Most Streamed Games on Twitch

Games are the best source to make appealing content for streamers. The reason is that there are a million games launched every year, and fans wait for the steamers to guide them about these innovative tools and features. Therefore, playing the latest games is the best way to earn money and rank on twitch.

On the other hand, many streamers are still stuck on the old and classic games that have lost their value just because they are not aware of the latest ones. Hence, I have decided to list some of the top streamed games on twitch in today’s article.

With this catalog, you will be able to have a clear idea of the games, their publisher, playing hours, and many other things.

So, let; shave a quick view of those games then.

Best Twitch Games

Streamers get baffled by a lot of details. Hence to make it most manageable for you, I have arranged them in a table so that you can have a clear idea.

TitlePublisherTotal HoursE-sports HoursShare E-sportsChange
Grand Theft Auto VRockstar Games128.8M0K0%1
Apex LegendsElectronic Arts58.5M219.3K0.38%3
FortniteEpic Games49.9M518.3K1.04%2
ValorantRiot Games58.6M1.2M2.09%3
League of LegendsRiot Games102.3M14.2M13.88%1
Teamfight TacticsRiot Games37.3M764.9K2.05%16
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveValve Corporation79.8M31M38.9%2


Tools Required For Playing Games on Twitch

So, you have got quick access to the top-ranking games of this era, but they can’t be played without the gadgets. Many of the streams cannot play these games because they lack essential tools. Hence, below are vital things if you want to stream games hassle-free.

  • A widescreen
  • Top-quality microphone
  • A microphone stand
  • Capture card
  • Webcam

How to Stream Game on PC via OBS

OBS is a software that provides brilliant streaming quality while streaming. Hence, below are the ways by which you can stream any game through OBS.

  • From your Twitch. TV profile, get a Twitch stream key
  • Download the OBS and set up the best Game Capture mode.
  • In your stream settings, add your key to OBS.
  • Play your game by tapping on “start streaming.”

Some Other Games of Twitch Prime

Now that you know how you can play the finest and ranking games of the 20s on your twitch account. Still of you seek some other entertaining games list here you go:

  • Dream Daddy
  • Art of Fighting
  • Forsaken Remastered
  • Fatal Fury Special
  • The Flame in the Blood
  • Observer
  • Project Warlock
  • Pokémon
  • PUBG

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Games are the best and the most exciting way to have a fantastic stream. Therefore, streaming old games is the best option. Millions of games ranging in hours can be the most acceptable option for streaming. Hence, the above are some top-notch games that are ruling and have the latest tools that viewers are craving to know.

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