How to Use Twitch – A Complete and Detailed Guide 2024

Twitch platform is one of the most popular live video streaming platforms that is giving a great platform to earn money. The main focus of Twitch was on Video games, but later on, it switched to other types of video content too. Now you can also stream artwork, music, chat, and also stream occasional TV series.

Live to a stream of popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike are increasing day by day. Many top Twitch streamers are showing these games online and earning approximately a million dollars per month, depending on their popularity and views.

Here I am providing a complete guide to use Twitch.

Twitch or Not?

The first question before moving on to the complete Twitch guide. Make sure to know that are you a Twitch person or not?

If you are expressive and have some creativity to show your audience, then Twitch is the place for you. In twitch, you need to engage your viewers and make quality content for them that will get more views on your Twitch Channel. Streamers have to keep in mind that every follower is respectful, and at the start, you need to make good communication with them.

If you are kind of an introvert and don’t have any interest in communicating with strangers, then Twitch definitely is not for you. As on this platform, you need to be extra-ordinary active and full of quality content to gain more followers and views on your Twitch channel.

What to Twitch?

Now the question after finding that you are a Twitch person or not is what to Twitch?

Twitch is the popular streaming live video platform. At the start, all used the platform to show video games, but now it comes with a vast range of content. It is totally dependent on the streamer that how you creatively showcased the content on Twitch. Make sure the content is exciting and not boring.

The other thing a streamer should keep in mind is to come up with some creative content as compared to boring. Make sure to work on live streaming before getting it to publish. It will not only help you in gaining followers but also be helpful in getting more views. And more views are directly proportional to more money.

Necessary Equipment for Twitch

For a newbie, if you want to start with twitch video streaming. You need to have the basic equipment that makes your Twitch streaming attractive for the followers.

A Good Internet Connection

Before going for the live video streaming on Twitch, a streamer required a good internet connection. A minimum of 5MBPs upload speed is ideal for Twitch streaming videos. You can easily download the app to calculate the internet speed before going for live streaming on Twitch.

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Hardware Requirements

  • 8GB RAM to stream efficiently. 16GB is recommended for optimum performance.
  • 6th generation processor. i7 is preferred, and i5 can be used with the turbo boost.
  • If you want to stream a live video game, then it may heat up the system, so for that purpose, you need an efficient CPU cooling system.
  • A graphic card is required for smooth streaming, but it is optional, not compulsory required.

Other Accessories

Some other accessories that are required for video live streaming on Twitch include Headphones, a microphone, and a webcam.

Joining Twitch Platform

Here we are showing that how a newbie can join the twitch platform easily.

  • Visit Twitch. TV and click the signup button.
  • Choose your username. (don’t use abusive and offensive username)
  • Enter the password and date of birth.
  • It is recommended for a streamer to create a new email to sign up on Twitch, and it will also get all updates regarding Twitch.

Once you join Twitch, make sure to create all social media accounts by the same user name as you have on your Twitch channel.

Download and Install OBS

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free software in which you can record videos and easily live stream on Twitch and YouTube as well. The software is supported on Windows and Linux as well. After the completion of the Twitch channel profile, make sure to install the OBS on your PC.

You can also stream live video gaming by using the OBS software. It will capture the specific screen and add a microphone to the screen. It will help out in speaking while showing the live gaming video streaming on Twitch.

Wrap up!

Twitch platform is best for people who are expressive and know how to creatively make content. One can easily sign up to twitch. Without signing up, you can still watch different streaming videos but are unable to make comments and reactions.

In this article, I shared a complete guide that will help the newbie to create a Twitch channel. Make sure to come with quality and creative content. Quality content will help the newbie in gaining more followers and also more views.

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