Top 10 Female Twitch Streamers

Twitch is one of the leading streaming service providers. Many female video gamers are also famous for their unique ideas of streaming live gaming videos with their followers.

Top Twitch Female Streamers

Here, I am sharing the top 10 female twitch streamers of 2021 earning and have a huge fan following. This will be an inspiration for the ladies who are interested in video games to pursue their passion professionally.


She is the world’s most famous popular streamer on Twitch, with more than 5.4 million followers. The total no of views on her streaming videos is 120 Million. She also has a YouTube channel with 5.5 million subscribers. She doesn’t want to share her personal life with the followers as she believes in keeping it personal.


Loserfruit is the second most famous female twitch streamer with 1.9 Million followers on Twitch. She got 38 Million views on her streaming videos. She also has a YouTube channel with 2.7M subscribers.


Loeya is the third and the most famous female streamer on Twitch, with 1.1 Million followers on her Twitch channel. She has 47 Million total views on her videos. At the same time, she has 285K subscribers on YouTube as well. She plays Fortnite on her Twitch channel every week.


KittyPlays is also known as one of the wealthiest streamers on Twitch with 1.1 Million followers. At the same time, she has 618k YouTube subscribers. She is famous for playing Fortnite and Battle Royale games.


She is the newest and youngest talent on Twitch. With 800k followers on her Twitch channel, she gets an increase of 29% to her channel. She also got 130k active subscribers on her YouTube. On average, she has 4k viewers.


OMGItsFireFox owns a Guinness Book of World Records Victory. Her followers on the Twitch channel are 757k, and on YouTube, her subscribers are 729k. The total number of views of her channel on YouTube is 10M, while her Twitch channel is 9.5M.

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She was the one that received some kind of controversy, but later on, her Twitch views on her channel were over 42M. Her active subscribers are about 1.2k. On YouTube, she got 154K+ subscribers. The main reason for banning her was that she showed her so much body. You can also follow her on Instagram.

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She has more than 615K Twitch followers, making her come on the list of the top 10 female streamers of 2021. Her active followers are 2.3K. She has over 28M views on her Twitch channel. She was the oldest streamer on Twitch as she started her Twitch career in 2013.


She is the one who owns her TV show as well. She got 1.2K active subscribers with 23M views on her Twitch channel. You can also catch up with Kaceytron on her YouTube channel with 71K subscribers. Her videos are unique, and the content is fascinating to watch.


She is the one who makes it look easy streaming with 417K followers on Twitch. She also got 16M total views on her Twitch channel. She streams Counter-Strike, Fortnite, and League of Legends. On her YouTube channel, she got 60K subscribers.

Wrap Up!

If you want to know about the top 10 female twitch streamers, this article is totally for you. In this article, I shared ten female twitch streamers earning a good amount per month and having a good fan following.

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