What is Twitch Prime? A Complete Guide

World-leading gaming and streaming platform, twitch is now winning the heart of gamers with its latest features. Almost 12million active users and 2 million broadcasters are availing this opportunity and earning money by leaps and bounds.

Moreover, this source allows you to share your content with other people, have different ideas for them, or sponsor other brands on your live broadcast. While doing these processes, money will be on your way for sure. But do you know that twitch has come up with another feature for gamers? If not, then let me tell you that this source has spread since Amazon purchased twitch in 2014. They have given new transitions and sites along with their own in-site currency “bites.”

Well, it’s not the end; now amazon has created “Twitch Prime.” It’s a paid program offered in twitch with multiple features and offers. But what is this about? Is it worth it to spend money? Relax!

Today, I will guide you all about this new feature created by amazon. I am sure that after understanding this trait of twitch, you will be pleased. Hence, I have covered all the significant information related to twitch prime.

What is Twitch Prime?

In 2005 a new subscription service was created by amazon prime that allows consumers to pay either a monthly or annual fee to get their product delivered in just two days. After some time, new features like a subscription video, access to prime music, and eBooks were added to amazon prime.

Looking at these traits, they urged them to expend it more and came up with “twitch prime.” It delivers premium features to twitch users; these consumers are also amazon subscribers. Access to general features or other gaming content is some additional features that are directed by twitch prime.

By these. gamers get free games, in-game content, along with a subscription every 30 days. So, broadcast your content and get as many viewers as you want. The Destiny 2 Twitch Prime, Rocket League Twitch Prime, and Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime are some popular twitch shows. 

Looking at its popularity, this program is now offered in the US, Mexico, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Singapore, the UK, and Australia. It’s true to say that this fantastic program includes prime videos in more than 200 counties.

What are the Significances of Getting Twitch Prime?

Being a famous platform, this program comes with unlimited benefits for gamers and content creators. If you are among those passionate makers, here are some advantages of twitch prime that are essential to know. Once you grab the idea about its significance, you will make more progress on twitch prime. So, let’s see some benefits of twitch prime.

  • You will easily remove unnecessary advertisements from broadcast
  • A free subscription option will be given to you.
  • You can easily access in-game content.
  • Many advanced chat features will be offered.
  • Free games and discounts on physical copies of games will be given.
  • A member-only chat badge from twitch prime will be rewarded.

How to Get Twitch Prime?

Getting twitch prime is a straightforward process. It is more simple and hassle-free for amazon prime members. If you are or are not an amazon member, know how you can get twitch prime by an easy process.

If You are Amazon Prime Member

Go to “twitch.amazon.com/prime” and press on “already amazon member?”

It will aid you in forming a new account or connecting an already existing account to amazon prime membership.

If You are not an Amazon Member

Join through twitch or amazon; you’ll get a notification if your country is eligible for this platform or not.

  • Make an account and “login” to your account.
  • Press on “try prime” or click on “crown” and “get your free trial.”
What is Twitch Prime
  • Click on “activate twitch prime.”
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  • Follow the instructions and add a payment method.

How to Connect Amazon Prime with Twitch?

Connecting amazon prime to twitch helps a lot in saving time. Not just that, you will also get several sponsorships and offers. If you want to do this, below are the most manageable steps to do this process.

  • “Sign in” on twitchprime.com.
  • On the homepage, press “activate twitch prime.”
How to Connect Amazon Prime with Twitch?
  • Press “connect” if the accounts of the show are correctly arranged to connect.
Connect Amazon Prime
  • On the prime twitch homepage, you will easily claim your twitch prime perks.

How Does Twitch Prime Work?

With the help of a subscription option, the gamers will connect with the viewers and fans. When you subscribe for the first time, you will have to press the “share” button on the top of the chat. By pressing on this button, you will get alerts and customized messages in the broadcast.

Now that you have subscribed and know how it works do you know what its benefits will be its benefits? If not, below are some advantages of subscriptions.

  • Get access to custom emotes
  • You will get subscribe badges
  • Enable ad-free viewing.

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How to Subscribe with Twitch Prime?

Now that you have known the significance of subscription, know-how can you subscribe on twitch prime in two simple steps.

  • Press on the “subscribe” button on your twitch account.
  • Choose “subscribe free” and activate your prime subscription.

How to Subscribe with Twitch Prime by Using Mobile?

Do you want to subscribe as soon as possible from your mobile account? But you don’t know how to do this quickly and hassle-free. Well, I’ve got your back and listed some of the simplest ways to subscribe from mobile apps.

  • Open your mobile app and choose the channel that you want to subscribe to.
  • In ongoing stream press, the “purple color subscribe option”; if you are not streaming, “press white color subscribe option” on the top of your page.
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  • You will get a pop in that they will describe what you will get after subscription; press on “subscribe” to confirm.
  • You will be asked for the “sub tokens.” Choose what suits your budget.
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  • Press on “confirm” to claim tokens.
Subscribe with Twitch Prime Using Mobile
  • Add payment methods and claim your tokens.

How to Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription?

Want to end your subscription? Are you finding icy hectic? Well, here are three simple steps to do this process.

  • “Login” to your account
  • Scroll down to “settings.”
  • Press on “manage membership” and choose “cancel the twitch prime membership.”

How Many Twitch Prime Subscriptions Do You Get?

Subscribing in twitch prime is advantageous for you. But, want to know how many subscriptions you will actually get in twitch prime? Well, you will get one free subscription if you have twitch prime. But if you don’t have twitch prime, you can still subscribe.

Is Twitch Prime Free?

Because of its popularity and massive usage, twitch prime is not free. It costs $5.99/$8.99. With this, you will get many streaming services, movies, and television shows along with subscriptions.


Twitch is an advantageous platform with a lot of offers and features for gamers and content makers. Therefore, gamers should know every advanced offer, just like twitch prime. It is another beneficial platform with many features and in-game options. Hence, by following the processes and guides discussed above, you can do this efficiently. Avail of this opportunity now and level up your game.

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