pitch to have a handsome number of followers on your account.


I hope this article has helped you in one way or order to gain more information about the streaming site named Twitch. Now you can see your followers and also has an idea of increasing them by a lot of means. I have also included a portion to help those who are looking for ways to make money. As a whole, this article is everything a twitch streamer will ever want and will help you to attain a more profound experience of the app.

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