Everything You Need to Know About Twitch Giveaways

Want to enhance interaction with your fans or seek a way to secure your loyal subscribers? No matter what your goal is, a giveaway is the best way to earn the truth and number of fans on your twitch account. So, what are giveaways exactly? It’s some kind of prize that the streamers offer them by setting some conditions. They do this either to communicate, have subscriptions or promote their channel.

So, do you want to do giveaways too? Cautious, there are different methods that you have to follow for this purpose. Why is it so essential? I know you might be thinking that. Let me tell you that there are some legal steps that you have to bear in mind before doing any type of procedure on twitch.

Hence, today in this article, you’ll get to know about all the threads regarding giveaways. So, without making it more boring, let’s jump to details.

Twitch Rules for Giveaways

As a responsible streamer, the first thing you need to do is consult the twitch rules and regulations. Like, is giveaway legal on twitch? Or what are the conditions of giveaways? I know that you might not be aware of it but let me tell you about some regulations of the giveaways. With this, you will have a clear idea of how and whom you should giveaways.

  • There should be zero purchases.
  • There is no skill required, which means that it should not ask the viewers about their abilities.
  • No favor should be shown.
  • Remember, there should be no illegal accessories involved.
  • Make clear and visible laws.
  • Ensure that the prizes are claimable.

Why Do You Need to Do Giveaways?

Now you have some idea about the rules and regulations of the giveaways, your next step is to determine your goal. Like why you need to do giveaways? What are your primary purposes? There can be many reasons for that; I have seen many streamers regarding different things from their streamers that are advantageous.

Therefore, below are the strands that will guide you on why you need to do this procedure.

  • Want to improve loyalty towards your account.
  • Save your faithful subscribers.
  • Make your account crowded.
  • Enhance communication with fans.
  • Promote brand.
  • Grow your social channels.

How To Do Twitch Giveaways?

Have you set your goal? Let see how you can do giveaways then or how to use twitch giveaways extension? You need to follow a few steps to do this procedure in the most manageable ways. Therefore, I have shared some of the most manageable steps in this section:

Determine Your Audience

Know your audience; this is the first step that you need to focus on. It’s vital because it will determine what kind of giveaways prize you want to set on your channel. Suppose you have a community of gamers, then you should set such tools or features as giveaways that can attract them.

Therefore, know what type of traffic you have on your account, make a balance of your followers and subscribers, and set a prize.

Set Prize

As discussed above, the prize setting is based on your audience. Therefore, choose a prize that meets their desire, make it more appealing by customizing it. By this, you will surely see your viewing attracting towards your offer.

Apply Conditions

Choose a prize? Apply conditions. Make sure that these conditions are accessible and easy. They shouldn’t ask them to pay anything in return. It is among the twitch policy, too, that the viewers shouldn’t be tested or asked for the money in the conditions.

So, also set the terms like who can apply and how people can be part of your giveaway. This process will make your procedure more interesting, and viewers will be forced to apply for it.

Make a Giveaway

Almost half of the giveaway knowledge has been gleaned, it’s time to know how you can set them up or how to win twitch giveaways in the twitch. Follow the successive strands:

  • Open “community” and then “giveaways” on your twitch account from the main page.
  • Press on “create a giveaway.”
  • Enter the “way through which the user will enter the giveaways.”
  • To let them type some keywords in chat, adjust the “chat keyword.”
  • On the next option, adjust the “guessing number.”
  • Once done, hit the “create” option.

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Analyze Results

After completing the result, it’s time to make the results. According to the twitch policies, there should be no biases in this process. If you know, any loyal fan makes sure you avoid favoritism here.

Choose Winner

According to the results, choose the winners and reward them with prizes. Ensure to announce it on your channel so that they come to know that this process was dependable and worth it. So that they can be more active on your next giveaway.


Giveaways are not just about sharing prizes with your fans and then returning. It’s a process through which you can thank your honorable fans for their dedication and efforts. Therefore, go through the stands discussed above, make an appealing giveaway, and let your followers’ win.

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