How to Save VODs on Twitch

We all know that to rank as a twitch affiliate, a streamer needs to stream for seven days straight in a month. Therefore, completing this task might not be easier for many streamers, and they seek a way to accomplish this task. So, the query is, is there any remedy that can aid streamers to stream continually? Well, yes, there is. I have seen many steamers that run out of plans and aren’t able to make appealing content.

Hence, in this situation, playing VODs is the best solution. But what are they, and how can you enable them, and how to save VODs on twitch? Relax, looking at the condition of the streamers, I have decided to cover this significant topic.

Therefore, in this article, you will know all about VODs. So, let’s grab some beneficial ideas.

What Are VODs?

VODs stand for videos on demand. It’s a feature offered by twitch that allows you to download and play the past broadcast. Once you enable the VOD storage and record all your streams, you will preserve them in VOD storage.

There are many situations where streamers have no time to stream; therefore, you can choose videos from the VOD storage for streaming.

How to Enable Vods on Twitch?

Now you have got the basic idea about the VODs, but how can you use them? In this section, I have listed some steps that will guide you towards downloading the Twitch VODs. Let’s what to do then:

  • Go to the “twitch website.”
  • “Log in” to your account and tap on your “username.”
  • Head towards the “settings” and go to “channel and videos.”
  • Press on the “stream” by scrolling down the “settings” menu.
  • On the “stream key and preferences “section, hit the store past videos” button.
  • Press on that, and your VODs will be able to save them automatically.

How to Download VOD on iPhone?

There are many cases where streamers want a source that lets them play old videos so that they can focus on other chores. Hence, to aid you in this situation, I will tell you how you can use your smartphone (iPhone) to download VODs.

  • Open “twitch app.
  • Navigate to “aA.”
  • Once done, tap on “desktop site.”
  • After that, click on the username and tap on “video producer.”
  • Head toward your past VODs and choose what you want to play.
  • Copy the VOD link and open the vlc app.
  • On this app, press on “network” and then “downloads.”
  • On the top of the screen, paste the link you copied and hit the “download” button.

How To Find Saved Vods?

Have you decided to play your VOD on your twitch account but can’t find the desired one? Wait, I am here to guide you in this; in this portion, I have listed some comprehensive ways that will aid you in locating your VODs.

  • Head towards your “twitch” account and tap on “avatar.”
  • Choose “channel” and tap on “videos” and “edit video.”
  • After that, you will head towards the “video producer” option.
  • Name the video and tap on “download” in the drop-down menu.
  • After some time, the desired video will appear right in front of you.

How to Watch Deleted Twitch Vods?

Many streamers felt sad when they deleted their videos. They sometimes found it beneficial and wanted to play it on their channel. But how can they do that when all it goes in vain? Wait, if you are among those streamers facing the same issues, I would say, don’t baffle yourself. There is an accessible solution to this problem too.

Hence, I have shared some strands that will let you watch your deleted vods; here is what you have to do then:

  • Go to
  • Once there, you will see recently deleted VODs.
  • Press on the desired one, and you will be able to watch the videos.

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How to Save Twitch VODs?

Have you decided to save your VOD again? Below are the methods that will assist you in how you can do that hassle-free.

  • To manually save your VOD, sign in to your account and choose “creators dashboard.”
  • Press on “settings” and then on the “stream.”
  • Activate the “store past broadcast” in the “Vod settings “box.
  • Switch it on, and you will have access to save your VODs automatically.


Videos on demand allow you to play the old videos on your channel. They are the source that will aid you at a time where you will have no time to make content. Above are the strands you can follow to access your VODs.

Play your VODs and let yourself rank in the twitch market.

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