How To Upload YouTube Shorts?

After the success of TikTok short videos, YouTube also introduced the shorts feature on their platforms to attract new audiences. YouTube Shorts have emerged as a haven for short-form videos that capture the essence of entertainment and engagement in under 60 seconds. A captivating dance routine, a hilarious skit, or a mesmerizing culinary creation are all condensed into a bite-sized video that leaves you wanting more. However, what steps will you take to integrate into this dynamic community? Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of YouTube shorts with this all-inclusive guide. Also, we will talk about how to create and upload YouTube shorts.

What are YouTube Shorts?

Users are now able to upload videos up to sixty seconds in length as YouTube shorts, a new category of video. YouTube’s short videos are very much like those on TikTok and other similar platforms. These videos can be entertaining, educational, or of any other type. Recent research shows that short-form videos attract more viewers than lengthy videos. The minimum length of YouTube shorts is 15 seconds. This means a video must be 15 seconds long to be eligible for YouTube Short.

How To Upload YouTube Shorts on Mobile Phone?

To upload YouTube shorts on your mobile phone, you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Launch YouTube on your mobile device and log in.
  2. Click the + icon in the middle of your mobile screen.
  3. Next, tap Create a Short.
  4. Now, record a video, and then tap the tick mark on the right of your screen.
  5. Add some captions and post it.

Remember, the shorts’ length is automatically set to 15 seconds, as you can see on the right-top of your screen. If you want to make it 60 seconds long, tap the 15s. It will turn into 60 seconds.

If you want to upload a short video instead of creating a new one, tap the Gallery option on the left side near the record button. Select the video you want to upload as a short. Then, add a description and tap Upload.

How To Upload YouTube shorts on a Computer Device?

There is not much difference between uploading YouTube shorts from a mobile device and a computer.

  1. Go to your computer and launch YouTube Studio.
  2. To upload videos, go to the top right and click the “Create” icon.
  3. Pick a short video for as long as sixty seconds in a square or vertical orientation.
  4. Add #shorts in the video description to help the YouTube system understand the video category.
  5. Then select upload.

How To Create Attractive Shorts On YouTube?

Creativity, engagement, and technical skills are the three pillars of creating appealing shorts on YouTube. To craft attractive shorts on YouTube, follow the guidelines given below:

1. Know Your Niche and Audience

Before creating YouTube shorts, you must clearly understand your niche and target audience. You cannot create content that appeals to your subscribers and their interests until you know about them.

2. Choose Trendy Topics

Secondly, it is important to stay up-to-date with current trends and challenges in YouTube shorts. But you should not follow them blindly. Incorporate them in a way that matches your niche and creativity.

3. Focus on the start

To keep viewers engaged, the first few seconds of your video should be attention-grabbing. Start with a strong hook, like asking them a question, etc.

4. Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Thumbnails also play an important role in attracting viewers. Your shorts thumbnail should be attractive, captivating, and eye-catching.

5. Give an attractive title

The title also plays a massive role in attracting the audience. A good and catchy title can increase your click-through rate.

What Are The Benefits Of Uploading YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts play an important role in increasing the reach of your YouTube channel. It offers a plethora of benefits for creators and viewers. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Increase Exposure

YouTube algorithms promote shorts to a broader audience, expanding your potential audience and brand awareness.

2. Less Efforts

Creating YouTube shorts takes less time and effort than creating a lengthy video. Recording and editing a lengthy video requires a lot of effort and hardship.

3. Enhanced Engagement

YouTube shorts are designed to capture attention and spark engagement. People take more interest in watching short videos than lengthy videos.

4. Increase Monetization Opportunities

As shorts get traction, you will attract more subscribers and increase channel engagement. It increases the creators’ chances of getting monetization.

Final Thoughts

The YouTube Shorts feature is an excellent addition to the platform. This short form of video has taken the platform on fire. Creators can now get more by doing less. Before uploading shorts to YouTube, the creators must research their audiences’ interests. In the blog, we have explained different ways how users can upload YouTube shorts on mobile and computers.

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