Why Does The Clubhouse App Icon Change So Often?

You might be wondering why the Clubhouse app icon image keeps changing if you’ve been using it for a while?

The clubhouse app logo still hadn’t been decided, so instead of waiting, the app creators used a picture of a community member.

These happy faces carried positive vibes and character, so they continued to use them even after receiving the official app logo. Clubhouse honors and showcases some of the people who have contributed greatly to the app.

A team of creators and fans selects Clubhouse app icons, and there are no specific criteria or qualifications.

‘Who are these new faces on the Clubhouse App?’” Keep reading to find out!!

Who are the people on the Clubhouse App Icon

 As you may have noticed, Clubhouse changed the app icon yet again. The new icon features Daniel Anderson and Calista Wu.
As a Seattle-based Clubhouse member, Daniel spends his time hopping between Asia Hustle Network, Subtle Asian Traits, and Asian Professional Network. He’s a journalist at NextShark and a storyteller, and his favorite party trick is to provide you with a Pokémon as a reward for answering some simple questions. 
As a singer-songwriter as well as an attorney, Calista regularly appears in different clubs like Tech Talks and Hidden Gems, to name a few. 
Since becoming friends through the Asian Clubhouse community, Cali and Daniel have spent a lot of time in social rooms with their friends as well as in person.

What Does The Party Hat Mean On Clubhouse App?

If you see the celebration emoji 🎉 next to a profile picture, you can assume that the person just joined the app a week ago. Once the person has been on the app for a week, it disappears.

It lets members of the Clubhouse know that you’re new to the app and may need some assistance. You can also interact with them on the app this way.

What Does The Balloon Mean On Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse symbol balloons mark an individual’s anniversary of joining the community. The balloon remains on the profile throughout the day. The balloon on your Profile right now means you have been in Clubhouse for a year.

What Does The Green Asterisk On Clubhouse Mean?

The green star next to some speakers’ names indicates that they are Moderators. Moderators have special privileges in the room, such as selecting audience members to go on stage.

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What is the User Role in Clubhouse Rooms?

Users can have different roles in the Clubhouse rooms. These include:


Any user who creates a Clubhouse room automatically becomes a moderator. The moderator adds and removes speakers from the meeting, guides the conversation, and maintains a sense of focus throughout.


Speakers are people in a room who can talk. The moderator invites speakers on stage to join the discussion.


On the Clubhouse app, the vast majority of people are listeners. When you enter a room, you automatically become a listener. Click the hand icon if you need to ask a question. The moderator will call you when appropriate. If invited, you will speak on stage.


Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social apps, the Clubhouse app is unique in its app logo. The clubhouse app icon changes every month or so to celebrate the contribution of its community members. Also, Clubhouse symbols and emojis have different meanings. For a beginner, it takes time to get along with this app.

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