How to Fake Donate on Twitch

A fake donation to Twitch. Yes! You are hearing it right. As a streamer, it is essential to protect yourself from such fraudulent donations.

In this article, I am going to share how to fake donate on Twitch and discuss the three main ways that twitch users use to send fake donations on Twitch.

3 Ways Twitch Users Utilize to Send Fake Donations

Three main ways Twitch users utilize to send fake donations on Twitch includes:

  • Chat commands
  • Fake credit cards
  • Chargebacks
Now one by one, I will describe how these three ways are used for fake donations on Twitch.

How to make Fake Donation on Twitch Using Chat Commands?

Here I am sharing that how to fake donate on Twitch in chat.

Step: 1 Changing font color of your Username

While giving donations, the chat will display the donator’s user name in red font. So you must create a message in red font. You need to change the color of your name. Prime Gaming will help you in changing the font color of your user name.

Step: 2 Finding a new Streamer

Most streamers know that you are making fake donations. So, better to find a new one.

Step: 3 Use the /Me Chat Command for creating Fake donation

This is the easiest way to scam the streamers. Trolls’ most common variables when sending fake donations included, i.e., Just donated $100 or donated $50 with a message I love your stream.

Step: 4 Follow the channel to create an Alert Sound

If a streamer has set the Twitch Alerts, there should be a sound with every following, subscriber, and donator. Following the streamer channel immediately after sending the fake donation will feel natural.

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How to Fake Donate on Twitch using Fake Credit Cards?

You can send a fake donation using a fake credit card. But, you know it well using a fake credit card is illegal. You can face a fine of $1,000 with one year in jail. For making fake donations on Twitch using fake credit cards, you can find fake credit cards online.

How to do Fake Donations on Twitch using Chargebacks?

If you are making a donation on Twitch using a PayPal card, you need to wait three months to get a claim back for the service you have not received. While it is an excellent way to stop fraudulent donations. It can cause some problems to the streamer, i.e.:
  • Chargeback fees.
  • Their PayPal accounts are being frozen due to fraud donations and other fraud activities.
  • Finding funds to cover donations.

Summed Up

Twitch attracts a large no of people around the world. Many viewers are pretty young and facing much financial crisis. For them, faking donations can be a severe issue. Many trolls believe that all this is just fun, but they are unaware that it can disturb the streamer. Many streamers stop broadcasting good content because of this issue.

As technology progresses day by day, scammers and trolls are also finding new ways to misguide and cause trouble for genuine people. It is better to find new ways to protect yourself and your communities.

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