Top 21 Most Watched Twitch Channels

Twitch (streaming service provider) is one of the leading live-streaming platforms. Many new users are not aware of this platform. But, according to tech experts, in some years, this platform will compete with big live streaming platforms.

Twitch comes with a record of 15 million users daily with 3.84 million monthly broadcasters. Many new streamers are building their channels and creating some new and fun content. One of the best parts of twitch is that you are not bound only for live gaming video streaming.

Nine million channels are available on Twitch. Now you must be wondering which channels are most watched. So, sit back as I come up with the list of 21 most-watched twitch channels.

List of Most Watched Twitch Channels

Here is the list of top 21 most watched Twitch channels: 


Ninja is said to be the king of Twitch. He is an American Fortnite player that is streaming the League of Legends and Call of Duty on his channels. You can easily follow him on social media and also get inspiration from his Twitch channel.
NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Richard Blevins$5 Million15.7 Million6,500,632 hrs.
NameRichard Blevins
Monthly Earning$5 Million
Followers15.7 Million
Watch Time6,500,632 hrs.


The main that divides call of Duty and Battlefield V known in the Twitch world as shroud. He streams in English and also plays PUBG and Fortnite on their streaming channel.

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Michael Grzesiek$3.5 million4 Million3,559,614 hrs.
NameMichael Grzesiek
Monthly Earning$3.5 Million
Followers4 Million
Watch Time3,559,614 hrs.


TTfue is another dedicated streamer on Twitch from Florida, USA. He also upload Fortnite videos on his YouTube channel which has 6 million subscribers. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Turner Tenney$3.5 Million3.5 Million3,171,221 hrs.
NameTurner Tenney
Monthly Earning$3.5 Million
Followers3.5 Million
Watch Time3,171,221 hrs.


He is the streamer that is known for streaming Call of Duty. His channel is very famous on Twitch. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Tyler Steinkamp$2.8 Million2 Million2,864,266 hrs.
NameTyler Steinkamp
Monthly Earning$2.8 Million
Followers2 Million
Watch Time2,864,266 hrs.


This channel on Twitch is famous for live streaming of Counter Strike. He mostly come live and stream about different games include Halo, Borderlands 2, DayZ. But most probably he is focusing on Counter-Strike.

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
ESL_CSGO$2.4 Million5 Million2,566,902 hrs.
Monthly Earning$2.4 Million
Followers5 Million
Watch Time2,566,902 hrs.

PGL_Dota 2

This channel come up with the live streaming of DOTA 2 game play. The channel streams in English and one can easily follow them social media.

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
PGL_Dota 2$2 Million145k2,544,374 hrs.
NamePGL_Dota 2
Monthly Earning$2 Million
Watch Time2,544,374 hrs.

Riot Games

Riot games is basically a game developer as well as an Electronic sports and tournament organizer based in California. The channel streams, league of Legends on Twitch.

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Riot Games$2.5 Million3.2 Million2,465,963 hrs.
NameRiot Games
Monthly Earning$2.5 Million
Followers3.2 Million
Watch Time2,465,963 hrs.


It is basically referred to professional electronic sports league for Overwatch. It is best for watching the live sports league. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Blizzard Entertainment$1.5 Million1 Million2,265,565 hrs.
NameBlizzard Entertainment
Monthly Earning$1.5 Million
Followers1 Million
Watch Time2,265,565 hrs.


This is another Twitch channel of DOTA 2 live streaming that streams in Russia. It is one channel on Twitch that being watched in Russia. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Dota2mc_ru$1.2 Million1 Million2,176,147 hrs.
Monthly Earning$1.2 Million
Followers1 Million
Watch Time2,176,147 hrs.


Felipe Noronha is one of the most competitive streamer available on Twitch. He live streams League of Legends and he routinely streams the game. He is also one of the streamer that stream Age of Empires II on Twitch.

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Felipe Noronha$1 Million1.2 Million1,948,159 hrs.
NameFelipe Noronha
Monthly Earning$1 Million
Followers1.2 Million
Watch Time1,948,159 hrs.

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Timothy is a very well-known streamer on Twitch that streams Fortnite, Warframe. He also used to play world of Warcraft. He is now focusing on streaming Just Chatting along with Fornite. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Timothy$2.1 Million3 Million1,927,398 hrs.
Monthly Earning$2.1 Million
Followers3 Million
Watch Time1,927,398 hrs.


World of Warcraft is one of the famous gameplay. Warcraft live streaming is much popular and known as the most viewed Twitch channel. Its YouTube channel also has 1.2 million subscribers. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Warcraft$1.9 Million1 Million1,864,488 hrs.
Monthly Earning$1.9 Million
Followers1 Million
Watch Time1,864,488 hrs.


Brett Hoffman is one of the famous streamer that streams WarZ and other survival games till PUBG. He moved to Fortnite and he is also a member of Team Solo Mid. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Brett Hoffman$1.7 Million3 Million1,847,734 hrs.
NameBrett Hoffman
Monthly Earning$1.7 Million
Followers3 Million
Watch Time1,847,734 hrs.


Seth Abner streams Call of Duty professionally on its Twitch Channel. He is from Pennsylvania, United States. You can also watch the live streaming of Payday 2, Star Citizen and also Arma 3. He uploaded some of his videos on his YouTube channel. He has more than 2 million subscribers. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Seth Abner$2 Million533,0001,795,783 hrs.
NameSeth Abner
Monthly Earning$2 Million
Watch Time1,795,783 hrs.


Michael Santana is the owner of Imaqtpie channel on Twitch. He has a different persona about gaming online on Twitch. He streams League of Legends, Call of Duty, Overcooked 2 and DOTA 2. His YouTube channel is also famous with 1.7 million subscribers. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Michael Santana$1.9 Million2.4 Million1,672,649 hrs.
NameMichael Santana
Monthly Earning$1.9 Million
Followers2.4 Million
Watch Time1,672,649 hrs.


Daequan Loco is an American Professional Fortnite player and also a YouTube Gamer that streams common quotes while playing Fortnite. It also streams Creative Destruction and Battlefield V. His YouTube channel got 4.2 million subscribers as well. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Daequan Loco$1 Million2.9 Million1,544,889 hrs.
NameDaequan Loco
Monthly Earning$1 Million
Followers2.9 Million
Watch Time1,544,889 hrs.


Thomas Jefferson was the man behind Sodapoppin channel on Twitch. He hooked his followers by streaming world of Warcraft, Hitman, Just Chatting, outdoors, Casino games and Travel. You can get idea from his streaming channel and also follow him on social media accounts. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Thomas Jefferson$1.2 Million2.2 Million1,520,885 hrs.
NameThomas Jefferson
Monthly Earning$1.2 Million
Followers2.2 Million
Watch Time1,520,885 hrs.


It is a soccer game that streamed live by Rocketleague and it is partnered with HyperX. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Rocketleague$1 Million828,202164,357 hrs.
Monthly Earning$1 Million
Watch Time164,357 hrs.


This twitch channel was owned by Frechman Corentin Houssein is a fortnite player. The streamer come up to stream Garry’s Mod, League of Legends and Visage. You can also follow him on social media. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Corentin Houssein$1 Million1.3 Million1,482,841 hrs.
NameCorentin Houssein
Monthly Earning$1 Million
Followers1.3 Million
Watch Time1,482,841 hrs.


He is a Candian streamer who is also known as Twitch moniker xQcOW. He mainly streams Minecraft and Left 4 Dead 2. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
Felix Lengyel$1.2 Million800,0001,472,288 hrs.
NameFelix Lengyel
Monthly Earning$1.2 Million
Watch Time1,472,288 hrs.


He is one of the best streamer with streaming 106 hrs of content which attracted many followers. He streams Warframe, Throne Breaker and H1Z1. 

NameMonthly EarningFollowersWatch Time
CohhCarnage$70k1 Million1,472,075 hrs.
Monthly Earning$70k
Followers1 Million
Watch Time1,472,075 hrs.


All 21 channels that are most viewed on Twitch come with millions of followers. All streamers also had channels on YouTube with millions of subscribers. Mainly call of Duty, League of Legends, Minecraft, and many famous games are streamed by such channels. One can easily follow all streamers on social media. They can also check their profile and manage their channels by taking an idea from them.

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