How to Host on Twitch

Streaming is an ultimate comfort zone for gamers, but this can be replaced when they are tired after a long and tiring broadcast session. But, are you worried about what if you leave your stream and it affects your views rating and revenue? Well, it’s not a problem anymore. With all the essential features, Twitch has also allowed its streamers to host.

Instead of going offline, you can activate host mode. But what is hosting on Twitch? Well, host mode is a significant feature in Twitch that gives the streamer the ability to host another channel within the same chat on his own. You can activate host mode and have some rest without showing yourself online.

Hence, it is a process where you and your fans get connected all the time—appealing. But, how to host someone on Twitch? Or how to host a channel on Twitch? Relax! Don’t baffle yourself. I’ve got your back. In this article, I have covered all the information related to hosting. With this guide, you can easily know the importance of a host and how you can connect it in the most superficial ways.

So, before moving to the main topic, let’s see some significant details about hosting.

Why Should You Use Host Mode?

Following are the advantages of using host mode on your twitch account.

  • It keeps you interacting with your fan community when you are in offline mode.
  • It’s the best way to promote other broadcasts and share appealing content.
  • You can watch some other favorite broadcasts along with your friends and fans.

How to Host a Stream on Twitch

Want to host on Twitch? Is this daunting to do? Not at all; to host on Twitch is very simple and hassle-free. Sometimes gamers find it hectic because they opt for some other detailed procedures. Therefore, here in this section, I have come up with straightforward and effortless ways to do this procedure. Follow these strands and be a host in your streaming session.

Hosting Manually

  • “Log in” to your twitch account and press on your profile picture from the upper right corner.
  • Press “channel.”
  • In your “chat section,” press on “send a message.”
How to Host on Twitch
  • Type “/host USERNAME” and send a message.

Hosting Automatically

  • “Login” press on your “profile picture.”
  • Chose “Setting”
  • Press “channel and videos” on the top of the page
how to host someone on Twitch
  • Scroll down choose “Auto Hosting” press on “Auto-Host Channels.”
  • After turning it on, choose the “Host List” option at the bottom.
How to Host a Stream on Twitch
  • There will be a page of channels. Add those channels that you want to auto host by clicking on “Add.”
How to Unhost on Twitch

How to Unhost on Twitch

Is your host not functioning well? Are you not satisfied with its performance? Well, you can un host them in just a few seconds. Below are those threads that you can follow to unhost someone on the twitch stream.

  • In your chat section, type “/un host USERNAME.”
  • After typing “send a message,” that user will no longer be a host.

How to Host Someone on Twitch by Using a Mobile App?

Are you in a hassle and have no time to work on your PC? Well, you can easily host someone on your twitch account by using the mobile app. You might think that using the app is easy, but what if it takes a longer duration? Let me tell you, hosting on the mobile app is the same as hosting on PC. The process is as simple as the one discussed above. To make it easier, I have listed some of the steps.

  • Download “twitch app” from the play store.
Host Someone on Twitch by Using a Mobile App
  • Press on the “gear” icon
  • Choose “host option” from the list.
  • Find the channel you want to host.
  • Remember only iOS users can access this option.

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Tips to Do a Better Hosting

Hosting is fun, but It can be more entertaining if you know all about hosting. Want to know what things can improve your hosting? Below are those strands that can be vital for you to have excellent hosting on your twitch account.

  • Make sure everyone is comfortable
  • Set a start and end date
  • Don’t make fans feel like intruders
  • Make environment friendly
  • Show essentials to your guests
  • Share your schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting broadcasts on Twitch is another advanced feature that allows the user to host other channels without changing the chat section. It’s the best way to share content when you are offline.

Well yes, if your channel is hosted on twitch partner, you will surely get 100% of revenue.

Yes, while hosting, the host is counted as the viewer in the broadcast.

The overall time of the host is around 30 minutes; in this time, a three-stream can be commanded.


Hosting is another way to interact with your viewers. With the help of this feature of Twitch, you can keep in touch with them, share your favorite content, and know their opinion whether you are online or not. Hence, this process should be done efficiently and in the simplest ways. No one can stop you from winning your viewer’s heart by having all the traits and setting a host in a few minutes.

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